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Enable https on aws server I need to enable https on my AWS server for my website. Budget is 10$, offers higher will not be calculated 31 PHP, 시스템 관리인, 리눅스, 아마존 웹 Services, 웹 호스팅 Jun 18, 2018 오늘6일 22시간 $18
Looking for product description writer Hello, I am looking for someone to write my product descriptions for my shopify store. They are all beauty accessories. I have attached images/links to the products. There is 6 products that needed in total. Hiring immediately. Native persons are most welcome. 30 카피라이팅, Article Writing, 제품 설명, 아마존 웹 Services, 콘텐츠 작성 Jun 18, 2018 오늘6일 17시간 $5
map reduce Big Data Project 1. needed to give a thorough description with a new illustration(u should create based on the adult dataset in accordance with the poker dataset illustration which I give) for the algorithm. 2. an architecture diagram for implemented map reduce mondrian k anonymity 3. a framework diagram (can take help from net .. no need draw from scracth .. it should suit our algorithm) 4. needed to describe the... 2 Python, 아마존 웹 Services, 맵 리듀스 Jun 18, 2018 오늘6일 17시간 $202
Amazon Web Server Training Need AWS Server Training: Steps to setup ASW. Storage services - Amazon S3 AmazonEC2 - instance creation and configuration with LAMP stack. Amazon costing Hosting And update. 16 PHP, 리눅스, 공학, 아마존 웹 Services, 웹 호스팅 Jun 17, 2018 오늘6일 16시간 $50
Amazon AWS API Expert Needed For Our Chrome Extension Need an expert in Amazon API. Must show previous work related to Amazon. Bonus* Someone who can create a sales estimator or has the knowledge on how to setup one would be a great benefit to our team. 10 자바 스크립트, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 17, 2018 오늘6일 7시간 $36
Online Sellers Wanted Worlwide! We search for sellers who want to sell top digital products online. Required: Paypal with no restriction Knowledge of English I will provide price list of products, images etc. I will answer your questions but you must be able to follow simple directions and think for yourself. Most important is that you do not need to invest money! DO not hesitate to ask me any further question. 10 판매, 마케팅, 이베이, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 17, 2018 오늘6일 5시간 $10
Hi! We need a Microsoft Azure Stack Hi! We need a Microsoft Azure Stack. Please, install Microsoft Azure Stack in your own server. To download all Azure marketplace items, please, login to your Azure account during the ASDK registration. Please, guide all steps: 1.º Part: [login to view URL] 2.º Part: [login to view URL] 3.º Part: [login to view URL] Your requisites URL is: [login to view URL] Thank you. 11 클라우드 컴퓨팅, Sharepoint, Azure, 아마존 웹 Services, node.js Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20185일 22시간 $19
AWS SSL install expert Hello I have one of website which is hosted on aws. It is running on http:// I want to make it run on https:// My website is running on tomcat8. please bid who is expert. thanks 39 PHP, 시스템 관리인, 리눅스, 아마존 웹 Services, 웹 호스팅 Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20185일 22시간 $107
Sell products on Ebay/Amazon/Shopify I need some help with selling something. I have products that I need to sell, I need a successful eBay or Amazon seller with a good rating to sell my products. in return I will provide a comission at your chosen rate. 9 인터넷 마케팅, 판매, 잠재 고객 정보, 이베이, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20185일 12시간 $23
Server side+Admin panel+feature dev Server and admin backend tuning i have source code just launched app need back end console and server admin done ...lightning fast work 4 Mobile App Development, 아이폰, 아마존 웹 Services, 안드로이드 웨어 SDK Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20185일 9시간 $25
Add features to a existing Web application with Node JS, Express JS, Angular 2, MicroService Architecture, AWS Lambda functions, AWS (S3,EC2, CD/CI), Oracle DB, GitLAB, Jenkins, Docker etc We are trying to add new features to an existing web application. Need someone who is expert in Node JS, Angular 2. 28 아마존 웹 Services, node.js, 익스프레스 JS Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20185일 7시간 $13
PHP, 아마존 웹 Services, 데이터베이스 개발, API Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20185일 6시간
Looking for someone to post eBay listings with top selling products from Amazon Looking for someone to post eBay listings with top selling products from Amazon 31 PHP, 인터넷 마케팅, 데이터 입력, 이베이, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20185일 6시간 $97
Openswan / IPSec VPN I have a vpn configured on an aws ubuntu instance. The connection is unreliable and is currently not working at all. I would like to have your help addressing the issue. 14 시스템 관리인, 리눅스, 아마존 웹 Services, 우분투(Ubuntu), 네트워크 관리 Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20185일 5시간 $34
Create Python script to integrate with AWS Anything which is put in S3 bucket have to trigger the lambda dunction and this lamda function has to store the files which are in S3 to DynamoDB. 8 Python, 아마존 웹 Services, Aws Lambda Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20185일 5시간 $34
AMAZON CLOUD SERVER SETUP 1. Setting Up Main Server with backup Server 2. Setting Up Mail Server 3. Setting Up Development Server for employees 4. Must install all the Web Applications into server 5. When accessing main server need a authentication to mobile 6. Server have to use multiple brand it can goes upto 100 domains 7. Setting up all our office system into our cloud server.. 26 PHP, 시스템 관리인, 리눅스, DNS, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20185일 1시간 $740
changes needed in my amazon associate website in order to get approved and api access i have an amazon associate website but in order to complete my website i need to get access to product advertising API(US) and due to the new policy changes of amazon only fully approved associates can get access to product advertising API. I have been trying to get the approval but each time amazon refuse to approve me with this message: your site appears to be unsuitable per our Operating Agr... 1 제휴 마케팅, 아마존 웹 Services, API, 전자 상거래, 웹사이트 디자인 Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20185일 $20
Need AWS expert to convert database to StratML Format Simply stated, the objective is to convert the relevant elements of the IRS Form 990 database into model performance plan/reports for all of the tax-exempt million+ organizations included in the database. Since the data is not particularly well-suited to the purposes of performance plans and reports, the challenge will be to map the most relevant elements in the database to the elements of the... 14 소프트웨어 아키텍처, 아마존 웹 Services, 소프트웨어 개발, 데이터베이스 프로그래밍, 데이터베이스 개발 Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20184일 16시간 $1334
Creating Virtual Desktops on AWS for a startup Introduction I am looking for a DevOps engineer with AWS and Virtual Desktop experience to create Devtop accounts on AWS to be used for hybrid Python/C++/Cuda/MPI development. Background As of now, I have the ability to create automatically AWS Ubuntu AMIs via Packer, which I can instantiate them via Vagrant or simply launch from the EC2 console. However, in order to have a desktop access... 16 Python, 리눅스, 아마존 웹 Services, C++ 프로그래밍, Full Stack Development Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20184일 13시간 $1545
Make web app, API and Socket connection work with HTTPS I have Rest API built with Express JS, a frontend app built with AngularJS and I also have Sockets for real time communication. Everything is hosted on the free tier of AWS. and I have a SSL certificate bought from GoDaddy installed. However after enabling the https the socket requests are giving a 404. I need this fixed so the https works for the socket requestss as well. 7 아파치, 아마존 웹 Services, node.js Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20184일 13시간 $22
Cloud migration Cloud migration We are looking for cloud migration experts for transitioning our real-time applications from local servers to the cloud with scalability, flexibility, and cost-effective architectures/solutions. The micro-service based architecture may be needed and solutions using AWS is preferred. Skills required: AWS IoT, AWS Kinesis, AWS Lambda, AWS EC2, AWS ECS, AWS EKS, AWS RDS, AWS DynamoD... 18 시스템 관리인, 리눅스, 클라우드 컴퓨팅, Azure, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20184일 13시간 $31
AWS EC2 - Setup https We want to setup AWS EC2 instance to https certificate.. 38 시스템 관리인, 리눅스, 클라우드 컴퓨팅, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20184일 12시간 $11
eBay Amazon Sellers needed I want to hire someone to list items in Amazon, Ebay, shopify. We are looking for someone who will do bulk listing, as well provide reasonable pricing when it comes to listing. You must have experience on either one of these marketplace. 67 데이터 입력, 전자 상거래, 이베이, 아마존 웹 Services, Shopify Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20184일 9시간 $589
Improve and create listing on Amazon We looking for a person that specialize in [login to view URL] to improve and create new listing. 26 PHP, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, 제품 설명, 이베이, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20184일 9시간 $121
Android App + Bluetooth + AWS App Functionality (see attached image): 1. Basically when the user open the App finds the Sign In screen, where our logo appears and also the possibility to create a new account (Pop-up to setup email, password). 2. Then Users have the 2nd screen to upload personal info, picture and the possibility to link to their Google Fit api. One all info (Name, Age, Gender, Height and Weight) is set, 3. Co... 35 자바, Mobile App Development, 안드로이드, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20184일 3시간 $712
Vicobox on AWS EC2 I'm looking for someone to install a vicibox to amazon EC2. Would be perfect to have a personal AMI that could be launched at needed. Best regards 17 시스템 관리인, 리눅스, 클라우드 컴퓨팅, 아마존 웹 Services, 우분투(Ubuntu) Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20183일 23시간 $166
FIX SCRAPING stop working on Amazon Server FIX SCRAPING stop working on Amazon Server through "stormproxies" in 4 Website: scraping update daily and copy results on S3 - ONLY EXPERT - I final release only after 1 scraping week without problem 10 PHP, Python, 웹 스크랩핑, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20183일 22시간 $138
AWS Facial Rekognition API We are looking for an expert who has experience in building a Facial Recognition application using Python and Django 26 Python, 장고, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, NoSQL 카우치 및 몽고, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20183일 18시간 $20
Java Backend Engineer We are planning to start a app for which we need Java backend developer for server developer parts. 1. Java development on our web services stack. In particular SpringBoot. 2. Use backend databases -- Oracle, MySQL, elastic search, Druid 3. Amazon EC2, SNS, S3 4. GIT Budget 150$ Deadline 10 days Thank you 28 자바, J2EE, MySQL, 아마존 웹 Services, 하둡 Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20183일 18시간 $99
Amazon/Ebay product check + data entry I need someone to check and compare 300 products in Amazon/Ebay every day. I will supply the list of 300 links to individual items each day. Your task will be: 1) Visual evaluation in both sites - check the pictures to see if it's a same 2) Check the title in both site - if it's the same 3) Compare the shipping dates in both sites 4) Check the condition of item in e-bay 5) Check the qu... 112 데이터 처리, 데이터 입력, 엑셀, 이베이, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20183일 17시간 $20
Amazon specialist I am looking for someone to manage my US Amazon account. The applicant will need to have a strong understanding of Amazon, FBA, uploading new products, conducting Brand Registry, Amazon Prime and an overall strong knowledge of how Amazon works as a whole. The applicant should be able to upload photos, arrange for FBA in the US, set-up Amazon Prime, link to our company's banks accounts etc. 46 데이터 처리, 데이터 입력, 가상 도우미, 이베이, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20183일 16시간 $8
AMAZON CREATING VARIATION We have a nail polish brand with many colors, we need someone who can help us to create variation on amazon seller portal. We are doing FBA Example, https://www.amazon.com/OPI-Nail-Lacquer-Fortune-Cookie/dp/B003WSCNRU/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?s=beauty&amp=undefined&ie=UTF8&qid=1528788769&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=opi&th=1 We have limited time and budgets 25 데이터 입력, 엑셀, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20183일 8시간 $141
Integrate an application into the AWS and GCP Cloud Marketplaces This project is to (re)integrate existing and new applications into the AWS and GCP Marketplaces. (Customizing the scripts to build and harden the AMI, configure the automated scans, etc.) We already have multiple products, but looking for someone to take over some of the scripting and automation tasks, especially when it comes to deploying clusters (in both CFN and GDM, depending on where your ex... 3 구글 앱 엔진, 아마존 웹 Services, 구글 클라우드 스토리지, Aws Lambda Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20183일 7시간 $209
Sleep Video Recording I need development of something that records sleep and sends it to our server or AWS where it is analyzed. We will use an IP Camera. We are measuring other things in sleep as well using another app so we need to sync the video time with the time of other phone apps. In other words they need to all start at the exact same time. It will also measure movement in the video. So changes in pixels ... 24 PHP, 자바, Mobile App Development, 동영상 서비스, 비디오 방송, 아마존 웹 Services, 비디오카메라 촬영 Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20183일 4시간 $1511
Step 1. Migrate legacy JSP system from Windows to AWS Linux — Migrate Front End Application I have a client with a legacy Java/JSP system built in the mid 2000's that has remained virtually unchanged. Up to now, they have been self-hosted on a Windows 2003 platform. They are looking to update the system to operate on AWS Linux, and migrate it. Currently, the system is not working in production, and the client needs to use it, so we would like to execute this project as soon as feas... 38 자바, 리눅스, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, MySQL, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20183일 4시간 $54
Need an ASP programmer that can bring back to websites 2 websites running on Amazon AWS windows environment I need to bring the back to life. something went wrong and its down. 18 ASP, IIS, 아마존 웹 Services, 마이크로소프트 SQL 서버 Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20183일 2시간 $155
AWS training taining in aws cloud computing 14 시스템 관리인, 리눅스, 클라우드 컴퓨팅, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20183일 2시간 $224
Camel, Spring Boot, AWS Already Developed Work: 1. Springboot application developed in camel. 2. This application has secure web socket service and https rest services running on different ports. 3. We are able to deploy and consume the services on the local machine. 4. But the same application has issues on AWS and Azure, not able to access secure services on the cloud. Not sure which is causing the issue, reasons may ... 6 소프트웨어 아키텍처, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20182일 22시간 $18
we need someone to help us to find good wholesalers (or suppliers as some would call them) for our niche We’ve just recently started an Amazon storefront My 2 Loves, selling retail items, with the objective of getting the BuyBox (not drop-shipping). We’ve had great success using a proven method and detailed analysis tool to choose products that meet our criteria. Now we need someone to help us to find good wholesalers (or suppliers as some would call them) for our niche. Our niche is heal... 11 상품 소싱, 아마존 킨들, 아마존 웹 Services, 제품 디자인, 웹 서비스 Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20182일 21시간 $535
Develop an iOS Beauty App for iPhone PLEASE NOTE that this project was first awarded to another freelancer who developed it and abandoned it midway, about 30% of work completed at a very slow pace due to their limited capacity thus non commitment to my project. So you would either develop the app from scratch or continue where they left off depending if you find the code and documentation clear and easy to work to with. If continuing... 138 Mobile App Development, 아이폰, 오브젝티브-C, 아마존 웹 Services, 스위프트 Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20182일 17시간 $4172
DevOps project for Ahmed E. Various DevOps work as negotiated 10 시스템 관리인, 리눅스, 아마존 웹 Services, 우분투(Ubuntu), Git Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20182일 15시간 $20
DevOps project for Daniel G. Hourly DevOps tasks as negotiated. 12 시스템 관리인, 리눅스, 아마존 웹 Services, 우분투(Ubuntu), Git Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20182일 15시간 $20
Help me go live with my Django project I'm currently developing a Django website that needs to go live by the end of this week. Have gone through the steps in the cfe website but didn't manage to solve some of the bugs, my experience in Django is limited to the development of this website only. The job would comprise guiding me through the steps to put my Django website online using Heroku, setting up an Amazon server for the... 12 Python, 장고, 아마존 웹 Services, Git, Heroku Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20182일 8시간 $32
Amazon Seo Optemize Product Listing Writing Hello Looking for experienced Product listing writer for amazon product, Need to write around 20 product complete listing with best title, bullet point, description and search trams writing. Urgent project need to done asap, Ongoing project. Make sure you done before product listing for amazon, And Have skill about keyword research as well for better listing. Don't apply if you not done an... 20 카피라이팅, SEO, 제품 설명, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20182일 8시간 $11
Consultation to deploy MYSql/MariaDB (1 TB ) in AWS/VPS/In-Premises (Cost/Benefits) We are working on a bot(Exe), that will update data in a database server, initially, we are planning to connect 1000 system. So we need consultation on the deployment of MariaDB on AWS/VPS/In-Premises. You've to describe the benefits and cost for each hosting environments, also server/CPUs/Core/Space configuration. What type of hosting can handle multiple requests and can utilize the database... 18 PHP, 리눅스, MySQL, 아마존 웹 Services, 웹 호스팅 Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20182일 4시간 $19
Build Alexa Skill Build alexa skill to read from online database. "alexa check 'name' of 'employee' XXX" Where 'name' and 'employee' are the colums in the database. Alexa will find employee "xxx" and read back the 'name' field. 8 아마존 웹 Services Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20182일 2시간 $147
Senior Codeigniter Specialist - Immediate Start Review code and re-edit application for customer to white label video (watermark). (Removed by Freelancer.com Admin) Conversational English required. Be prepared to meet out of normal working hours 9am-5pm work day. International time allowance for communication required. Suggestions UX Code Ignitor Experience Required AWS Experience Preferred GIT Experience Required Follows Best Practices Code D... 56 PHP, Codeigniter, MySQL, 아마존 웹 Services, HTML Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20181일 22시간 $141
DevOps (Systems Administration) DevOps Engineer Required Skills: * BS or MS in Computer Science preferred, equivalent work experience * 4+ years of professional experience as an Engineer or Architect * Software Configuration Management experience –Ansible, Terraform Terraform, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack * Monitoring experience – Nagios, monit, RRD * Logging experience – (Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana) ELK Stac... 28 시스템 관리인, 리눅스, 아마존 웹 Services, 우분투(Ubuntu), 네트워크 관리 Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20181일 18시간 $22
Django Rest Developers We have several Django Rest Framework apps coupled with GeoDjango for serving up spatial data via a REST API. We're looking for someone who knows Django inside out. If you don't have a lot of Django experience please don't apply. A wide variety of work could be expected from adhoc projects (minor bugfixes or tweaks) to longer term engagement in ongoing projects. We have approxim... 41 Python, 장고, 아마존 웹 Services Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20181일 17시간 $26
Maintain GPS server and website Must be familiar with GPS platform, AWS server. Currently having frequent crash and need 24/7 monitoring and bug fixes, possible reinstall with no loss of data 37 PHP, 리눅스, MySQL, 아마존 웹 Services, node.js Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 20181일 16시간 $14
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