We have old version template, need to extend 20 more customers, I will revise name, you need to find logos, pictures and add 3 lines descriptions.

  • 상태: Pending
  • 상: $100
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 5

콘테스트 개요

I need some graphic design. Need someone good at inDesign to extend existing sample customer list. I will provide customer names. You need to find logo. Picture and write three lines description. There will be more work after this if it turns out good.

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  • heylanin
    • 1 주 전

    I am an expert in indesign, You can check my portfolio if you want, I can help you, if you want we can talk by chat #guaranteed

    • 1 주 전
  • mehedibondhon
    • 1 주 전

    can i use adobe illustrator?

    • 1 주 전
  • progdsabbir
    • 1 주 전

    Sir Please provide customer names.

    • 1 주 전

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