Naming and Logo

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I'm a music producer that sells beats (instrumentals) and work with rappers/singers. I want to start a brand that will be visually recognizable. So, I need a new logo and I uploaded 2 photos that can be taken as reference as I also have beard and I think it's an important part of me (my personal instagram account is @davidraaamos). In the other hand, I'm thinking of changing name to another one more attractive and catchier. Actually, my name is David Ramos and my instagram account is @davidramosbeats. I'm open to new ideas. Thanks in advance.

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“He works really well and fast. He is also a very understanding person. ”

프로필 이미지 davidkent9, Spain.

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    Hello there ! I'm a graphic designer and also a music producer and I have dedicated my time to design only logos and artworks for dj /music producers / record labels. Please have a look at my portofolio on the link below and contact me if you are interested to work together. Thank you

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    1. joeblackis17
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