Track and field club modern logo design

  • 상태: Open
  • 상: $30
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 12

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We need a logo for the local athletic club (Track and field). The club is rich with history - very successful and they want a modern logo for their club. The color's that should be used:
red: #BB0000
blue: #1457A7
Text can be white or whatever.
As well the city logo should be used in the logo. City logo is here: [login to view URL]
The text that should be on the logo is:
Atletski klub Križevci
This is the full club name.
Have in mind that the logo should be modern but simple, creative as possible and we want something that client is proud of!
Some example of good logos :
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL] - this one is quite cool (City krizevci have been known for the churches and the towers [login to view URL] )
[login to view URL]
I hope the idea is clear.
The final file should be delivered to us with as vector in pdf, jpg, png, and AI/PSD file.

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  • Shodacher
    • 11 시간 전

    Mislim da bi vam se moj logo mogao svidjeti.. nisam još ga završio al pri kraju sam..

    • 11 시간 전
    1. Shodacher
      • 10 시간 전

      Na ovom linku je puno bolji kvalitet.. a ista je slika..

      • 10 시간 전
  • rogerust
    • 1 일 전

    Hi, contest holder. I am conducting a research on logo design contests. You have a chance to win US$200 if you help us complete a short survey. It takes approximately 5-10 mins. Please click the link to take part in the survey,

    • 1 일 전
  • rafsanhossain871
    • 1 일 전

    Please Check My Entry #17 , #19

    • 1 일 전
    • 1 일 전


    • 1 일 전

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