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I require a company logo (software start up) and I require a few modifications of the same logo to go with the software product(s) themselves. For the products it should be the same as the company logo just in slightly different colors.

Company name is: Infinite (preferable in Bookman Old Style font) - color should be Anthracite or shade of grey
Company logo: I want a variation (yet very similar in style) of the attached picture in slightly lighter colors including - red, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple (not all colors need to be used. PNG, no background as it will be used across various screens and backgrounds

both - logo and company name should be detachable from each other

Product logo: Variation of the main logo in color, style the same yet would be nice to see different ideas for the logo (be creative please, should show that it belongs to the main logo but can be seen as a "child" of the main logo)

The Company logo is the main logo required followed by the product logo (alteration of the main logo). PLEASE SEE ATTACHED IMAGE FOR WHAT I HAVE IN MIND.

Thank you.

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“Fast, efficient and to the point. Creative design and modifications were completed in timely manner. I would use again.”

프로필 이미지 Bartnif, Singapore.

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    Hi. An article "Generic and overused logos (avoid them!)" :
    Thank you for the attention.

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