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채용 진행 (분야: Developers)

Narola Infotech Developer
$15 (1시간 기준)
4.6 (1975 건(일자리))
프로필 내용 확인
Murat K. Developer
$45 (1시간 기준)
5.0 (1689 건(일자리))
프로필 내용 확인
Sreeraj V. Developer
₹50 (1시간 기준)
5.0 (1343 건(일자리))
프로필 내용 확인
FixIT Consul-Tech LLC Developer
$30 (1시간 기준)
5.0 (1070 건(일자리))
프로필 내용 확인
$8 (1시간 기준)
4.9 (1029 건(일자리))
프로필 내용 확인
Joshua T. Developer
$10 (1시간 기준)
4.9 (886 건(일자리))
프로필 내용 확인
Appquipo LLP Developer
₹25 (1시간 기준)
4.8 (882 건(일자리))
프로필 내용 확인
Emizen Tech Pvt. Ltd. Developer
$25 (1시간 기준)
4.9 (877 건(일자리))
프로필 내용 확인
다른 후보 확인 (분야: Developers) Developers 관련, 거래선 측의 평가:
4.83 점(만점: 5점)
(35,950 건의 리뷰 이상) Developer 분야의 프리랜서를 제대로 채용하는 방법 is the world’s favourite cloud computing company offering CRM software that can power enterprises of any size. It offers an end-to-end solution for growing the business. It is a must have for any company which wants to streamline the processes of generating leads, acquiring customers, and close deals faster.
The CRM suit is posted on the cloud and can be customized to suit the needs of companies belonging to different industries. Since it is cloud-based, the upgrades happen automatically, without requiring the company to deploy them manually. The overall CRM software suit is divided into 8 applications: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud and Iot.
The tremendous power that the provides to businesses and several success stories have made it one of the leading CRM providers in the world. Every year, many companies adopt this site in order to grow their businesses, and benefit from it. If you are also thinking of something similar, then you will need a expert to help you integrate the cloud solution to your business processes. It requires expert configuration and testing, so that you don’t face any problems after the implementation is complete.
If you’re thinking that finding and hiring a professional will be extremely difficult and costly, then we have some interesting news for you. On, a sizeable number of professionals are registered and are willing to implement this CRM solution for you. These experts at located across the globe, and will be working remotely on your project. Since is a cloud-based solution, the configurations can be done by anyone having Internet connectivity, and from anywhere. Hence you now have the choice of hiring a skilled expert, even if they are not located in your local area or country.
So whether you choose to implement all the 8 solutions offered by, or only a few of them, choosing a freelance expert are your best bet. It is also highly economical. Since the freelancer really working from a remote location, you will not incur any extra office overhead on him. Also, you can engage him for a specific project, and pay him accordingly. This typically works out to be much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee.
How do you start? It is, in fact, as easy as 1-2-3. Hiring a expert on is a three step process:
Register and post a project, stating your requirements
Shortlist and finalize the freelancer
Pay the freelancer once the work is done and you are completely satisfied with it
With over 19 million freelancers from more than 270 countries, regions and territories registered on, there is a high chance that you will find many bidders for every project that you post. This gives you an awesome power to choose the best one from among them in terms of skills as well as the costs they quote.
While transacting on, you need not worry about your safety and privacy. Every transaction secured with 128 with SSL encryption and there is a robust dispute resolution mechanism to guard you in case any disputes arise. Apart from this, also provides various useful tools and functionalities which lets you stay in touch with the freelancer and get the work done seamlessly.
Try today, and find the perfect expert for your project.
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반드시 채용이 필요할까요? 그 대신에 클라우드형 인재 서비스를 간단히 통합해 보시겠습니까?
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4. 안전한 결제

결제 조건은 작업 결과에 대한 고객님의 완전한 만족이어야 합니다.

그렇다면 고객님께서는 무엇을 망설이고 계십니까?

오늘 바로 프로젝트를 등록하시고, 프리랜서 인재들의 입찰 견적서를 받아 보실 수 있습니다.
지금 Developer 분야의 최상급 인재 채용

저희 소속의 프리랜서들이 작업한 모범 사례 분야의 프로젝트에서 멋진 아이디어를 얻으실 수도 있습니다.
다른 사례의 발굴
$50 USD (9일 소요)
포장물 디자인
다른 사례의 발굴
포장물 디자인
$110 USD (4일 소요)
뮤직 비디오
다른 사례의 발굴
뮤직 비디오
$300 USD (12일 소요)
실내 디자인
다른 사례의 발굴
실내 디자인
$269 USD (14일 소요)
다른 사례의 발굴
$100 USD (3일 소요)
전단지 디자인
다른 사례의 발굴
전단지 디자인
$15 USD (1일 소요)
개념 디자인
다른 사례의 발굴
개념 디자인
$100 USD (10일 소요)
SNS 게시물
다른 사례의 발굴
SNS 게시물
$50 USD (6일 소요)
더 많은 프리랜서들의 작업 결과에 대한 발굴 진행다른 작업 결과물 확인

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소기업에서 대기업이나 전문 기업가, 그리고 시작 기업에 이르기까지 수 백만 명의 사용자가 Freelancer 서비스를 이용하여 자신들의 생각을 현실로 옮겨 가고 있습니다.
71.6 (단위: 백만)
71.6 (단위: 백만)
등록 사용자
23.5 (단위: 백만)
23.5 (단위: 백만)
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