Need to Convert Edi Files Into Excel Format / Google sheets and be able to filter duplicate payments.

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  • 상: $10
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Please review all the documents before bidding.

I do monthly reporting on a website. I do it manually by entering the data into their form. The website has an option downloading PDF or EDI format.

I need to be able to run a report or filter the data in an Excel or Google Sheets format to check for any duplicate payments. We are trying to avoid receiving payments for the same patients, on the same date, for the same procedure code.

I DON'T know how to do this and need someone to study the format, and give me a solution. Attached is an example.

There are two ways to do this:
1. Convert the data from pdf format to excel/ Googlesheets.
2. Convert the Edi directly into the Excel/ GoogleSheets format.

Link from insurance website company might help to open 835 Files of client payments.

[login to view URL]

I will share a link and files to check the EDI format, only if you are sure you can do the project or if the project is awarded.

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    please sir open my Entry-2, I'm 100% sure you will succeed.

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    please check software i mentioned in #3 for pdf to excel conversion

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    please open my entry #1

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    I'm really excel expert

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  • DimuDesigns
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    The EDI standard comes in a number of formats. Please provide a sample for review so that contestants can determine the format specific to your content.

    Also note that your price of US$10 is woefully inadequate. This project will likely require development of a custom ETL tool to parse your EDI files for import into a series of Google Sheets.

    Following a review of your content EDI format I will provide an estimate to build this ETL.

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