Design some Stationery and Business Cards for Top Builder Limited

  • 상태: Closed
  • 상: $60
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 28
  • 수상자: IntenseART

콘테스트 개요

Our company, Top Builder Limited is a sourcing consulting company based in Hong Kong.

We work closely with our partners and customer based in Europe, Australia, and Africa to provide them turn-key sourcing and merchandising service in one-time or continual basis.

We are currently looking for a Freelancer to redesign our business cards and letter head and stationary and our company logo.

All submissions should be adhere to the following:

1. Clean
2. Professional
3. Company logo and color scheme prefer to have a crisp green (around RGB 166,207,95).
4. Have the choice of using;
i. our company's full name
ii. an abbreviation [not entirely preferred unless you have a strong design]
5. Fonts should be clearly legible.

Our CEO will be pick the winning business cards and letter head and stationary and our company logo. So good luck and lets come up with something nice.

The contest winning submission must be provided in the following formats:
- .psd (Adobe Photoshop) - Company Logo
- .ai (Abode Illustrator) - Company Logo & Business Card
- .doc (Word Document) - Letterhead

추천 기술

고용주 피드백

“Quick and good design!”

프로필 이미지 uhsieh, Hong Kong.

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공개 설명 게시판

  • sahapramesh
    • 6 년 전

    Please check #36

    • 6 년 전
  • imranlatif31
    • 6 년 전

    Please Check 32 and 33, stationery is also ready, you need to approve the design only

    • 6 년 전
  • Tharaka1
    • 6 년 전

    Design will be uploaded soon!!

    • 6 년 전
  • Fazy211995
    • 6 년 전

    Contest Host, please have a look at entry #17 . Thank you!

    • 6 년 전
  • uhsieh
    콘테스트 주최자
    • 6 년 전

    Yes, we also need a logo design

    • 6 년 전
    1. Fazy211995
      • 6 년 전

      Please check Entry #17 .. Logo, cards and letter head!

      • 6 년 전
  • onlinesathi
    • 6 년 전

    You need the logo designed as well ??

    • 6 년 전
  • amitpadal
    • 6 년 전

    Hello can you please upload your logo

    • 6 년 전

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