Apache is an open-source HTTP Web Server that is widely considered to be one of the best and most reliable Web Servers around. An Apache Developer helps organizations optimize the performance of their website or applications that use the Apache HTTP Web Server. As a developer, you can configure Apache to provide additional modules and also develop custom modules for additional features and functions. Apache Developers can be hired to ensure the server is properly secured, configured, and can handle a high volume of traffic.

Here's some projects that our expert Apache Developer made real:

  • Resolved errors for Django applications built with Apache
  • Enabled HTTPS only for websites using .htaccess files
  • Configured firewalls, domains and CPanel VPS's
  • Deploying Node.js projects on Linux/PHP servers
  • Securing SSL certificates and redirecting port traffic
  • Migrating existing code to newer versions of Apache
  • Integrating APIs with AWS Linux Ubuntu instances
  • Uninstalling Nginx and properly configuring Apache
  • Troubleshooting Wordpress issues on Droplets

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    I've been grappling with a login issue on my Pterodactyl panel, which is hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Whenever I try to login, an error page is displayed instead of allowing access to the panel. Furthermore, the Pterodactyl panel is integrated with a Content Management System. I'm seeking an experienced PHP developer who can diagnose and solve this issue efficiently and effectively. Key Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in PHP - Familiarity with Pterodactyl Panel - Experience handling VPS - Knowledgeable in resolving login issues - Experience with Content Management Systems is a plus Looking forward to receiving your informed bids, highlighting any similar issues you've resolved.

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    CentOS Server Recovery 6 일 left

    I urgently need a server expert to bring my CentOS server back to life. The server stopped working after I messed up the iptables. I have rescue mode enabled , I need someone work over any disk and solve this and fire the server again now

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    I urgently need help restoring access to my website which has been down due to some iptables rules misconfiguration. Crucial details about the specific changes made to the iptables configuration are not available but I can provide access to the server for a professional to diagnose and fix it. The job demands a high degree of expertise in: - Linux administration - iptables firewall configurations - Web server troubleshooting and management My website is hosted on a dedicated server, so I require someone who has experience working in such an environment. Quick turnaround is paramount. Skills and experience: - Proven experience in managing dedicated servers - Solid understanding of iptables and firewall configuration rules - Proficiency in diagnosing and rectifying server related issues ...

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    I need an effective solution to manage and balance DNS traffic over UDP and TCP on my Linux server. The solution needs a graphic user interface for easy management and real-time monitoring. This project suits professionals with experience managing backend servers, programming Linux interfaces, as well as knowledge of TCP/UDP DNS traffic load balancing on Linux Servers. PROJECT IS MARKED URGENT

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    파워형 긴급형
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    In need of an experienced professional to carry out several maintenance tasks on our Linux server. This will include: - Disk cleanup: We are looking to get rid of any unnecessary files or data that are slowing down our server. - System Updates: Ensure our server software is up-to-date to make sure it performs optimally and securely. - Performance Optimization: Beyond cleaning up and updating our system, we want a professional who can identify and implement strategies to optimize our server's performance. After the task, we also require a detailed report outlining every action taken on the server during this process. Ideal candidates should have substantial experience dealing with Linux servers, and demonstrable skills in server optimization. They also need to be capable of explai...

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    I've been grappling with a login issue on my Pterodactyl panel, which is hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Whenever I try to login, an error page is displayed instead of allowing access to the panel. Furthermore, the Pterodactyl panel is integrated with a Content Management System. I'm seeking an experienced PHP developer who can diagnose and solve this issue efficiently and effectively. Key Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in PHP - Familiarity with Pterodactyl Panel - Experience handling VPS - Knowledgeable in resolving login issues - Experience with Content Management Systems is a plus Looking forward to receiving your informed bids, highlighting any similar issues you've resolved.

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled developer to assist me with a large scale integration design project. My aim is to achieve a range of functionalities including data transformation, API integration, and workflow automation Key requirements: - Proficiency in XML, YAML, and Java - Experience with Apache Karavan - Strong understanding of visual integration design - Ability to work on a large scale project with multiple components Your responsibilities: - Collaborate with me in the design and implementation of the integration. - Ensure that the design is scalable and efficient. - Implement data transformation, API integration, and workflow automation features. This project is on a large scale and requires a developer who is comfortable working with multiple components. If you have previ...

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    As a busy client, I require an experienced system administrator who is proficient in Linux operating systems, and knowledgeable in server maintenance, troubleshooting, and security update tasks. Our server is activated on the Godaddy platform and managed through WHM/cPanel. Your responsibilities will include: - Undertaking regular server maintenance tasks to ensure the efficient operation of our server - Addressing and rectifying any server issues as they arise - Implementing necessary security updates regularly, proactively securing our server against potential threats - Guiding the business team with proper server plan and upgradation process based on the business needs Ideal skills and experience: - Proven expertise in Linux system administration - Prior experience working with God...

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    I am looking for a skilled professional to help me install and setup an online MMORPG game server and client. This job involves: 1. Operating with a Linux system - expertise is crucial. 2. Installation of MySQL development libraries. 3. Setting up a 32-bit gcc environment to compile the server. 4. Hosting a MySQL server on the same host for running the server. 5. Modification of a client installation package to suit the setup. 6. Testing to ensure the game runs correctly and clients can connect. Please note, for this project, 1. Prior experience working with Linux and MySQL development libraries 2. An understanding of the specific 32-bit gcc environment. 3. C++ coding experience (to amend the client) . If you feel suited to this task, do not hesitate to place your bid.

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    **Instalación Completa de Servidor IRC con UnrealIRCd y Panel Administrativo Web** Saludos, Estoy buscando a un profesional experto en la instalación y configuración de servidores IRC, específicamente utilizando UnrealIRCd como servidor principal y un panel administrativo web para una gestión más eficiente. Necesito que se realice una instalación completa desde cero en mi servidor en la nube, junto con la integración de todas las funcionalidades requeridas para garantizar un funcionamiento óptimo del servidor IRC. **Tareas a Realizar:** 1. **Instalar y Configurar UnrealIRCd:** Se requiere la instalación y configuración completa de UnrealIRCd como servidor IRC principal, incluyendo la configuración de lo...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can assist me in setting up a Linux web server. The main purpose of this server will be to host an informational website that predominantly features educational content. Your expertise should ideally include: - Substantial understanding of Linux server setup - Previous experience in hosting informational websites - Ability to optimize servers for efficient operation You'll be providing the foundation for a website aiming to make an educational impact, so attention to detail and an understanding of best practices for informational site hosting are key for this project.

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    The server is currently running almalinux 8. Client wants a upgrade to almalinux 9. this is a directadmin server. PHP version of directadmin needs to be upgraded to latest 8.x version. some old modules have to be removed before php upgrade can be done.

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    The local MySQL server engine suddenly shut down due to a power failure. This caused an error in storage or a memory error that led to corruption when the storage engine is writing data to the table. Attempting to fix it, I manipulated the LOGS files (transaction logs, etc.) and managed to connect to the database, query data, and export some of it, and the data was exported perfectly. That's why I know the data is intact. Unfortunately, I didn't think to export all the data because I thought the error had been fixed. However, the next day, the error returned, and I couldn't fix it. Here is a link that explains that it is a common problem in my situation: We are using, XAMPP, MYSQL and Maria DB in a Mac - What I need: * Troubleshooting and fixing of the MySQL server er...

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    Hola, Estoy buscando a alguien con experiencia en configuración de servidores IRC para completar algunos ajustes en mi servidor en la nube. El servidor IRC ya está en funcionamiento, pero necesito implementar algunos servicios adicionales para mejorar la funcionalidad y la seguridad. Tareas a realizar: Agregar servicio Anope: Necesito configurar el servicio Anope para gestionar la seguridad y los registros del servidor IRC. Agregar funcionalidad de chat KiwiIRC y Mibbit: Quiero integrar KiwiIRC y Mibbit para proporcionar a los usuarios diferentes opciones para acceder al chat. Bloquear IPs de VPN: Es importante bloquear las IPs de VPN para garantizar la seguridad y prevenir abusos en el servidor. Configurar DNS: Ya he registrado un dominio y necesito configurar el DNS p...

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 (평균 입찰가)
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    I require a proficient Linux technician who can provide troubleshooting and maintenance services. My website isn’t loading and I'm unable to send or receive emails. The issues might be related to server, although I'm not exactly sure what is causing these problems. Host Server Accuweb Server: Cloud-8GB-Linux-Denver Key Responsibilities: - Identifying and resolving issues causing the website not to load - Detecting and fixing problems preventing emails from being sent or received The ideal candidate must have: - Strong experience with Linux system troubleshooting and maintenance - Expertise in identifying and resolving web hosting and email server issues - Excellent problem-solving skills If this sounds like a task you can accomplish professionally and swiftly, please ...

    $147 (Avg Bid)
    $147 (평균 입찰가)
    67 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a proficient Ubuntu server specialist to set up and maintain an efficient environment focusing on: - Web hosting - Database management - File storage Ideally, the server will be designed to host 1-5 websites. Though the specific databases weren't outlined, experience and deep understanding of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB will put you at an advantage. Your role will also include regular updates and optimization of the system to ensure seamless navigation and top-notch data security. Therefore, relevant skills in server management and administration, as well as problem-solving abilities, will be crucial for this task.

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $13 / hr (평균 입찰가)
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    I require an experienced DevOps or systems administrator to set up an NGINX reverse proxy. The implementation needs to focus on: - Load balancing and improving security as core priorities. - Working with the web server and application server that are functioning behind the NGINX reverse proxy. The specific configurations needed for the NGINX reverse proxy to function correctly are: - URL rewriting to direct clients to different parts of your server - HTTP headers manipulation to control the behavior of web servers and application server behind the proxy. The ideal freelancer for this project is someone who is experienced in setting up and customizing NGINX reverse proxies, and has a good understanding of how to work with web and application servers. Expertise in managing HTTP headers a...

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 (평균 입찰가)
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    I am looking for a professional to migrate my large-sized website (over 500GB), currently on Hostinger's Plesk, to Go Daddy's Linux cPanel. The website code is in CodeIgnitor with a few minor changes to the standard framework. This migration has been initiated due to concerns about security. During my attempt to switch, I encountered a 503 error. I need someone with: - Extensive experience in website and database migration - Familiarity with both Plesk and Linux cPanel environments - Deep understanding of CodeIgnitor framework - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve errors This project requires delicate handling to ensure no data is lost or corrupted, and the website's functionality remains intact post-migration. Any recommendations for further security improvements after t...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 (평균 입찰가)
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    For this task, I need a highly skilled and experienced specialist who will handle setting up my message queues using RabbitMQ. Key Responsibilities: * Set up message queues using RabbitMQ Ideal Skills and Experience: * Exceptional knowledge and proficiency in using RabbitMQ for setting up message queues * Robust experience as a RabbitMQ developer Please apply with your experience with these tasks. Certification is not mandatory, however, the focus is heavily placed on experience. Your ability to illustrate your skills effectively through past projects will be highly beneficial. I am excited to see what you can accomplish. Let's make something great together.

    $41 (Avg Bid)
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    I am seeking an expert who can successfully install the opensource code onto a virtual private server (VPS), powered by Linux. This is a interface to manage liquidity pools. While there are no specific performance requirements for the application, a successful candidate must demonstrate a thorough understanding of Linux servers, familiarity with VPS, and knowledge of installing and setting up opensource codes. No requirement was specified for high transaction frequency, high number of concurrent users, or high data volume handling, but a proactive approach to potential future needs is appreciated.

    $437 (Avg Bid)
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    We're looking for somebody who will be able to migrate the following web apps from one server (Linode) to another (Hostinger VPS) on behalf of our charity: - Planka - EspoCRM - BookStack Some of these apps on our current server are dockized, some are based on Apache/MySQL (MariaDB). These servers all run on a version of Debian/Ubuntu. During the migration the domain will need to remain the same on the new server which runs a version of EasyPanel. Our budget is tight, at around £30. However, our timeframe is very flexible.

    $160 (Avg Bid)
    $160 (평균 입찰가)
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