Banner Ad Design for Online vBulletin Community

  • 진행 현황: Closed
  • 상: $140
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 11
  • 수상자: amandachien

콘테스트 개요

Looking for the best re-Design of the attached banner for a vB 4 forum.

추천 기술

고용주 피드백

“Design was far and above what we asked for and we couldn't be happier!”

프로필 이미지 bnich82, United States.

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  • amandachien
    • 9 년 전

    Hi, please kindly check #14 . Thank you very much!

    • 9 년 전
  • zeanee
    • 9 년 전

    the preview banner of mine is made by combining both soft color and strong color to make it living. I make the art, you make it do. I will provide you the original one including its master file for you (fla.).. Thank you,

    • 9 년 전
  • leobraker9
    • 9 년 전

    kindly tell me which software you all used to create and design these banners?. Thank you.

    • 9 년 전
  • jkthomas
    • 9 년 전

    Mountshaper Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Greater Noida, India providing complete web design - Logos/Graphics/HTML/XHTML/CSS/Wordpress solutions. Our assortments of specialized and highly skilled professionals have set the high standards by delivering quality services to the clients.

    Dear Sir, We have qualified dedicated professionals to do this task. We will provide you quality services with this costing and 100% satisfaction. Greetings!.Samples attached in Profile Portfolio.

    • 9 년 전
  • Lethalhammer
    • 9 년 전

    I have provided just a sample design, to you and this is 2D and 3D mixture designed. I will provide you the original one, once you select my project .
    Thankyou !

    • 9 년 전
  • marATTACKs
    • 9 년 전

    Just some stuff I want to clarify:
    Do you like a new illustration for this or just that with the elements you want to add?
    or would you also like to see a new illustration with a different style?

    Also, what kind of flower is that on the picture? :)

    Thanks and best regards!

    • 9 년 전
  • marty1950
    • 9 년 전

    To keep proportions in check I included a person standing at the table tending a plant, instead of kneeling by the row of plants. Please review my entry #1 and let me know if this meets your requirements. Thank you...

    • 9 년 전

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