Build me a logo and a splash page for my app idea

  • 상태: Closed
  • 상: $10
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 7
  • 수상자: sakhawhat1989

콘테스트 개요

I'm building a free app to help friends and relatives stay in touch during the pandemic. I have a logo idea but I need a graphic specialist to translate the idea into aogo and a splash page.

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“he is very patient. it was my first hire on the site and i had issues with understanding the payment process but he was very patient and i'm happy i finally managed to get his prize money to him. his job was also fantastic.”

프로필 이미지 Konspikwoz, Nigeria.

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  • sakhawhat1989
    • 1 주 전

    Hopefully it matches exactly what you wanted. I hope you like the logo.

    • 1 주 전
  • okomta
    • 1 주 전

    Hi, there. after see the which idea do you want to focus..quarantne or traveling?...maybe i'm little bit confused...thanks.

    • 1 주 전
    1. Konspikwoz
      콘테스트 주최자
      • 1 주 전

      It is the terracotta wearing a face mask and inside the face mask, I want an outline of the NIgerian map. The attachments are a sample of how colorful I want the splash page to be. And the smiley shows you how I want it to be on the terracotta.

      • 1 주 전
  • Konspikwoz
    콘테스트 주최자
    • 1 주 전

    Hi Josh, I am looking forward to making it a reality. The main logo has to be the terracotta. It has to wear a face mask and inside the face mask, should be an outline of the NIgerian map. I want the splash page to be as colorful as the sample splash page attached. And the background should be as the second sample attached. If you need further clarification, s let me know

    • 1 주 전
  • joshuajosh916
    • 1 주 전

    Hi, this is Joshua , Android developer and Graphic Designer.
    Here we are to help you out of this project. I would Like to work on this project. I respect your concern and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Our abilities :
    1. Android app development
    2. Ionic app development (for both ios & android)
    3. Web development
    4. Web application development
    5. Graphic design
    6. Logo design
    7. SEO & SMM
    8. Backend development
    9. DB maintenance

    and much more.


    Thanks & Regards

    • 1 주 전

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