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    Dear Translators, We have 48 pages Korean file to be translated into English by 11am GMT on 7th April. The subject matter is legal. Please quote your best per word rate and please translate below very short sample if you're immediately available and interested: 변상과 기타 조항 : 만약에 법원에서 인가받지 않은 장소에서 이 사건 요가를 가르 치는 행위를 금지하는 조항 4에 명시된 세부조항을 위반하거나 조항 6에 명시되어 있는 불공정한 경쟁을 금지하는 규정을 위반한다면 연수생은 미국 본사에 후15,000에 해당하 는 비용을 지급할 것에 동의한다. 이 금액은 미국 본사의 지적재산권을 사용하는데 있 어 지불해야 하는 금액이다. 315,000의 비용은 벌금이 아니라 연수생이 세부조항 지향 에 있어 침해를 한 행위로 인해 야기된 합당한 손해배상금이다. 제4조 : 수강생은 이 사건 학원과 사이에 라이센스 계약 또는 프랜차이즈 계약이 체결 된 스튜디오에서 유효한 이 사건 요가 강사 자격증을 소지한 상태에서만 반중력 요가를 가르칠 수 있다는 사실에 동의한다. Further cooperation in this language pair is also possible. Thank you for your quotes.

    $45 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $45 / hr (평균 입찰가)
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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a landing page. 사용할 수있는 구절 많은 변화가 있지만, 대부분의, 주입 유머로, 어떤 형태의 변경을 입었거나 조금이라도 믿을 보이지 않는 단어를 무작위. 당신은 의 통로를 사용하려는 경우, 당신은 텍스트의 가운데에 숨겨진 뭔가 당황 없다는 확신해야합니다.

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 (평균 입찰가)
    2 건의 입찰
    5 pages 2nd part 종료 left

    As discussed::::::::))+!+!!??!!'@@@''!???+))?*€&****&///////##&!&!&!&!&!&!!#&#&#&&!&&!&!&!&!&!&!&!!&!

    $105 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $105 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    1 건의 입찰

    Voice over for promo video. Script and VO Guide video have been provided. Timing is pretty important so it will require a bit of energy. This video will eventually live on a landing page so needs to have an element of a salesy tone to it, but not overt. Let me know if you have any questions.

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    $50 (평균 입찰가)
    2 건의 입찰

    ...campañas. Colaborar con el equipo para garantizar que las campañas SEM se integren efectivamente con otras áreas de marketing digital. Requisitos: Mínimo 2 años de experiencia gestionando campañas SEM. Fuertes habilidades analíticas y capacidad para traducir datos complejos en acciones estratégicas. Amplio conocimiento de las mejores prácticas de SEM, incluyendo experiencia en optimización de landing pages y pruebas A/B. Excelentes habilidades de comunicación y capacidad para presentar resultados y recomendaciones de forma clara y concisa. Fluidez en español e inglés. ¿Eres el especialista en SEM que estamos buscando? ¡Nos encantaría saber más sobre ti! En...

    $112 (Avg Bid)
    $112 (평균 입찰가)
    2 건의 입찰
    landing page 6 일 left

    As a business owner, I am looking for a professional individual to help design and develop a landing page for my website. The primary goal of this page is to generate leads for my business, so I want it to have a minimalist design style that invites people to learn more about what I have to offer. Specifically, the page should include a contact form for interested leads to contact me. The landing page should be designed in a way that reflects the quality of my business, and should have strategic copywriting to engage potential leads. I need someone who is experienced in web design and development to ensure the page looks attractive, functions properly, and generates results. If this project is of interest to you, I look forward to learning more about your relevant skills an...

    $121 (Avg Bid)
    $121 (평균 입찰가)
    46 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to cr...products to customers. I have a preference for using the Shopify or any suitable / custom platform to build the website. The website should have the ability to process credit card payments. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating eCommerce websites on the Shopify platform and be able to incorporate a visually appealing design that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. 1. Web design (landing page) 2. E-commerce website (with checkout and payment gateway) 3. Music marketplace / catalog, people can listen the music here, put in cart. Check out. But 1 music is available for 1 purchase only. Purchased music will disappear from the marketplace / catalog. 4. The music then will auto send to client's email. Please send...

    $185 (Avg Bid)
    $185 (평균 입찰가)
    44 건의 입찰
    Marketing Automation 6 일 left

    Marketing Automation Project: Increasing Leads We are currently looking for a freelancer who can help us with our marketing automation project, specifically in increasing our leads. We do not have a specific automation platform in mind, so we are open to suggestions. Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating and optimizing funnels and landing pages - Familiarity with CLickfunnels, , Marketo, or other marketing automation platforms - Proven track record in increasing leads through marketing automation - Ability to analyze data and adjust strategies accordingly Application Requirements: Please include examples of past work that showcases your experience in marketing automation. We are looking for a freelancer who can provide a detailed project proposal on how they plan

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $5 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    7 건의 입찰

    ... We want a car page to be built as shown in the link, its the main part of the project and we need it in the exact same look - Filters for the vehicle search must include make and model. We have a half setup of the website. Current landing page - BOARD FROM REFERENCE - Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Wordpress Development - Need to setup filters, categories redirection, UI theming as per the below attachments. - Frontend Development - Responsive UI for mobile devices as well PLEASE GO

    $87 (Avg Bid)
    $87 (평균 입찰가)
    10 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to design the front elevation for my 20x40 G+2 building. The preferred style is modern and I have specific preferences for materials and colors. The design should include a balcony, as it is one of the required features. The ideal candidate should have experience in modern architecture and be able...20x40 G+2 building. The preferred style is modern and I have specific preferences for materials and colors. The design should include a balcony, as it is one of the required features. The ideal candidate should have experience in modern architecture and be able to bring my vision to life. Am attaching a sample file,just for refeerence,parking area having allround compound wall,4ft,below staircase landing complete wall in ground check autocad file.

    $33 (Avg Bid)
    $33 (평균 입찰가)
    11 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a freelancer who can translate two Arabic pages to American English. The subject matter of the text is general, and there is no specific deadline for this translation. Ideal candidates should have experience in translation and a strong command of both Arabic and English. The preferred English dialect is American English.

    $18 (Avg Bid)
    $18 (평균 입찰가)
    31 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a UX/UI designer to provide a redesign proposal for my logo, banners, landing page, and products showcase. I am open to suggestions regarding specific colors and branding guidelines. I have identified specific pain points and areas for improvement in my current design, but I would also like the designer's input. The main goal of the redesign is to improve user experience. Therefore, the ideal candidate should have experience in UX/UI design and be able to provide solutions that can increase user engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, knowledge of branding and marketing strategies is a plus.

    $34 (Avg Bid)
    $34 (평균 입찰가)
    27 건의 입찰
    CSGO Roulette Animation 6 일 left

    I need a html/css/js CSGO roulette animation that will start accelerating the bar horizontally, then de-accelerate it in the end, landing on an item and then centering to that item center. Center item should also be highlighted while the animation is rolling, and should be displayed by itself after the animation finishes. Full video example provided below. The code should be clean and simple, no extensive libraries used other than JQuery.

    $31 (Avg Bid)
    $31 (평균 입찰가)
    13 건의 입찰

    I have 2 wordpress websites, the requests: 1. add 5-6 products from amazon to woocommerce for each category(about 30 products will be uploaded each website) 2. add some English descriptions is the website template is blank or not English

    $111 (Avg Bid)
    $111 (평균 입찰가)
    51 건의 입찰

    ...this is that the framework is much better suited to this kind of workload and would be much more scalable than trying to put all functionality into Wordpress. The existing application can continue to be used for the public facing website for content and landing pages. The Laravel application (can be any other framework as this is just an example) will connect to an external database as well as Bext360 and you, Maurice(other person) who work in university of Copenhagen to aggregate and cache the data being received to serve the customer pages within the Carbon Done Right web app as well as the API We need to find out what format the data from the external database will be provided in and how the application will fetch it before we can further expand on our approac...

    $686 (Avg Bid)
    $686 (평균 입찰가)
    41 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a 2-page presentation on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) causes. The level of detail required is advanced, so the freelancer must have a background in medical research. The presentation should be created using PowerPoint. The target audience is medical professionals, so the freelancer should have experience creating presentations for this audience. The presentation should be concise and visually appealing. With cited References

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    $21 (평균 입찰가)
    25 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a freelancer to design an HTML landing page for me. I am open to suggestions for the color scheme, but I would like the landing page to have a minimalist design. The primary goal of the landing page is to allow the visitors to click on button that will take them to email login page and i will give you the link and also a button to visit my store and box for the mail list. I do not have any preferred design elements or features in mind. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in HTML and CSS design - Understanding of minimalist design principles - Ability to create a visually appealing and user-friendly landing page - Strong attention to detail - Excellent communication skills to ensure the final product meets my requirements.

    $40 (Avg Bid)
    $40 (평균 입찰가)
    69 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for a freelancer to integrate a payment gateway from the platform into my landing page. I already have a landing page design ready and all I need is a simple payment form integrated into the page, checkout should be done on the same page without redirect. The ideal candidate should have experience with payment gateway integration and be able to complete the project in a timely manner. Reference page ()

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 (평균 입찰가)
    12 건의 입찰

    I have website integrated with LMS system provider and landing page applications . Want someone to integrate and do the domain and subdomain configurations setup

    $79 (Avg Bid)
    $79 (평균 입찰가)
    10 건의 입찰

    Design mobile pages We need a talented designer to create mobile pages for us. Our project includes: - Homepage design - Product/service pages design - Contact us page design We require: - Proficiency in mobile design - Experience in creating user-friendly, visually appealing pages - Ability to work within a tight timeline Please provide examples of your previous work and let us know your availability. Thank you!

    $1011 (Avg Bid)
    $1011 (평균 입찰가)
    34 건의 입찰

    ...principles to ensure the website functions seamlessly across various devices (mobile and desktop) and screen sizes. They will also optimize the website for search engines (SEO) to improve visibility and organic traffic. The person will be responsible for ensuring the website's performance, security, and speed meet the highest standards. We have included a detailed website layout including the expected pages, other expectations, and content. I would love the ability for a continued relationship where someone can help make edits to the website as they are needed and once this project is done. Our website is hosted with Godaddy and I will want the person to be able to see the project through to helping me make the website go live. I have attached my logo and would like the col...

    $200 - $600
    봉인형 NDA (비밀 유지 계약서)
    $200 - $600
    47 건의 입찰

    I am in need of an article editor who has knowledge of editing pages. Specifically, I require someone who can edit news articles for grammar and punctuation only. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience editing news articles and a strong grasp of the English language. Additionally, the edited articles should be returned within a week.

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    32 건의 입찰

    Website build for adult industry. ***Please do not apply unless you have examples of previous work done in the adult Industry. *** I am looking for a nice minimalist theme design for 3-4 pages. - The landing page will have a title and background image. And 1-2 small text boxes. - links/pages will include “about us/info”, “FAQ”, “contact us”and “events” OR a small section on the main page with info about the next event with an image and a small link to go to the events page. I need your price to include website hosting and 1 business email Address. I need unlimited edits included in the price until I am happy with the design. This website will eventually be upgraded once the business is properly launched so will...

    $322 (Avg Bid)
    $322 (평균 입찰가)
    64 건의 입찰

    I am looking for an Azure Architect who specializes in FinOps Landing Zone Creation and Cost Optimization. As I already have an existing Azure environment, I need someone who can work with me to create a new architecture that will optimize costs. The main goal of this project is to create a FinOps and Landing Zone that will help me monitor and forecast consumption, while also reducing costs. The ideal candidate will have experience in Azure architecture, FinOps, and cost optimization. They should also be familiar with consumption forecasting and be able to provide recommendations on how to optimize costs. The expected timeline for the project completion is 6 months or more, so the ideal candidate should be available for a long-term project. Key requirements for this proje...

    $39 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $39 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    4 건의 입찰

    ...candidates from anywhere to apply. Responsibilities: Develop a comprehensive and tailored affiliate marketing strategy to drive sales and meet our targets. Execute effective promotional campaigns utilizing diverse channels, including content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Create compelling and persuasive content to captivate and convert potential customers. Optimize landing pages, calls to action, and user flows to maximize conversion rates through proven conversion rate optimization techniques. Conduct thorough market research to identify target audiences and remain updated with industry trends. Monitor and analyze campaign performance, track key metrics, and provide regular reports on progress toward the sales target. Collaborate with internal ...

    $2243 (Avg Bid)
    $2243 (평균 입찰가)
    8 건의 입찰

    I would like this project completed in the next five hours. I will give you a link to a website. There are 25 pages that I need content copied from. It is simple text (no tables etc) and usually 200-600 words per page You will copy the text and any links for each page into a Word document - so that means a new document for each page. If there is a side panel with text, that should also be copied. The price you bid is the price I will accept.

    $16 (Avg Bid)
    $16 (평균 입찰가)
    55 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a developer to convert two informational HTML pages to Tsx/WebApp and integrate Rainbow Connect for Web3 wallet authentication. The ideal candidate should have experience in React and be able to complete the following tasks: - Convert 2 HTML pages to Tsx/WebApp - Integrate Rainbow Connect for Web3 wallet authentication The developer should be able to complete the project within the given timeframe and provide ongoing support if needed.

    $188 (Avg Bid)
    $188 (평균 입찰가)
    38 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a skilled developer to help me create a landing page for my product promotion. I have a complete design ready for the landing page, and I need someone who can turn it into a functional and visually appealing website. The ideal candidate should have experience with and be able to work within a tight timeline of 1 week. Some of the key skills and experience I am looking for include: - Expertise in and React - Strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Experience with responsive design and optimizing for mobile devices - Ability to work efficiently and deliver high-quality work within a short timeframe If you think you are the right person for the job, please submit your proposal and include relevant examples of your past work. I am looking for

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $4 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    31 건의 입찰

    ...either by clicking the 4.) Connect Account to link your Elements subscription or manually under Elements > Template Kits. 5.) Check for the orange banner at the top and install any required plugins for the kit by clicking Install 6.) Import the Global Kit Styles first, followed by importing each template individually stored in Elementor under Templates > Saved Templates. 7.) Create a new page in Pages and edit it with Elementor. 8.) Adjust page settings by clicking the gear icon at the lower-left of the builder, choosing Elementor Full Width, and hiding the page title. 9.) Access the My Templates tab by clicking the gray folder icon and import the desired page for customization. 10.) Customize the website as per the elementor template supplied, ensuring all elements are li...

    $190 (Avg Bid)
    $190 (평균 입찰가)
    43 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a Facebook post with a swipe-up link. The goal of the post is to drive traffic to my website. The swipe-up link will lead to a landing page for lead generation. I prefer the post to be image-based. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Social media marketing expertise - Experience with Facebook advertising and post creation - Design skills for creating eye-catching images - Understanding of lead generation strategies and landing page creation - Ability to track and analyze post performance to optimize results.

    $229 (Avg Bid)
    $229 (평균 입찰가)
    7 건의 입찰
    Re-Design Landing Page 5 일 left

    I am in need of a website designer to re-design my landing/homepage. I am open to designs and/or using templates as long as I like how it looks. Please submit your designs for approval. If I like it, i will choose you, and you will install/implement the design straight onto the webpage. I purchased this script below if you have any questions of what programming language it is. You must: -provide a copy of all the source files -it must NOT use non-commercial images/clipart/fonts/etc. -must not infringe in any copyrights No webserver access will be given until you have been awarded and accepted, according to the cost that we agreed upon. BID IS FINAL COST SO BID ACCORDINGLY

    $83 (Avg Bid)
    $83 (평균 입찰가)
    61 건의 입찰
    Website Re-Design 5 일 left

    Website design for rebranding purposes using the latest trends and design for IT Services company operating in the Lending Domain. Looking for experience in website design and illustration design, to be able to create a clean, intuitive user interface that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate. The following skills and experience are required for this project: - Stro...and ability to create a website that is easy to navigate and use - Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with our team to ensure the final product meets our needs and expectations. - Knowledge in designing icons, illustrations, and vectors for the website or any sort of animated videos as needed to make the website look really good. The website will have 20 pages including l...

    $266 (Avg Bid)
    $266 (평균 입찰가)
    36 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a designer to create a my business card website design in figma for my site, which will consist of around 10 pages. I am looking for someone who can help me with the color scheme and branding guidelines, as I do not have any preferences. The ideal candidate will have experience in designing corporate/business websites and will be able to provide suggestions and ideas for design elements and features. However, I am also open to providing details about specific design elements that I have in mind. Overall, I am looking for a clean and modern design that will showcase my business in the best possible light.

    $105 (Avg Bid)
    $105 (평균 입찰가)
    14 건의 입찰

    I need a qualified graphic designer to create a layout of landing page for a new website. See attached. This single page will be a placeholder. I will provide picture image for page as well as corporate name with source code. Deliverable to be PSD to hand off to a developer. Site to be built on Shopify.

    $37 (Avg Bid)
    $37 (평균 입찰가)
    34 건의 입찰

    Hi, Looking for a designer to create a folded takeaway menu leaflet in A3 size 2 Pages (front and back) using InDesign. The menu will be featuring mainly Turkish Cuisine and may need to incorporate specific branding or color schemes. The menu should include menu items, prices, and descriptions. Ideal skills for this job include proficiency in InDesign, experience in menu design, and an eye for branding and color schemes. When the page is open A3 size and 2 Pages (front and back). It will be a folded leaflet ( total 6 panels), like gate folded. If the job is completed nicely, we are happy to give more work in future. Attached pictures just a sample, to show what kind of job needs to be done. End of the work i need all the raw indesign folder as Package (that should inclu...

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 (평균 입찰가)
    33 건의 입찰

    I want to buiild a landing page

    $150 (Avg Bid)
    $150 (평균 입찰가)
    31 건의 입찰

    Our app has a features that allow drivers to have vip membership which allow them to driver without paying any commissions so we have the feature on the user page and need to add it driver.

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    52 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a UX expert who can provide recommendations for my website that sells products/services. I want to design recommendation mainly for the landing page.I have basic content ready but it lacks the zeal. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing modern websites and should be able to customize the design to the brand identity. The website primarily targets industry professionals, so the UX recommendations should be tailored to their needs. The following are the key requirements for this project: - Provide UX recommendations for the website to improve user engagement and increase conversions. - Design a modern website that is customized to the brand identity. - Ensure that the UX recommendations are tailored to the needs of industry professionals. - Provide ...

    $477 (Avg Bid)
    $477 (평균 입찰가)
    67 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for an experienced web designer to create a very simple landing page for me using WordPress. I have a specific color scheme in mind and will provide the details upon hire. is a sample wordpress website, and our website will be very similar to this. Thank you!

    $89 (Avg Bid)
    $89 (평균 입찰가)
    60 건의 입찰
    Business Landing Page 5 일 left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to design a landing page for my business. The main goal of the page is to provide information about my company. I prefer a creative design style that stands out and catches the eye. Additionally, I need a testimonials section to showcase positive feedback from previous customers. No specific color scheme or layout is required, so I am open to suggestions. The ideal candidate should have experience in web design and be able to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website.

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 (평균 입찰가)
    40 건의 입찰

    Require resource to design a wordpress website, currently the templates on the internet are bland and too corporate. Require a wordpress theme that's a little bit groovy/fun/playful e.g. Austin powers 80s/70s cartoon retro for a reta...bland and too corporate. Require a wordpress theme that's a little bit groovy/fun/playful e.g. Austin powers 80s/70s cartoon retro for a retail shop. The website is informational and for a retail shop that sells products close to the best before date, with ethos of sustainable consumption and reducing waste. Products sold are emerging brands challenging the big corporate companies, pages required are: landing page (homepage), about us, contact us, store details, suppliers, contact us. Below are examples of what is meant by fun/g...

    $397 (Avg Bid)
    $397 (평균 입찰가)
    169 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a landing page on Wordpress for my existing business. The main goal of this page is to generate leads. I need this project completed as soon as possible. Ideal skills and experience include: - Experience in designing and developing landing pages on Wordpress - Knowledge of lead generation strategies - Strong copywriting skills to create compelling content on the landing page - Familiarity with SEO best practices to optimize the page for search engines - Ability to integrate forms and other lead capture tools - Understanding of website analytics to track and measure the success of the landing page. Key deliverables: - A visually appealing and user-friendly landing page - Compelling content that eff...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    $50 (평균 입찰가)
    33 건의 입찰

    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to help me grow my business. I do not have existing Facebook and YouTube pages, but I am looking to create them in order to generate leads and sales. The goal of the these pages is to increase lead generation for my business. The type of videos that I need created are informational videos, as these are the best way to explain my products and services. If you feel that you are able to provide this service, please reach out to me.

    $1 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $1 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    20 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a graphic designer for followings: 1. Intro GIF for Landing Page Like: 2. Company logo 3. Landing page banners: a graphic designer is required with good knowledge of illustrator or suitable alternatives to illustrate and design for banner slogans using vector images and icons and without using stock images to create banners. I can also consider including a 3 pages Web-Design (WordPress) if the freelancer is competent enough. Attached: Banners Slogans For The Landing Page

    $458 (Avg Bid)
    $458 (평균 입찰가)
    28 건의 입찰

    I need a freelancer to create a landing page for my health insurance business. The page needs to be minimalistic in design, with a professional and clean look. The primary goal of the landing page is to generate leads for my business. The page should be responsive and have somewhat different layout for desktop, mobile and tablet. Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and developing landing pages - Knowledge of best practices for lead generation - Ability to create a minimalistic and professional design - Familiarity with health insurance industry and terminology - Strong copywriting skills to create effective call-to-actions and messaging on the page.

    $366 (Avg Bid)
    $366 (평균 입찰가)
    145 건의 입찰

    PHP Laravel 6 Pages Project. I need this done very fast. Login Add New Manage Print Report Print Report Settings Page Important tell me how fast can you do this.

    $188 (Avg Bid)
    $188 (평균 입찰가)
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    Our website has crashed a few times, and we cannot edit our landing page with UX Builder. I believe it is because we cannot update our website or themes that are out of date because we do not have access to the Amin account info. We are listed as a Shop Manager and can no longer access the Amin account and do not know the email for that account.

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    Requirement for VEAV Fashion Technology App: 1. Landing Website: - Develop a basic landing website with essential information about the VEAV platform. - Include testimonials from satisfied customers. - Provide a QR code or link to download the main VEAV app for Android and iOS devices. 2. Animated Logo and Tagline: - Design an animated logo page that appears when launching the app, along with a catchy tagline.(will provide) 3. Home Page: - Create a visually appealing home page with scrolling images to showcase day-to-day updates and fashion trends. 4. Drop-Down Menu: - Implement a drop-down menu for easy navigation. - Include options such as Settings, Help, and Become a Seller. 5. Weaving and Market Place Options: - Incorporate a weaving section with separate options for...

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    scrapping web pages 4 일 left

    Web Scraping Project using Python I am looking for a developer who can help me scrape text data from less than 100 web pages. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Python programming language - Experience with web scraping tools such as BeautifulSoup or Scrapy - Knowledge of HTML and CSS - Attention to detail to ensure accurate data extraction Expected Deliverables: - Extracted text data in a structured format such as CSV or JSON Overall, I am looking for someone who can efficiently scrape data from web pages using Python while ensuring the accuracy of the extracted information. We need to deploy this as an API such as Flask or FastAPI. We need a scrapping time of around 200 ms per page

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