Create a double sided "Treatment" & "Drinks" menu

  • 상태: Open
  • 상: £25
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 12

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We are wanting to create a double sided hair "Treatment" & "Drinks" menu in A5 format, all the information will be provided for you to add, we would like to continue the theme of all our other pricelists etc.
Use "Drink menu 2019" as a templete for the information,

Take off "Schwarzkopf Bold Colour “Wash Toner” - From £11.00
Chose from Blue, Red, Pink or Purple."

Fibre Clinix - From £11
Strengthens the hair & provides more resistance to breakage.

Detoxing BlondMe - From £13
Gently removes impurities & helps create new bonds within the hair fibre.

All files and fonts to be supplied after with files in PSD format, to have 3mm of bleed on each edge.

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  • momotamumu11
    • 19 시간 전

    Please Check my entry #10 Thanks.

    • 19 시간 전
  • HUMAYUN501
    • 1 일 전

    check entry #9 and otify me if you want modifications

    • 1 일 전
  • keepintouch36524
    • 1 일 전

    Hello contest holder. I'm working on this. Please don't close the contest before the contest end date. Thank you.

    • 1 일 전
  • FALL3N0005000
    • 1 일 전

    Please Check my entry #7 & #8 update your comments. Thanks.

    • 1 일 전
  • satishandsurabhi
    • 1 일 전

    Please Check my entry #6 & update your comments. Thanks.

    • 1 일 전
  • SalwaDesign
    • 4 일 전

    Hello, So you need 2 different menus?

    • 4 일 전
    1. ajhairdressing
      콘테스트 주최자
      • 3 일 전

      Yes double sided when printed.

      • 3 일 전
  • studiowework
    • 4 일 전

    currently you are looking for "Treatment" & "Drinks" menu?

    • 4 일 전

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