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Hi guys and girls.

We organize an offroad race in Croatia (Europe)

We need a tshirt design for the edition 2017, play with the tshirt colors for the mockup.

So here are a few important things, also PLEASE ask any questions if there is something you are not sure about. I will try to answer ASAP

- Name of the race is WILD BOAR VALLEY CHALLENGE
- The city is called BUZET, in country CROATIA, Europe
- The race starts on 23rd of Oct, last day is 28th of Oct
- Website is [login to view URL] in 5 languages so there should be no problem for you to get relevant information wherever you are from
- Facebook page is [login to view URL]
- it would be good if the website and the facebook page adress to be written somewhere on the tshirt
- It is an offroad race so plan the design accordingly
- For the design we can accept any of your thoughts about motorsport (such is incorporating somewhere on the tshirt "motorsport is dangerous" or any other quote you think would be suitable - if you want it)
- The print must be only in one color
- in the attachment, I am sending you a logo of our race, logos of our main sponsors which all have to be put somewhere on the tshirt and somewhere around that, you must leave some place for around 7-8 smaller logos for less important sponsors. At the moment i don't have these logos available but I will take care of that later - Just use some random logos from the internet

- IMPORTANT: On the file "facebook-cover-template" you can see how the logos must look when you convert them to transparent one color logos
... Tornado winches logo must be converted so the circle gets above the "Tornado Winches" letters
.... Logo of the WBVC must be converted to become like he one on the tshirts photo I sent you.... These are tshirts from edition 2016

HINT: off road tire tracks can be used on the design (examples in the attachment)

Check the attachment and have fun

Dont forget - ask if there is something unclear.


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    • 2 년 전

    SIr, the White boar logo should be the same??its in two colour. And the design should be two side?? like i can use both sides?? or everything should be at fron only??

    • 2 년 전
    1. ATHULAB
      • 2 년 전

      And what will be the base color of the Tshirt?

      • 2 년 전
    2. Lilo1403
      콘테스트 주최자
      • 2 년 전

      Front and back design. Logo and everything else in one color. For the base you can use black or grey

      • 2 년 전
  • ahsankabirak
    • 2 년 전

    please check my entry

    • 2 년 전
  • kaliuser54
    • 2 년 전


    • 2 년 전
  • dreamworld092016
    • 2 년 전


    • 2 년 전
    1. Lilo1403
      콘테스트 주최자
      • 2 년 전

      Please read the contest before you post these hashtags. it is impossible to read this good in one minute. thank you

      • 2 년 전

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