Find 5 onsite errors on Footway

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  • 상: $50
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  • 수상자: brilex

콘테스트 개요

We are [login to view URL] and we sell shoes online. The object of this contest is to find 5 onsite seo errors on our website and suggestions for action to correct the error.

Provide your 5 errors in a PDF
Aim for errors that are global (not just on one Footway site)

We are looking for onsite seo errors so don’t bother with link tips, or content writing.

What we want

Find 5 onsite seo errors on our website
A PDF with the errors collected
Errors should be global (on several sites instead of just one)
Explanation for each error and why we need to fix it
Suggestion for action to solve each error

What we don’t want

An SEO service
An SEO agency
An subscription
A program or bot

The best entries will be eligible for a long term collaboration, and a seat on our seo audit roster.

Make sure you follow instructions closely. Read them again now. And once more after. Do not start working before you have a clear understanding for the guidelines. We will reject any entry that does not follow instructions. We also reject any entries telling us you're working on the project. For long term collaboration we highly value the ability to follow instructions.

We have limited capacity to answer questions or give individual feedback during the project, instead we will give collective feedback - this will then hopefully help you get a better understanding of what we are looking for.

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고용주 피드백

“Armin did a great job in our contest. He also presented great results in the following spreadsheet.”

프로필 이미지 alexanderaberg, Sweden.

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  • sba5a5e3077c4f7f
    • 3 일 전

    hi, if you want you can contact me for further processsing.

    • 3 일 전
  • Tawhid898
    • 6 일 전

    #sealed #sealed #sealed #sealed

    • 6 일 전
  • Tawhid898
    • 6 일 전

    hello contest holder, please check my entry #10 . read my full comment i explain about your all site error. your file submission is not PDF type that's why i could not submitted all document.please contact with me

    • 6 일 전
  • fmhossain4210
    • 6 일 전

    Did you check here for more details: Please click all link & screenshots. I hope it will help to understand you better for your site error.

    • 6 일 전

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