Design Flyer/Document Templates for Tennis Coach

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  • 상금: £50
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  • 수상자: samraj7147sl

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We need a designer to produce a three templates that we can use to market our tennis coaching business:
1. An A4 document/poster - the designed area will be around the edges allowing us to input main body content fot each poster we want to create.
2. A simple document template - this will require less 'busy' design
3. A social media advert template - again allowing us to input main content for each advert.

The templates should use our logo (attached) and lend their influence from our website design.

We would like to be able to edit them in MS Word although can change software if needed.

Here are examples of the level of poster design we would like. These are also templates that can be re-used with new content to make a new poster.

Any questions, please ask.

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“great job, thanks!”

프로필 이미지 jonba, United Kingdom.

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  • blackd51th
    • 6 년 전

    Dear sir, please give feedback on #7. Thank you.

    • 6 년 전
  • dorialexa
    • 6 년 전

    Is any of these templates for print?

    • 6 년 전
  • jonba
    콘테스트 주최자
    • 6 년 전

    It will just be titled Tennis Squad. The design will be around the edges allowing for me to enter content in the main area to complete each flyer

    • 6 년 전
  • victoriashin
    • 6 년 전

    Hi, Do you have any title or name to put on the document? or your contact details? Thanks.

    • 6 년 전

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