Shakespeare Photo studio and Graphic Design Banner

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  • 상: $10
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  • 수상자: grintgaby1

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Shakespeare Photography and Graphics design is a photo studio company, that offers the following type of services when it comes to photography
1. Indoor studio Photoshoot (portraits, passport, etc
2 out door shoots include Wedding, corporate event, graduation, birthdays, events, parties, Rallies, and professional portfolio
For Graphic design work, the company does, all types of graphics design eg, Logo design, business cards, letter heads, posters, banners, etc
The companies also offer Transcription and translations services, they also offer money transfer services Agent called as Mpesa.

I need a freelancer who can make a good banner for this company, a banner that will be put outside business premise to attract customers to come and do their services at shakespear Photography Photo Studio

Thank you so much below is the link of his company instagram page
[login to view URL]

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고용주 피드백

“It was great working with Gabriela, I gave her many revisions but she did it well. Thank you so much, looking forward to give you more projects”

프로필 이미지 MosesWanjala, Kenya.

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  • Noorremran
    • 9 개월 전

    You may wait! May be more professional, clean and smart and eye catching design for customers design you found. By the way. Best of luck!

    • 9 개월 전
  • MosesWanjala
    콘테스트 주최자
    • 9 개월 전

    1 meter by five

    • 9 개월 전
  • waleedelarabyphg
    • 9 개월 전

    What's the banner size ?

    • 9 개월 전

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