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    build up arabic website mixed with online store to provide a financial services like valuation business , business plan , financial analysis , and other services The developer must be Arabic and have experience in web development and design

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    Website project: Design and develop a responsive website for a toys brand. Pages: 1. Home 2. About us 3. Contact us 4. Product categories 5. Terms 6. Shipment and Return Policy 7. Privacy policy 8. Q&A The website is an ONLINE STORE, therefore it must include the following features: 1. Registration 2. Login 3. Shopping cart 4. Like / save for later button 5. Magnifying tool to view the product 6. Content side panel (to show the content of the package) 7. Checkout (place your order) 8. Invoice 9. Customer Feedback Additionally: 1. WhatsApp Contact Number 2. E-mail 3. Social Media accounts 4. Chatbot (not necessary) IMPORTANT NOTE: For now the orders will be paid upon delivery However This might change Therefor, the proposed solution MUST support electronic payment...

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    ONLY For Swiss Chartered Specialist in Finance and Accounting - Deep Energy Sector (Petroleum) Knowledge - Strong knowledge of DynamicSL accounting (1+ year of working with DynamicSL tools) - 20 to 25 hours of ...intercompany reconciliations; 3. Perform all activities and functions related to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables. This includes processing payments, invoicing, deposits and collections, revenue recognition and timely reconciliations with supplier or client statements; 4. Updating supporting schedules such as accruals and prepayments, fixed asset schedule and schedules relating to the valuation of assets held in and transactions effected through cryptocurrency; 5. Payroll reconciliation and tracking payroll data 6. Complete all accounting duties up till trial bala...

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    the main micom is You have to develop based on evaluation kit from NXP (we will pay for it) 2~3month work and I need guitar multi effects noise gate, comp, distortion, amp sim, IR, modulation, delay, reverb ETC. so, if you are an engineer and play guitar, it would be great to work with. and if the output is good energh. I am willing to offer an incentive for achieving great job

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    AMPUSHER . Its Home Flex 50-amp smart charger is similar in operation to its public chargers so there is no learning curve. It can be hardwired into a 240-volt circuit (typically the home’s drier circuit) or an existing 240-volt outlet. The 23-foot cable allows for more installation locations in your garage and the whole charging unit has a sleek design Sometimes you don’t need smart-charging capabilities. Instead, you might need a durable outdoor charger that can withstand tough weather conditions. AMPUSHER is ideal for home EV charging, as well as electric lawn/farm equipment, which is a growing market. There’s no app to this one, just a rugged 40-amp charger. This unit can be hardwired or plugged into an existing 240-volt outlet and the power output is ad...

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    - Strategy formulation and the financial information - Calculation and interpretation relevant to growth - Acquisition, and/or turnaround decisions - Use appropriate metrics and techniques to address the financial issues raised in the case. - Present your analysis and appropriate conclusions in the form of a succinct report to the board.

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    I'm looking for an experienced analyst to complete an in-depth financial analysis and valuation for my business. We need credit risk analysis, which will require a comprehensive review of our financials and the data provided. I will supply the necessary information to support your analysis. In terms of the deliverable, I need a detailed report that looks at a variety of factors and synthesizes them into an overall assessment. This should include quantitative measures such as ratios and qualitative analysis such as trends and interpretations. Ultimately, the report should make well-reasoned conclusions and provide actionable steps I could take to improve our financial standing. If you have expertise in this type of analysis, please submit a proposal for this project.

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    I would need a valuation model for Carrefour SA, with a DCF, a sensitivity analysis, and a comparables multiples valuation. This should begin from a reformulated balance sheet, and have a forward estimation going for 5 or 10 years. Main target is the valuation of the share price at December 2023.

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    Choose a particular company/share 1. forecasts for revenues, EBITDA and EBIT for the particular company / share for 2023-2025; 2. Use the information of the peer group to derive an estimated EV/EBITDA multiple for the shares that you are investigating; 3. Include an investment summary and recommendation for your portfolio manager.

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    ...owners to offer money to buy their property (must be careful with wording) Respond to property owners' inquiries in a timely and professional manner Batch leads and assess the market value of properties Offer property owners a certain percentage of the value of their property Requirements: Excellent communication skills Strong attention to detail Familiarity with real estate investing and property valuation Ability to work independently and meet deadlines Experience with customer relationship management (CRM) tools Must be careful with wording when sending messages to property owners to avoid any legal issues This is a part-time, remote position with strict texting hours. There is opportunity for growth towards full time. If you are interested in this opportunity, please s...

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    I want to design a coding challenge, and would like someone to complete a coding challenge so that I would know better about the responses. The Coding Challenge tests your real-life coding skills with some practical problems. This challenge is designed to analyze your problem-solving ...challenge would be similar to: Coursera - Hackerrank - Codility - Khan Acadamy - Data structures and algorithms - System Design - OOP & Design Patterns - Git -

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    My website traffic has decreased after AMP plugin activation. It is still decreasing although I removed the plugin. I need removing all these AMP effects on website

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    Seeking an automated QA testing expert that has vast experience testing web-based applications with Angular, Python, HTML, CSS, and cloud database (Google). Would like to know your preferred automation software (Selenium, Pytest, Cypress, JMeter, or other) and your numb...Ensure Cross Browser Compatibility: Ensure the app is responsive on all common browsers. 2. Performance testing / Test for Responsiveness: Do load testing to see if it crashes under different scenarios. 3. Functionality Testing: Check all of the different components of our web app, including links, forms, and workflows to ensure that everything is working the way it needs to. 4. Interface testing & Check for Broken Links 5. Security testing 6. Cookie Testing (Usability testing: this will likely be done wi...

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    ...parking slot. We have reviewed various WP responsive templates as per below, please feel free to recommend a Wordpress Template that suits our project and is still supported by the template developers. We think that a hotel / B&B type website template would be best to customise for this website. The website pages we will need for this project will be the following: Home Page - Images / Text and Videos of the Business & Business Contact Mobile Number Compound Page - This page will contain images and details of the HGV truck yard Warehousing Page - Each of the 3 Warehouses need to be: clickable and users need to be able to view images of each warehouse, with

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    For whatever reason, I cannot seem to get my house AMP ads (served by AdPlugg) to show up on my AMP pages. My site has been picked up by a couple of aggregators, basically doubling my reach, but they use the AMP format and so my ads not showing up is costing me significant ad revenue. I've tried to configure it myself using the guidance from AdPlugg but it just doesn't seem to work. Need someone to a) fix the site so that it will serve adon AMP pages and b) talk to me a bit about the whole AMP process.

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    ...on a the heatsink. It needs to be designed to fit to a particular size and needs to be designed in a clever way to minimize noise, heat and look good. I have attached some samples of the Regulator, amp and power supply design. This needs someone with experience in hifi, audio and amplifier design. Things like added extras such as bypass capacitors, testing points will need to be considered and reducing ac ripple, i need a good clean DC power supply! Your using 44000uf of capacitance per channel, so this needs to be tamed. I will work closely with the designer as i have already have the amp built and working (this is a prototype). This design will need to be ready for PCB production and testing. You will need to fit everything onto one circuit board and it has to b...

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    ...indicators, the trading platforms that are currently being used are bloated and lagging. The idea behind this panel is to allow traders to use whatever platform they wish for their charting and analysis, but then they would enter the orders through this panel. This panel need to be light, thin, snappy, responsive and modern look. I have all of the CQG data API information and it will connect to AMP Futures broker. I will provide demo/test login once project is accepted. I have ideas on the layout and the logo and buttons have already been designed. But the most important part is to get this functional first, then it is just a matter of laying it out the way I want. I have attached the logo and a sample layout to use (it is from TradingView order panel). If you are familiar wit...

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    I am the CEO of a startup raising capital. I am seeking someone to work with me to assemble 5-year financial projections including balance sheet, income statements and cash flow statements including revenue and growth projections, break even analysis and valuation analysis. My company delivers Quantum Solutions as a Service.

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    You will be assigned a publicly traded co...revisions An average assignment would involve looking at the most recent conference call, finding out what will likely affect the company, and doing additional research to determine what it means for investors. Most articles can be written following this template: Overview of the Company Industry Outlook Current Affairs (Including Material Acquisitions etc.) Financial Position and Performance Valuation Conclusion The payment is 150 dollars per week, and you are expected to publish 4 articles per week, any articles above 4 in one week will be compensated at 40 USD per article. I have a team of people available for assistance 24/7, and I am always happy to answer questions about this role. Let me know if you are interested or have any ...

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    ...released through the App Store.[19] In February 2011, it was reported that Instagram had raised $7 million in Series A funding from a variety of investors, including Benchmark Capital, Jack Dorsey, Chris Sacca (through Capital fund), and Adam D'Angelo.[20] The deal valued Instagram at around $20 million.[21] In April 2012, Instagram raised $50 million from venture capitalists with a $500 million valuation.[22] Joshua Kushner was the second largest investor in Instagram's Series B fundraising round, leading his investment firm, Thrive Capital, to double its money after the sale to Facebook.[23] 2012–2014: Additional platforms and acquisition by Facebook On April 3, 2012, Instagram released a version of its app for Android phones,[24][25] and it was downloaded more...

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create a custom banner for use on my website. The banner should be 846 pixels wide by 416 pixels high . The banner is to celebrate 50 years of trading 1973 – 2023 We are a in car entertainment company selling car stereo speakers amp. We also install towbars, alarms, car trackers, parking sensors etc. Looking for a collage of old and new stereo, speakers etc And text 50 Years Old 1973 -2023

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    Order Capture 종료 left

    Needing a program that would capture orders from a website. It is a appraisal ordering website AMROCK

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    We need an accounting review of an investable security which spells out how an investable security with a dividend can be accounted for in GAAP. A synopsis of it is available here: The deliverable would need to be a two page written description of a current buyer of carbon offsets expensing the costs... effecting his P&L and Valuation (20x the investment loss in value) compared to buying the security... receiving (adding an investment asset to the balance sheet) and receiving GAAP Dividend income which could be then reduced by the carbon offset expense... neutralizing the P&L... while maintaining the balance sheet asset value for next year. Deliverable in PPTX or Word.

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    critically appraise a study from a trial that was done

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    For optimal performance, the UPS requires an input power of 12V DC and an output power of 12V DC. It is capable of supporting a 2-3 amp load without delay or interruptions when the main power source is switched off or on. Additionally, while operating on the main power supply, the UPS should simultaneously provide power to the load and charge the lithium-ion batteries. The circuit board must include a battery management system (BMS) to protect the 3S lithium-ion battery pack, including short circuit protection. Performance, reliability, and durability are important

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    I am looking for someone that knows CDP4J really good. This is about a page that is not loaded correctly when using ("https...."); But if I load another page it loads perfectly. If I load another page then manually press ctrl + T (new tab) and then enter the address it is loading. When I press reloaded the page fails to load again thou. Does anyone have good knowledge in CDP4J to assist? I do not want anyone that have not worked with CDP4J earlier.

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    Format CSV Files 종료 left

    ...large (500mb) CSV files. The formatting is not correct, therefor I need someone to be able to convert them to CSV so the columns are separate. Please note due to the size, Microsoft excel will not load all the data so the successful freelancer needs to endure that all data is included. Upon successful formatting of the data, please include the following columns: 1: Address 2: Decription 3: Valuation (current rateable value) 4: Valuations (all historic data) 5: Effective Date 6: Rateable Value 7: Description 8: Local council 9: Local council reference 10: Rating list 11: Effective date 12: List alteration date 13: Transitional relief certificate issued 14: Special category code Please refer to the attached print screens to show the data from individual records. The 2...

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    ...below 6.4 remove current text and add from below 8.3 replace- seller gym partner is a real estate broker in Texas. 8.5. Replace 8.5 with 8.5.1 and add – HOA TREC addendum 36.10 8.5.1 for HOA statutory notice. 8.19 add. Form 35.10 to notice for property subject to mandatory membership. Add Addenda Add yto Third party financing form 36.10 ADDENDUM CONCERNING RIGHT TO TERMINATE DUE TO LENDER’S APPRAISAL form 49.1 Remove addendum property to do mandatory association.( I’ll keep that as a separate form) Remove third party financing addendum. Please check that all the pages get auto filled with the address and the buyers and sellers name. I do have a few forms that are not auto filling See below 6.2.1 The builder will not be responsible f...

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    12v dc power supply and output. Need a pcb that alternates polarity to output with each 12 v dc signal it receives. Must be capable of 15 amp load

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    We are working on setting up a financial valuation platform to perform valuation of companies using P&L, Balance Sheet statements based on mathematical models. I am looking for a full stack developer to work on an application stack setup in nestJS, Angular 15 and mongoDB to do the following: Backend: Write 10 endpoints with 4 being of high complexity to read excel files, implement calculation logic and create output excel sheet Store and log critical data Ability to show import data and structure it in JSON objects Link with other endpoints to get reference data and perform logical analysis Frontend: Wire up the backend with the readily available angular kit Show import data from excel in UI Allow user to choose model for financial calculations Download user data in ex...

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    Need to be fluent in React JS Node JS {Express} Mongo DB This is an appraisal software for the auto industry utilizing API access.

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    Appraisal 종료 left

    Help write end of year appraisal

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    1....redeem all the points accumulated to date, or redeem the points partially. 2. . The value of one (1) loyalty point will be equal to one ($ 0.01) dollar cent discount 3. Points can be accumulated as a group, in relation to the email of the users. For example, if two users have the same email it will be a sum of the total points earned by both users since they understand the same email. 4. The valuation of the loyalty points will be as follows: one ($ 1.00) dollar of purchase will be equal to three (3) accumulated loyalty points for the user. 5. The loyalty program must be retroactive in the purchases registered in the Odoo system database, it must assign the accumulated points of the clients who have made purchases prior to the implementation of the development of the loyalt...

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    ...the Smart. After two years of Israeli-German co-development and successful tests, City Transformer concept car was revealed at the Smart Mobility Summit in Tel Aviv in late 2017. The company raised $10M from Israeli, Singapore, and American investors designated to build more prototypes for road tests and engineering improvements. In 2021 the company had a second round of $10M with a post-money valuation of $100M. The capital enabled the company to build in Germany, two advanced homologated 7th-generation prototypes named CT-1, with full approval to drive on European roads. The CT-1 was introduced in August 2021 and was so successfully designed that even the popular BBC show Top Gear tested it against two serial products micro cars. The City Transformer concept came to the worl...

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    The task is to improve page load speeds on the following 4 web pages; They must rank above 90 in all 4 categories of; Performance, accesibility, best practices and seo ... on both mobile and desktop ... as rated on The four pages are https...improve page load speeds on the following 4 web pages; They must rank above 90 in all 4 categories of; Performance, accesibility, best practices and seo ... on both mobile and desktop ... as rated on The four pages are

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    Gostaria de fazer o Valuation de uma pequena construtora para avaliação de venda ou entrada de investidores via equity.

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    Set up template for appraisal projects. Typical project will be comprised of approximately 20 to 25 individual tasks with an average team size of 3. We can give an itemized task list and approximate time it should take each team member to complete.

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    ...parking slot. We have reviewed various WP responsive templates as per below, please feel free to recommend a Wordpress Template that suits our project and is still supported by the template developers. We think that a hotel / B&B type website template would be best to customise for this website. The website pages we will need for this project will be the following: Home Page - Images / Text and Videos of the Business & Business Contact Mobile Number Compound Page - This page will contain images and details of the HGV truck yard Warehousing Page - Each of the 3 Warehouses need to be: clickable and users need to be able to view images of each warehouse, with

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    Hi, Research project on Financials and Report creation and projection. All work must be documented. This is simple research and not for any academic purpose. Time Limit: 2 Days. Must Submit by March 7th Evening Report 1: Research: Top 10 Event Ticketing Companies in the Middle East Region Financial Research: Revenue Generated Monthly, Yearly starting 201...East Region Financial Research: Revenue Generated Monthly, Yearly starting 2015 - 2022 by each Other Info: Number of Staff, offices, Head quarters location Report 2: Revenue Projection for startup Event Ticketing Company in the Middle East. (There is no company, I just need you to imagine there is one and come up with Revenue Projections for the next 7 years 2023 - 2030 and also Company Valuation at the end of 2030 (...

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    Good morning. We are a culinary academy and I would like to have a apps that can put in E- log book to record their daily report for 3 months. Trainee will write and take picture to attach at the report as their record. Trainer or employer can also put in their comment or appraisal. Is basically a apps that can collect and gather data of the work performance and task management. Thank you.

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    보다 자세한 내용을 확인하시려면, 회원 가입 또는 로그인 절차가 필요합니다.


    Our requirements 1) On page seo 2) Off page seo 3) Remove Less then Sign from Home page top section 4) Core web vitals - AMP Version and All other device.

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    We're developing a real estate marketplace platform for investment properties in the US. We're looking for someone who is highly competent in statistics and large scale data analytics to create algorithms and scoring system mod... We'll be analyzing and placing a scoring system on the aspects of a neighborhood, market, and property based on statistics like crime rate, school rankings, property value, rental value, and others. You must be able to handle large data sets. Knowledge about real estate is a bonus. Some competing products to get inspiration from are: 1. 's Neighborhood score and Investment Valuation Score. 2. 's Neighborhood rating 3. 's Crime Index This will be a contract-for-hire at the project's completion. Thank You, -Nate

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    Freedom Works runs Coworking / flexible office spaces with 9 sites across the South of England. We refurbish all spaces we move into to create a creative workspace for flexible use, and we write down all of our leasehold improvements and non fixed assets in a traditional starighline depreciation method over 4 years (25% per year). We have 4 sites over 4 years old and would like an independent valuer to come and value the leasehold improvements and non fixed assets - so we have a true value on our balance sheet (as currently on these 5 sites there is no value on our balance sheet). We are South of England based - the 5 sites are in: 1. Worthing 2. Hove 3. Chichester 4. Crawley We would like the work conducted by 30th April 23 Please contact me if you can help.

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    A simple To-do Flask webapp that uses keycloak for Authentication to let the user log in and add a to-do with title, description and time. All the API calls must be hand...payment. 6. Stripe payment will be done in testing mode only. Please read 7. Person with pro license only can upload images in To-Do Must have: 1. A very basic UI to perform the above-mentioned operations. 2. Error-free, Readable, Simple & Clean code 3. Let me stress the previous point - Readable, Simple & Clean code 4. Minimum third-party dependencies Bonus Points: 1. UI is clean and beautiful. 2. React used in frontend. Few links for reference: 1. Keycloak - & 2. Query -

    $16 (Avg Bid)
    $16 (평균 입찰가)
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    2 - 5 years of programming experience in developing web & mobile applications 2. Proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies 3. 3+ years of expertise building React Native mobile applications 4. Demonstrated ability writing well-abstracted, reusable, highly performant code for UI components. 5. Demonstrated experience building responsive mobile applications using React Native, HTML 5, CSS3 technologies 6. Expertise in Redux and Typescript 7. Expertise in integrating analytics, Crash analytics and using firebase for push notifications and other use cases 8. Expertise is building apk’s and ipa’s and deploying across environments 9. Knowledge on front-end design patterns and data structures. 10. Experience with Bitbucket, git or other source control solution...

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    web scraping 종료 left

    Scrape the rent section ~16k rows of a real estate website (e.g. square meters, address, energy certificate, etc.). Then feed this information into a real estate valuation tool on the same website and add the valuation information to the dataset from an e-mail in which the valuation is sent.

    $32 - $266
    $32 - $266
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    all you have to do is I will provide you with some questions about the op-amp circuit. you need to solve the question and provide me with the solution. 2. you will get 40-45 minutes to solve these and 5 minutes to provide the answer. 3. I will provide the book and the chapter and other materials that will cover the question. 4. you never find the solution to Chegg or on the internet. so do not waste time on that. 5. only apply for this job if you have good knowledge of the op-amp circuit and have the ability to calculate current, resistance, gain, etc. 6. if the answer is 80% correct, I will accept it and you will get paid. 7. I will tell you the time when to start you have to be ready. 8. if your answer is more than 85% correct you will get a bonus for that. 9. if you get su...

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    About Rickman Ecology Ltd: Rickman Ecology is an ecological consultancy, based in Dartmoor, Devon and Lichfield Staffordshire, we offer UK-wide services. We provide Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, Ecological Impact Assessments, Protected Species Surveys and Ecological Clerk of Works services Project Description: We work in ecology, specifically with bats, badgers, dormice, barn owls, and great crested newts, we also undertake a range of plant surveys. Although we are nature-based, our clients are very much developers, so our logo needs to show our ecological credentials but also to look fairly corporate

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