Culturalchemy Brand

  • 상태: Pending
  • 상: $190
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 91
  • 수상자: yousufali5210

콘테스트 개요

I am forming a new business with this name and am looking for someone to design a logo and subsequently, various variants of the logo for uses in documents, website etc

This is what we say our mission is....Our raison d’etre is to demystify and codify the alchemy needed to bring about sustainable culture change, something so elusive to many organisations.
Our natural habitat is within our clients’ leadership systems bringing proven and skilfully designed methodologies and neat technology to make good shift happen.
Our work makes for places that encourage and enable people to do their best and purposeful work which improves the world in their way.

We would like a logo that has Culturalchemy as one word but contrasts the Alchemy from the Cultur piece so as to give emphasis to the second word. We are looking for something bold but not masculine, clean and simple with blues, blacks ,greys or white

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