Creating a corporate style for brand name

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  • 수상자: gustavosaffo

콘테스트 개요

I need a complete corporate identity, with logo, letterhead, print marketing material, and social media web.

The brand name is: "Milerd"
It is electronics brand from Switzeland. The logo should clearly represent swidish origin of the company.

My idea is to make it in black and red clolors, but it is actually on you to choose, if you can offer something else. I just need people to understand that this is a Switzeland origin brand.

I need this logo in color and greyscale for non-color printing.

Business card, letterhead, MS Word report cover page, MS Word report body pages, basic flyer, biography/personal profile page with photo, power point template, Social Media Headers (Youtube, google plus, facebook, twitter).

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“Thanks! Very good work. I like your style. Will hire again. ”

프로필 이미지 vlad112, Russian Federation.

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  • mdrashed2609
    • 4 년 전

    rate for #45 #46 #47 #48 .thanks

    • 4 년 전
  • ssaazz
    • 4 년 전

    check my logo #4

    • 4 년 전
  • TechSalad
    • 4 년 전

    We will work on some samples and get back to you at the earliest.

    • 4 년 전
  • streamdz9
    • 4 년 전

    ok sir i am ready -_-

    • 4 년 전

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