Design Flyer3

  • 상태: Closed
  • 상: $120
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 10
  • 수상자: nash07h

콘테스트 개요

I need my flyer redesigned, alot of content needs to change.
Side 1) needs to have "NOCTURNAL TOURS" across the top of the front above the "HYDE & CHATEAU" logos . All content below logos will be removed and logos of other clubs added in its place. With Thin blank white strip along bottom.

Side 2) Will have background image all the way to bottom "[login to view URL]" at the will be removed. the nocturnaltours logo will remain as "WorkHard PARTY HARDER" will also remain. A product description will be added

Please contact me for additional logo and desciptions

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  • hectorver
    • 1년 전

    falta de creatividad

    • 1년 전
  • sakibhossain6707
    • 1년 전

    please #guaranteed

    • 1년 전
  • HR1Designer
    • 1년 전

    Hello, Sir Give Your logo to provide you a best Flyer. Thank you Please Hurry up

    • 1년 전
  • sarahmokbel
    • 1년 전

    Can you please provide the source files to be able to edit on them
    I am at your service any time :)

    • 1년 전
  • fzlabinrabbibin
    • 1년 전

    HI, sir please give me all informations

    • 1년 전
  • sunsum
    • 1년 전

    Do you have the original source file for your flyer? Please provide your logo and the product description you wish to add.

    • 1년 전
  • fler
    • 1년 전


    • 1년 전
  • yeadul
    • 1년 전

    Sir please give me your logo and desciptions

    • 1년 전

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