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    Who we are: AudioVisual Engineering company, which does consultancy, hire and research in the AV field. Main ethos: Technical content-rich website, Multipage. Deadline: Mid-August Sections: Services, Research, About Us, News and Media, Working for Us, Contact Us Example target website: [login to view URL] Additional features requested: Instagram Feed

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    ...note all designs and copy are *complete* and only the build is required. The website should feel light, modern, fast and responsive. The design and execution should match the ethos of our business: excellent and reliable professionalism. Designs Designs have been produced for the website in-house for Mobile and desktop so any front-end developer should

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    ...pioneering what we might today call a food revolution and being a voice for Nature. It is a look at the time I grew up in, along with 67 million other baby boomers, and how the ethos of that time shaped our attitudes toward consumption. This has brought us to where we are today—to the challenges we face and the incredible opportunities to develop progressive

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    Logo designer 종료 left

    I am creating a company that specialises in specific health conscious water bottles and need a classic, clean logo that will reflect out brand ethos well.

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    single mother of three in RN nursing school. I have a 5 minute persa...mother of three in RN nursing school. I have a 5 minute persausive speech on why energy drinks are dangerous. Must establish a problem provide a solution effective use of ethos, pathos, or logos (can use a combo of them ) and my point of view-- why am i writing this speech

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    ...self-taught and determined individuals who want to make a lasting change in the field of cinema. We are looking for a brand identity that defines our views and encapsulates the ethos of our company. We initially decided that the color blue along with different shades of grey (including white and black, maybe) would be the most appropriate for our image,

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    I am a creative unique business logo designer. Who is expert in creating brands that help you bussiness appear professional, visually a...business logo designer. Who is expert in creating brands that help you bussiness appear professional, visually appealing and most importantly, convey effectifelly your company's ethos and values to you target market

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    We are an in...school (see [login to view URL]) and are currently looking for a new design for our Business Cards. Something modern, funky but in line with education and the school's ethos. See website for ideas - various videos and links exist. Email head@[login to view URL] for questions Curved edges, minimalist look, and 'less is more' may help...

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    ...Why Challengers Academy – Challengers Academy is the fountain head of experience, a confluence of the art of “seeking” and the “science” of doing. Most importantly it is an ethos that your child imbibes to transform his life. 5) More about us why we started – In order to achieve the goal of being unique and progressive in the field of education, the

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    o Catraca Livre e a Microsof...disponibilização da plataforma de nuvem da Microsoft. Esse projeto está integrado à campanha "Sou Responsável", que envolve 100 entidades, entre elas OAB, Cúria Metropolitana e Instituto Ethos. A ideia do "Sou Responsável" é estimular o protagonismo do brasileiros, exigindo mais direit...

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    보다 자세한 내용을 확인하시려면, 회원 가입 또는 로그인 절차가 필요합니다.

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    ...produce clean and standards-compliant digital creative. You are a fantastic communicator, able to work efficiently under pressure, have a great positive attitude and a team ethos that is second to none. Ideally you’ll have at least 6 years of relevant "hands on" experience, with most of that being in an advertising or marketing agency environment

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    Sporting Ethos is India's first Sports Science & Medicine Center for Professional & Recreational [login to view URL] have worked with athletes for past 5 years. We have decided a concept through which we would like to support elite athletes to help them perform better in an international stage for long period of [login to view URL] would pitch this idea to corporate

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    Hey There I need 3 Different packaging product can be anything but packaging must use ethos pathos and logos channels to give the idea to recycle that prouct. This needs to be done in 5-6 hours max. Freelancer must know what Ethos Pathos And Logos is.

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    We are creating a revolutionary new intelligent commerce platform, is building a better way for consumers to buy ...work we produce is strategic, thoughtful and unique. You will help create our visual identity and brand strategy from first principles, shaping our modern and community-driven ethos and creating cutting edge digital customer experiences.

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    ...and give me a fast loading, useful and well-designed frontpage for my website. I don't want to change the inner pages, so the design you make will have to conform to the ethos of my design inside and the colours I've used. I am open to changing the top nav-bar if required. We will be replicating things like the footer, header too across all the

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    Design a logo for a cruptocurrency. Name Ethos. Must be with professional looking typography and must show seriousness and professionalism. Winner will be contacted for further designs.

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    ...that targets and isolates specific muscles groups for effective treatment, strengthening and rehabilitation. The attached documents give an idea of the brand values and ethos behind the company; as well as some likes and dislikes for logos. I need a brand identity to launch the service. Indentity should be something clean, professional and contemporary

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    ...small poker site that accepts cryptocurrencies. Originally designed for friends and family, we've realised that there is demand for a site like this in the cryptocommunity. The ethos and brand are different to the big online poker sites: instead of making the site addictive for endless hours playing, we are focused on friends coming together to play. Instead

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    ...monthly payments or per assignment payments. We will work with you to get you up to speed. Our whole reputation is based on client satisfaction - we need someone with the same ethos. I look forward to your proposal. All generic proposals will be ignored. Please include the relevant bits of your Resume/CV in your proposal. We have just selected "very

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    Trophy icon Logo Re-design 종료 left

    ...logo that we can put our name under if need be. UPDATE: We're looking for something wholly new and different than what we had.A SIMPLE yet POWERFUL logo that carries our ethos. We are, FIRST and foremost, a CREATIVE, EDGY, yet SHARP and professional digital VIDEO PRODUCTION team that serves innovative companies and corporate marketing departments

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    Trophy icon Artwork - Our 6 Company Virtues 종료 left

    The Investment Collective is a financial services company with a wide range of services. We have a simple ethos, to make the complicated world of finance accessible and easy to understand. We know how easy it is to get lost in what a financial services company has to offer, so it’s our mission to take the confusion out of financial planning. [login to view URL]

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    Please read carefully before bidding; In this project you will have to develop a website to monitor and control remote linux workstation. The...using email address on the website, the workstation will use this email address to connect. You will have to note all your realisation steps. If you know simple mining os or ethos you know exactly what i want.

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    ...want to give it a more artistic feel... But not to elusive either... We want to portray we are fresh thinkers...producing sharp garden designs.... And having modern garden ethos.. ie green and conscious of the precious environment we work in... I like the idea of Colour Green by Eugene Higgins but not necessarily. I have a butterfly in my old logo

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    Research Writing 종료 left

    ...on this topic of the Belt Road initiative (BRI) either "supporting" or "not supporting" the BRI. 3-Use the three persuasion methods of rhetoric to write your paper (Pathos, Ethos, and Logos) see attached definitions. 4-Include 2 references in paper using APA style reference listings. Optional videos covering (BRI) [login to view URL]

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    Trophy icon Design project 종료 left

    ... My business is called MSCS Consulting. The inspiration for the name is from the Latin “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” - “Healthy mind in a healthy body”. This reflects the ethos of my company: - There are complex 2-way interactions between systems that are not always obvious - To solve a strategic problem you first need to consider the whole system

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    보장 최고
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    Trophy icon Build a website 종료 left

    Website required for Cabinetmaking business in Mordialloc. Using Wordpress. No ecommerce needed, website required to showcase what we do and project our ethos. Tabs to "Gallery", "testimonals", "about us".

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    Need a website 종료 left

    ...called eBay hub - so would like to use the eBay logo for that part of the logo but the hub part i would like to convey it’s the home of eBay search tools and so needs this ethos incorporating into the logo....

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    ...called eBay hub - so would like to use the eBay logo for that part of the logo but the hub part i would like to convey it’s the home of eBay search tools and so needs this ethos incorporating into the logo....

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    ...called eBay hub - so would like to use the eBay logo for that part of the logo but the hub part i would like to convey it’s the home of eBay search tools and so needs this ethos incorporating into the logo....

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    Looking to set up my own company! The company is called JustEnough. This is all to do with helping businesses change! There are two key factors - People are at the c...this does not meet the elegenace brief - although the ! in the O is a clever feature. I would ideally like the logo to have something unique about it that depicts the company ethos.

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    보다 자세한 내용을 확인하시려면, 회원 가입 또는 로그인 절차가 필요합니다.

    WRITING HELP 종료 left

    ...essay: "The Treadmill of Consumption" James Roberts assumes that the treadmill of consumption is irreversible and that we will inevitably "continue to embrace the shiny-objects ethos." Write a 4 page research paper in which you agree or disagree with his claim. If you agree, what evidence can you locate to support his claim? If you disagree, what economic

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    Hi sandeep can you provide Wilcom ethos job

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    Build A Website 종료 left

    ...stages and we want a website that is proffesional and eye catching. What does this mean? The designer should have access to themes for the site that matches our sports agency ethos. I.e Theme forest or whatever The site will only have 4 pages so we are not asking for indepth site. We would like the designer to create a domain name for us and after

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    At this moment i want to setup correctly a mining rig for ETHOS. I have total 12 cards but not all of them are mining. I looking for someone that can help me setting this up and configure it correctly. Now im getting to many error's from my GPU. I need someone that did this before and have knowlegde about this. I will ask some specific quietions

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    I´m using a special version of Linux, called ETHOS on my rig mining Ethereum. ([login to view URL] ) My rig have 2 types of GPUs: Asus RX470 Mining 4GB and MSI RX580 Gaming X 4GB. I need to setup on my Ethos, a way to UNDERVOLT the GPUs, something simple to do in Windows, but complicate for me to do in Linux. I expect a way where I can

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    Need to des...(skin oil) in beauty space. Already have the logo etc available. But need a great packaging design (both label and box) which is in line with the logo, and the underlying ethos. The product is a 100% Natural product, and works wonder in skincare. I want a great packaging design for this so that the product can 'talk' to the customer.

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    ...we are and why we are special. At the moment we have the logo - as attached. As you can see from it - I don't feel it recognises our brand identity, our services, our ethos, our culture within our office and most importantly our ambition this year to become a major player in the Social media marketing world. It's monotone, fair basic, and looks

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    Ethnic Women wear ret...the captured scope. Social Media marketing: i. Facebook: 4 posts/week ii. Instagram: 4 post per day Story Telling: i. Essentially talking about client's ethos, articulated using different words each time ii. May go as part of FB posts or on their literature/flyers/coffee table book Blogs: 1 per week.

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    23 입찰
    Trophy icon Design a new logo and mascot 종료 left

    ...learn more about the sport. Our wrestlers for the kids class range from the age of 5 to 12, while the average age for the adults class are in their mid 20s. Our club ethos revolves around having fun, persevering and putting in 'smart work' to achieve success. There are 2 parts to this project, one would be designing a logo and another would

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    $219 \ud3c9\uade0 \uc785\ucc30\uac00
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    Trophy icon Design a Logo - RITUAL MAGE 종료 left

    ...effective, cultivation, practice. While I do enjoy the thought of a geometric design style, I am open to considering any alternatives that appropriately represent the brand ethos. IMPORTANT NOTE: This design should be relatively abstract. Nothing directly pointing to "magic" or "magician". No pointy wizard hats or stars, etc. While I typically

    $200 (Avg Bid)
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    $200 \ud3c9\uade0 \uc785\ucc30\uac00
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    ...single stand alone image/artwork. Ideally single colour, easy to reproduce We are looking for a cool, simple, stylish image, that is eye catching and sums up the company ethos in a single image. We are an independent company, with a personal service, delivering film and TV equipment. The design need to feel, modern, fun, but also professional and

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    I’m looking for a creative product designer to work on a consumer fashion product. The ethos is that it conforms to the circular economy and made from recycled materials. I need an innovative and desirable product designed and then drawings produced to be used for plastic injection moulding prototyping. More info on request.

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    Trophy icon Design my new company logo. 종료 left

    Looking for s...necessary, but open to discussion about this. Needs to sit/fit within the current design and layout of the website which is clean and minimal. The word Riot embodies out ethos as business - in the we are here to disturb the norm and shakes things. No need to make reference to the film industry, in-fact it is preferred if it doesn't.

    $115 (Avg Bid)
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    $115 \ud3c9\uade0 \uc785\ucc30\uac00
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    I am starting a new legal business, aimed at providing startu...and use their money on other elements of the business. The business is called Accelerate Law - I am looking for a young, fresh logo which represents the company and the ethos, but which still has the feel of being a quality, trustworthy business. I am open to different interpretations!

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    ...as you walk into the restaurant, or even scan the barcode on a menu while you wait for your table You sit down, you order your food via the app which sends a message to the ethos till system - you have paid via android pay or apple pay. Waiter or waitress simply brings over the food This eradicates queues at the till, and also potentially could reduce

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    92 입찰

    The ethos of aps is as relevant today as it ever was; passionate, creative people working together to produce outstanding experiences through technology. From huge scale live events through to virtual meetings, video production and web design, aps has evolved to offer a full 360 service – and we’re still growing.

    $539 (Avg Bid)
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    10 입찰

    I need an experienced HTML5, Bootstrap and WordPress Theme Developer to j...developers. You must be very experienced with handling premium themes with clear UX and UI. Exceptional quality work that will make a difference from the existing themes is our ethos. If you think you meet this criteria, send us your proposal and background information.

    $196 (Avg Bid)
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    14 입찰

    ...T-shirts/Fleeces/Apparel) I have some basic logo ideas created on logo generator websites. I am able to send these on request. Here is a brief description of my brand. Brand Ethos; A Streetwear brand from planet Earth; At its Core, Planet is a brand built off inspiration from primarily art, music and subculture. It is no secret we live in a complicated

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    ethos 커뮤니티 게시글 (최상위)