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I need a logo for my new Music Shop where I'll be selling instruments and gear.
The name is "Berlin Music" and Berlin is the name of my dog, thus we need the face of a White Maltese Dog like barking musical notes and below the name of the Store "Berlin Music". You could use perhaps just the silhouette of the dog. It's a strong logo that makes you want to find out more about the company when you see it.

That would be it, besides that, you're free to create whatever you want.

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  • Nayemislamoppo91
    • 1 일 전

    Hallo. sir, please take a look at #18#19 and give some rating :)

    • 1 일 전
  • rogerust
    • 1 일 전

    Hi, contest holder. I am conducting a research on logo design contests. You have a chance to win US$200 if you help us complete a short survey. It takes approximately 5-10 mins. Please click the link to take part in the survey,

    • 1 일 전
  • Anasshamsi94
    • 1 일 전

    Hello sir please check entry #1 #2 #3 hope you will like it. Thanks

    • 1 일 전

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