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    10,975 convert dat xls file 건 검색 완료, 금액 기준 - USD

    ...using their API to automatically create new ads (or look alike) in my website. To me it looks like using the "import data" tool in osclass but instead of importing .sql, .csv, .xls files manually, it is the programs joined together that do the job. Cant find this kind of plugin every osclass owner is looking for. That's the future anyway. What would be

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    Example of excel workbook attached. for ...colums In attached example range of cells to extract are identified by the same cell color background gui: simple trivial window with a "load" button to select the excel file to open and an editbox to display read ranges Environment: eclipse/maven 3/java 8 (application migrated later to 11)/apache poi

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    We get Invoice Reports from various Indian marketplaces like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal. We want to simply import the report into an app or script and it automatically uploads the data into QB Online. We do not want to waste time sort out the data in the single format and the system should be able to import So basically - Upload Amazon MTR(GST) Report Upload Flipkart GST REPORT Upload SNAPDEAL G...

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    Есть таблица в XLS с набором данных: номер коробки, содержимое коробки (артикул, наименование товара и количество шт), производитель товара и адрес прозводителя товара, грузоотправитель и грузополучатель. Хочется эту таблицу засунуть в какое-то приложение (обработчик), в котором при сканировании номера коробки в окно ввода сформируются упаковочные листы

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    ...usuario (perfil) • Nueva entrada (registro de tensión) • Gráfico entre fechas • Ver historial (listado de fechas y poder escoger la que se quiera ver) • Enviar por email csv/xls (se pueda escoger) entre fechas Se proporcionarán por privado bocetos de algunas de las pantallas para facilitar el trabajo. Se pedirá código fuente y base...

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    ...steeds minder tijd om daarna ook de vertaling te doen voor de Nederlandse markt. De twee keer dat ik vertalingen door "non-professionals" heb uitgeprobeerd, was ik niet blij met het resultaat en heb uiteindelijk hun werk weggegooid en het zelf gedaan. Vandaar dat ik het met dit white paper nu hier eens wil proberen. Zie het bijgevoegde document waar het

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    Wir betreiben ein Portal (noch in der Entwicklung) und wir suchen für eine Import-Funktion von Daten aus xls oder csv in die Datenbank unter Wordpress einen Programmierer. Es gibt einen Code, der jedoch eingeschränkt funktioniert und dieser muss verbessert oder neu geschrieben werden. Es sollen mehrere Zeilen mittels eines Imports in die Datenbank kopiert

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    Need short texts and phrases translated from English to Italian (see attached XLS file). Please read the the following requirements before considering this project: - Human natural translation only. No machine or automatic translation services accepted. - Some texts contain HTML tags and links. Tags and links have to be preserved as they are.

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    ...in XBRL format of Indian companies as per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs requirement. Output - XLS file The project involves developing a script for data conversion preferably with Python and Beautiful Soup to parse the XML file and convert it to XLS. Given below is the reference for XBRL format. [로그인하시면, URL을 확인하실 수 있습니다.]

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    I need a transient analysis of bearing 1205 ektn9. I will provide you with a geometry. The analysis should be done in ansys. And dat file a needed. With the project report.

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    ...in XBRL format of Indian companies as per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs requirement. Output - XLS file The project involves developing a script for data conversion preferably with Python and Beautiful Soup to parse the XML file and convert it to XLS. Given below is the reference for XBRL format. [로그인하시면, URL을 확인하실 수 있습니다.]

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    ...range, type of event, text search etc 4) Download or email report summary to the member email address or to an additional email address (send a copy to member’s email address) XLS and PDF format 5) Include ads based on member criteria 6) List top events organized by areas of focus, geographic location etc. 7) Online Help: Provides online help or guidance

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    ...the refreshed website (Local by Flywheel). The digital products include a third party software product known as XLS Padlock - see [로그인하시면, URL을 확인하실 수 있습니다.] This software can be integrated with Woocommerce through a web application. XLS Padlock provide a Woocommerce integration kit with a guide on how to install it but it is beyond my non technical

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    ...for input file make output file (in .txt or .csv format). So for this example: JOB [로그인하시면, URL을 확인하실 수 있습니다.] INST HTS220 SC FT1,1.500,FT ENZ 427144.694,4855122.875,1.280 SC FT2,1.500,FT ENZ 427156.449,4855135.929,0.620 SC FT3,1.500,FT ENZ 427169.657,4855143.852,0.918 SC FT4,1.500,FT Delete first two lines and convert it to:

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    ...parameters at a set time daily and to set a trailing stop loss on winning trades so trade can carry on until its closed out and to carry on the same day and do again even if previous dat trade is still active. so everyday a new trade is opened and the previous trade the before will be followed and trailing stop loss adjusted until trade closed out.

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    I am looking for assistance on writing a small Python program to calculate Discrete Fast Fourier Transform (DFFT) from given data in a file in .dat format. Hand-crafting the Fourier transform algorithm is not required. Use any existing modules or libraries in Python. Estimated time required for this is 4 hours. Must be delivered by Sunday 17th March

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    Please review docs here : [로그인하시면, URL을 확인하실 수 있습니다.] I need a price to install this (including installing node.js as it is required) on GoDaddy shared (linux) hosting for a client, unfortunately some elements of this is outside my scope of capabilities. SSH has been enabled on the server, A2JViewer is already successfully installed and the interview has been created, I just need the Document Ass...

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    ...case in xls. Xls needs to be set up in the way we can add data by our own when the database is finished. Input is delivered by xls; sell out figures by product by month (in units) for appr. 100 + 50 products delivered by a) 6 partners for the first scorecard + b) ~30 partners for the second scorecard. Requires technical requirements : xls incl. pivot

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    The data collected from a machine out put should be displayed in graphical format. The data will be put on server in xls format. The data is updated at regular intervals.

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    I need to build an android application where I can open, view, edit and give print of following documents: .DOC and DOCX .HTML and .HTM .ODT .PDF .XLS and XLSX .ODS .PPT and .PPTX .TXT jpeg

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    Would like to have a 3 column bookkeeping module (Deposit, Deduction, Balance) to present my users their account status. The module must have some user...module must have some user´s features such as login, filters to view user account status, balance graphs, as well as some administrative features such as importing and exporting .xls or .csv files.

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    ...transakcji na rynku Forex. Transakcje dostarczane będą do aplikacji przez użytkowników, za pomocą uploadu plików cvs/xls. Program dodatkowo musi przeliczać transakcje po odpowiednim kursie walutowym NBP (NBP udostępnia go w formie pliku xls lub poprzez stronę internetową). Będę wdzięczny za orientacyjną wycenę. Szczegóły prześlę do wybranych osób w wia...

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    ...can give access to others with restricted rights. The information needs to be maintained in the application securely. Also need the ability to be able to extract data from xls, and other livestock management applications. The application needs to be simple and intuitive to use with simple navigation . Please ONLY respond if you have experience in

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    Hello (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE BIDDING) I need an excellent financial analyst/investor to ca...specified dates 3. risk measurement: Tracking error, sharp ratio, information ratio.. 4. annualized returns Tasks to be performed in excel by avoiding special xls formulas like IRR in order to convert formulas to #C for my software application Thanks

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    I've to scrape data from ao .com I need, in an xls/csv file: - Navigation tree (menu with sub-menus) - Data in highlighted area respecting the rows distribution (see attached file) of ALL PRODUCTS (i've to analyze them) Thanks, GL

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    ...stored data by Supply number, site or period Special reporting function –example Meter IDs showing estimated reads on a pre-dined period Export results in excel Bulk data (xls) import based on defined templates (examples will be provided) Advise on how to run database (web based and hosting costs) For more details please contact me, looking forward

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    ...For now, though, we just want you to build a MVP to see how it goes. You will be paid hourly for this. --Info and Requirements-- 1. We will provide two sample spreadsheets (XLS) with our advertising data, straight out of Amazon (7 day results and 30 day results). 2. Build a program to interpret this sheet and produce the desired output. 3. Make the

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    ...interesa observar la evolucion de las cuotas, antes de que empiece el partido y luego en directo. Tambien necesito que los datos de la evolucion se puedan volcar en un archivo .xls. Es imprescindible hablar español....

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    WORK WITH DATA 종료 left

    We are a company that usually have some work with data. need somebady wants to work sporadically for us, in hourly basis. Salary wi...extract data from 97 invoices in pdf, and set them in an excel table, and make some calculations (AVERAGE EXTRACTED FROM INFORMATION GOTTEN). i let you here the file we need completed (xls) and 2 examples of invoices.

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    I need to modify the import script from using a CSV file to a now XLS file. Script is already coded, so just the import function needs to be done and then validate the new import data

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    ...adwords and facebook. So each day the system will create a xls/csv file with all the new listed meetups. Some colume in xls will be standard(same text) and some will be dynamick. Together we will find out what you need of standard text. Each day it shold best is if automactely we can send the file xls to ad manager in facebook that will create automactely

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    ...mastertext 2) create 25 xls-files. Every xls-file should contain 100 of these unique texts, in every single line there has to be one of the texts If you are skilled, i think your spinning-software can create the 2500 texts and you can write a program or macro that you can create automatically the xls-files containing the 100 texts per xls-file one per ...

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    Samla in kontaktuppgifter över beslutsfattare utifrån viss legala kriterier. Sammanställa denna data och leverera i formaterade xls-filer.

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    bisogno di effettuare un semplice join tra più file xls ed uno shp file

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    xls to txt form 종료 left

    Ultimately, I need data transferred from excel to my personal wiki. I have an excel (xls with 535 rows) file which contains the following column information: Publication year, Author, Title, Publication Title, and Notes. I need the information to appear in a large text (.txt) file , in alphabetical order and in the following format: Abrahamson, Eric, Managerial

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    Project In dit project willen we lijsten van Nederlandse namen invoeren in Excel. De namen komen van een handgeschreven lijst Amster...invoeren van namen van ongeveer 1700 fotos. We zijn van plan meerdere mensen te vragen ons te helpen. Betaling We betalen $4 per 270 rijen in het excelsheet. (We gaan ervan uit dat je 270 rijen per uur in kan vullen.)

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    ... Spring, any middleware (jpa,hiberanate) Screens: Login, Forgot password, remember me, Landing page dashboard(closed request, pending request), View Request detail page., xls report geneartion. Employee Role: He can able to create a reimbursement request (form with multiple rows, upload zip (store in some ftp path)) Once submitted email went to Finance

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    ...can give access to others with restricted rights. The information needs to be maintained in the application securely. Also need the ability to be able to extract data from xls, and other livestock management applications. The application needs to be simple and intuitive to use with simple navigation . Please ONLY respond if you have experience in

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    ...fully own the system after it is created. Uploading new contacts to the listing must be easy, the system must be willing to accept contact list files like excel sheets, .cvf, .xls, .pdf, .csv, and much more. The system must report to us and tell us how many persons opened the email, how many of the emails went into persons spam mail and not directly

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    I would like to scrape all historical odds price data for...csv files. Experience scraping similar websites is obligatory, experience scraping oddsportal is preferred. The attached .xls file has an indicative list of columns required for each dataframe / csv file. Please read this file before applying. Generic bids will be automatically disregarded.

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    Hello there, we need a mini software that you can choose an xls or csv file, and the data gets exported in a printable format (has to be compatible with a label printer). VERY IMPORTANT, WITHOUT THIS THE ENTIRE SOLUTION IS USELESS: The output format has to be compatible with a Zebra GK420T printer. Info shown on each price tag (check image attached)

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    I wold like to set up my ebay store (new store) with my dropshipping supplier, integrating API from suppliers site, inventory list (xml, xls, csv) in the store, for automatisation of sellings. Vorrei impostare il mio negozio ebay (nuovo negozio), integrare l'API dal sito del fornitore dropshipping, per automatisare le vendite.

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    ...will get report about how many absence justified or not. 3- Meeting attend The same 4- Activities The same Clean dashboard nice one by php The save will be done in xls file to share by the admin...

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    ...great sport and/ or surf shops in the Area of Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, which would be a possible fit for my product. List their contact details in a doc (Numbers or Xls): Name, Address, mail and phone. 2) Write in English a contact mail to introduce you and the product to the shop owner (I can install you a company mail address). Give them

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    I have more than one .dat file. I first need to convert them in excel file so it can easy to reed and then link the different files based on some columns. then I need to extract some information from these record. I attached some of these files. PS. I need to understand the written code, not only run it.

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    Een social media agency opzoek naar een ad-manager om 5 klanten accounts te managen. Geen vaste uren, kan van thuis uit...van thuis uit. Als feeelancer bij ons heb je vrijheid van hoe, wanneer en hoeveel je het doet. Je hebt maar 1 verantwoordelijkheid: resultaten behalen voor de 5 ad accounts dat we managen.(deze + landingspagina’s zijn al klaar)

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    ...above example, we would want to input the follow words WHAT, is the (Adjective list) (city list) you have traveled to. Each sentence would be outputted into an XLS file or an XML file As you can see from the examples above, not all sentences are structured the same, there are slight variables. We also need to base questions on popular hashtags

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    I have a database of 1000's of SKU's for vehic...vehicle data in the TecDoc database which will have K Type numbers. I need all the K Type numbers for the SKU's from the database. We do have original TecDoc databases in .dat files, however these are extremely large and we would prefer is someone had this database and experience with TecDoc already.

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    ...each county page has a list of businesses with addresses - we need to capture these business names and addresses, along with the county and state names The output should be an XLS with all 20,000 business entries and their addresses. I expect that anyone with scraping experience should be able to write this script or use an existing tool fairly easily

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    I need a logo designed. with the above title. there should be something like a logo which can make people undrstnd dat its a photography logo plus my intials.. KV .

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