Design an Advertisement for Charles Darwin University

  • 상태: Pending
  • 상: $20
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 0

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Charles Darwin University is a top ranking Australian Public University. ‘Executive Trade International’ is their student recruiting partner for Bangladesh Market.
We (Executive Trade Int’l) want to advertise Charles Darwin University to prospective Bangladeshi Students. We want a high resolution design a for FACEBOOK advertising.

Our expectation:
01. We want ‘STUDY IN AUSTRALIA’ text in the design.
02. We want a theme of Australia and Bangladesh in the design (optional). We want both the “Charles Darwin University’ and ‘Executive Trade Int’l’ logo in the advertisement.
03. The University Logo should be the main focus, and put ETI logo in a suitable/ meaningful place.
04. Light, neat and clean yet high standard eye catchy design.
05. Remember the Facebook advertising guidelines (eg: 20% text, design size etc.)
06. Our phone number with a telephone/ call sign: 01977 441 113 (near logo/ visible place)
07. Our address (if you think you can add): H#40, R#27, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Logos are attached in .ai formate

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공개 설명 게시판

  • kafeelbichu1
    • 3 년 전

    you should have specified that its for cover photo!

    • 3 년 전
    1. ETIBD
      콘테스트 주최자
      • 3 년 전

      Not exactly. This is regular post. Which I shall use for advertising. Depends on the quality of design, I may put it as cover photo as well

      • 3 년 전
  • KateTsibulnyak
    • 3 년 전

    Hello. Do you need facebook cover?

    • 3 년 전
    1. ETIBD
      콘테스트 주최자
      • 3 년 전


      • 3 년 전
  • lawrei
    • 3 년 전

    There is my proposal sir / madam, please do me a feed back

    • 3 년 전

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