Logo Design for Designer!

  • 상태: Closed
  • 상: €30
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 3
  • 수상자: sanayafariha

콘테스트 개요

Hi! I'm a Graphic Design on Freelancer, and I need a logo. Why I'm here? My problem is that I cannot think objectively at my "brand" image.
I don't know if I want an elegant or fun logo in flat design. So, you are free to upload every idea that you want!

• I'm italian, I'm a graphic designer and 3d modeller
• The initials of my name is "A" and "Z". If you decided to keep this way i want some of creative and unique!
• MUST HAVE: the name of my "brand" is: "Designize - Art&Care" You can combine this element in every ways you want.
• My favorite color are: tiffany light blu, or pink, but you can use every color, but I want PASTEL colors.
• I don't know if I want flat design or 3d style, You are free.
• If is possible I want that the Logo is CUTE.

So, I need the "icon logo" + "Designize - Art&Care".

I have attached the logo that I like :)

I make the contest guarantee when I see that there are so many entry that I like :) I have yet money in Freelancer, and I'm a freelance too . I have respect for you because you are my my colleagues!

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고용주 피드백

“The logo is perfect! Thank you so much! A talented designer, I hope to work with her together in the future!”

프로필 이미지 adrizing, Italy.

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공개 설명 게시판

  • bujarluboci
    • 2 년 전

    can you make it guaranteed?

    • 2 년 전
    1. adrizing
      콘테스트 주최자
      • 2 년 전

      I make it guaranteed when I see some entry that I like :) I was scared that I don't have the logo with I can falling in love :)

      • 2 년 전
  • adrizing
    콘테스트 주최자
    • 2 년 전

    I make it guarantee when I see some entry that I like :)

    • 2 년 전

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