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I am looking for a name for my band! Please help! SOS!

I'm usually great with names, branding, and naming things... but this time words are failing me.

We sing some originals, and many covers. Our covers include anything from Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash, The Staves, The Rolling Stones, Fleet Foxes (thing folk meets alternative and oldschool rock) as well as stripped down covers of new songs from Ed Sheeran, to EDM mixes.

I've tossed up a few names before, we like gypsie/folk/alternative/vintage feel things.

Here are some we've thought about:

Him & Me
Flower Folk
The wanderers
The Wayfarers (already taken)
Annabelle King (my name with my mum's maiden name)
Anything to do with nature, flowers, trees, etc
Anything to do with royalty (we love Lorde) but we're also humble and understated.

Cool names:
Adele (most versions of Anna are already taken)
Iron and Wine
City and Color

Are you a wordsmith? A poet? Inspired? Maybe you can help!

Here are the rules;
1) must be available (as in there is no other artist with this name, and the .com/soundcloud names must be relatively easy to get) Or if the names on these channels are taken, they are nothing to do with music and/or very inactive

2) must not be too long (no more than 20 characters, preferably less)

3) must be cool :)

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“Very good! Would highly recommend :) ”

프로필 이미지 apowellNZ, Australia.

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  • apowellNZ
    콘테스트 주최자
    • 1년 전

    Hey Everyone - thanks for all the great entries! There were a lot that I really really liked, but in the end I chose something that I had never thought of and I love it :)

    • 1년 전
    1. Alesssandra
      • 1년 전

      Thanks to you!

      • 1년 전
  • apowellNZ
    콘테스트 주최자
    • 1년 전

    Wow there are so many amazing entries! I'm not sure how I'm going to choose! Thanks for entering everyone :)

    • 1년 전
    1. Leugim83
      • 1년 전

      May the best win... :)

      • 1년 전
  • reggiepv07
    • 1년 전

    No. 96

    • 1년 전
  • skintanar
    • 1년 전

    i just joined ;)

    • 1년 전
  • Vaja09
    • 1년 전


    • 1년 전
  • skwatamkar
    • 1년 전

    can you rate entries

    • 1년 전

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