Design a tool which will be used by web developers

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The utility is used by the web-developer to mock the HTTP requests. The developer can see the ongoing requests in the floating panel. There are 3 key features that he can perform for each request.
1. A developer can resolve the request.
2. A developer can reject the request.
3. He can customize the response and response code by clicking the "custom response button". This opens a side drawer with a code editor where he inputs a JSON with which he can resolve or reject the request.

The main point of this tool is to help developers mock HTTP requests while developing apps. So, this should handy, floating panel which can be dragged and placed wherever he wants. and this shouldn't occupy much space.

Below is the reference for the tool panel

You are free to change the design, icons, and fonts. In my opinion, I think the popup is not intuitive and not user friendly as it will occupy more space and place more items in the viewport which doesn't look much good.

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