Design UI/UX for web platform interface

  • 상태: Pending
  • 상: $300
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 9

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The website is going to be for Instagram users. Instagram users can use this website platform to track their instagram activity. Meaning likes, comments, follows/unfollows.

Need a website built that is going to have amazing graphic design elements. The website is going to be 6-8 pages and include some of the following things:

Home page
Login screen
Create an account
Manage Account
Dashboard to manage multiple instagram accounts


Website needs to replicate functionality of this attachment(s) below.
We need something similar to what we have previously created but now with advanced graphic design and easy user interface flow.

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  • hemantbanke5
    • 3 일 전

    working on it

    • 3 일 전
  • michaeldimuro
    콘테스트 주최자
    • 6 일 전

    This contest is not guaranteed because we are not settling for sub-par work. We will award the contest if/when we feel someone has submitted an adequate entry.

    • 6 일 전
  • bokaami
    • 1 주 전


    • 1 주 전
  • tsanjeev6252
    • 1 주 전

    Do you need Design or code??

    • 1 주 전
    1. michaeldimuro
      콘테스트 주최자
      • 1 주 전

      For now, just design. We will need code after.

      • 1 주 전
  • Beena111
    • 1 주 전

    Hello sir, Can you upgrade this contest to sealed.

    • 1 주 전
  • shitizparini
    • 1 주 전


    • 1 주 전
  • nandyuiux
    • 1 주 전

    Can you make this contest Guaranteed please.

    • 1 주 전

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