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Indian theme Diwali Fair website to give information about event and add attractive Diwali designs about the holiday

sample website - [login to view URL]

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Add Diwali Fair flyer
About Diwali
few pics to showcase event
Diwali highlight video

About us

Business NJ, a portal to promote business and commerce offers a platform to the Indian and American businesses to promote them globally through its wide array of business events and on line promotion through its web site.

Business NJ is the premier business promotion agency in organizing corporate events , fairs & networking gala dinners. It is committed to showcase excellence in diverse fields especially business and commerce. It has succeeded in bringing various businesses, culture, heritage, diversity closer to global markets and exceeded expectations of our clients by providing highly personalized service. With our dedicated marketing team, we provide unlimited exposure to our advertisers, clients and service providers by showcasing their products and giving them maximum business visibility through our web site and events.

Vendors - vendor Application attached



It is a significant way to maximize exposure to your brand and create competitor differentiation in the South Asian Market. Whether you are looking to showcase your business to South Asians, interact with visitors through an onstage opportunity, promote specific offers through interactive marketing or gather data through a raffle; Diwali Fair can offer the perfect proposal to meet your needs and help bring the right exposure your business needs.
Diwali Fair has been fortunate to have support from our sponsors in the past from Corporate & Media Sponsors like Zee TV who has been the proud title sponsor over the years. Other grand sponsors included Incredible India, Air India, Verizon, New York Life, TDBank, Indus American Bank, Mass Mutual, Lycamobile, Wells Fargo, Farmer’s Insurance, Allvoi, Cruise one, Deep Food, Aloha Mind, All-State, Sister Mortgage, Smuckers, Spectra EMR, Brain O Brain, Saavn, News India, AajTak, TV Asia, Desi Talk, Indian Express and many more.

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  • MeBidisha
    • 3 일 전


    I am sorry but I am little worried about this contest. Is this a valid one? I have put my effort in your project but I didn't see any reply yet. Also the submission rate is pretty low.

    Please be kind to reply me back with your feedback. I am truly hopeful from this contest.
    Bye and goodnight.


    • 3 일 전
  • MeBidisha
    • 6 일 전

    I am working on your project. Please wait for my submission. Just a humble request, could you please make the contest # guaranteed? Thank you in advance.

    • 6 일 전
  • agwanyasin
    • 1 주 전


    • 1 주 전
  • codervai
    • 1 주 전


    • 1 주 전
  • MobileKing1225
    • 1 주 전

    [I READ YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY] And then I've very interesting about your project.
    I've rich experience in web development with PHP, HTML, javascript, Mysql and developed many Business, e-Commerce, Shopping websites.
    Also, I've very familiar in API integration technology.
    In fact, I think It is very important to save our golden time So I'll try hard to delivery you perfect result on time.
    I respect your idea and will implement it perfectly. Also, I can help picks the best good idea for your project.
    I hope to act as a partner, not just a vendor with you.

    Here you can check websites to I've made, please.
    ★ https://theleggingsco.myshopify.com/
    ★ https://sneak-geek-co.myshopify.com/
    ★ https://happywinner.de/

    *I hope for your reply...* ~Best Regards~

    • 1 주 전

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