Brochure Design for Galahad Group Pty Ltd

  • 진행 현황: Closed
  • 상금: $145
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 5
  • 수상자: marATTACKs

콘테스트 개요

Landscaping and Equine product brochure required

추천된 기술

고용주 피드백

“Marie is fantastic, I wouldn't hesitate to use her again in the future and have already asked her to do some more work for our company. She is very creative and if you receive her work and would like to make alterations she is very willing and also very quick to provide you with an updated draft of your job.”

프로필 이미지 bkgg12, Australia.

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공개 설명 게시판

  • kzexo
    • 10 년 전

    I have done 4 models for the other 2pages ,but i can not upload its because of the statut of your project :Pending

    • 10 년 전
  • BenettAdv
    • 10 년 전

    kindly see my entry 23 and 24

    • 10 년 전
  • marATTACKs
    • 10 년 전

    Kindly see my entry, #11 , if in case you like my design, I will do adjustments as required. I did the layout in psd.

    • 10 년 전
  • protonic07
    • 10 년 전

    I submitted the #9 design. In the bottom side you can see the exterior of the brochure, and above is the interior. I can modify every element of the design, even the colour theme.

    Best regards, Protonic!

    • 10 년 전
  • Desry
    • 10 년 전

    HI. I made one brochure design, just the front and back page. If you like it and want to adjust anything just inform me, i'll do it. Thanks

    • 10 년 전
  • leapfroghigh
    • 10 년 전

    Hi there, I have submitted a design for your consideration. Please inform me if you think this is what you are looking for. Then I will enhance it according to your specifications. Thank you.

    • 10 년 전

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