Design a Logo for Surveyor

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We specialize in inspections and reports for different types of architectural surveys.
In the attached document is our company name, company colours and basic idea for a logo that will be used for our letterhead, company website and business cards.
The company name is Overseas Property Survey
Company colours are indigo, teal, turquoise and lime.
We wish to convey to our clients that we are trustworthy, established, accurate, confidence inspiring, independent, exact, concise, value

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  • iyospramana
    • 6 년 전

    please check #39 thanks

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    Please check #33

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  • L0g0c0mp
    콘테스트 주최자
    • 6 년 전

    the company name is Overseas Property Survey, this information is all in the Word document brief, along with our chosen colours and a sketch of what we want.

    • 6 년 전
    1. adrianusdenny
      • 6 년 전

      please check Entry #4 , need for suggestion..thanks :)

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    2. enrajan
      • 6 년 전

      plz check my entry

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  • vladfedotovv
    • 6 년 전

    what is the company name ?

    • 6 년 전
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