Design an Advertisement

  • 진행 현황: Closed
  • 상금: $90
  • 응모작 접수(건수): 2
  • 수상자: wolfrain

콘테스트 개요

I need designed a one-picture/meme advertisement (with some verbiage) to be used on FB to promote my business, and that can also be used on my website.

I want something sort of similar to the attached file, but more professional. The advertisement is for psychotherapy services for anxiety and stress. The phrase, "Reclaim your power, relcaim your life" has to be included, as well as mention of my website and trauma and anxiety services.

추천된 기술

고용주 피드백

“Great job, very fast and professional!”

프로필 이미지 jennifersweeton, United States.

공개 설명 게시판

  • tracyfsu
    • 7 년 전

    I have an entry I was trying to submit but then the contest ended. Please let me know if you would like to see it :) I think you would like it!

    • 7 년 전
  • RobinHasan56
    • 7 년 전

    Working on it. Please wait for my entry. Thanks.

    • 7 년 전
  • Neruna
    • 7 년 전

    Hello! Please give feedback in order to improve our designs; rejecting everything is likely not to bring you closer to the desired result. Thank you!

    • 7 년 전
  • icterusads
    • 7 년 전

    Regards, what is your business?
    Can you describe a little that you expect in the picture?
    I can develop the text but for this you must tell me about the services or products you offer in your business.

    • 7 년 전

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