AWS-Lambda is a serverless computing service. It has the advantage of allowing developers to operate code without the need for managing servers.

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    Python script to push files to SFTP Location from s3 using lambda 1. Lambda function needs to use AWS Secret Manger to store SFTP Logins like HOST, USER Password 2. If File sent to SFTP Location successfully, it needs to send Slack Notification. 3. If File sent to SFTP Location Failed, it needs to send Slack Notification and E-Mail as well. 4. I want to keep E-Mail as optional, If we don't supply E-Mail, It can ignore. 5. I want to log that data to Splunk using splunk Token.

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    i have this job building api end points to use in delivery app working around nodejs reactjs using nestjs framework and nextjs framework. we have already buiuld couple api end points, now need to add more end point

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    I have setup AWS dynamodb and s3 bucket to continuously receive temperature and graph (image) from raspberry pi. So basically website will show graph that keeps changing, temperature, and array, and it will automatically shows new data Everytime it shows up in aws I want to create website to dynamically display the temperature and graph as it uploads. Everytime new data comes to Aws, it will shows up in website. Also the aws receive 1x768 array of number in string format. I want to convert it to 24x32 array and display that as well.

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    There is need to implement AWS Cognito authentication with DynamoDB using Laravel 8 framework. We want to use our custom UI for authentication page e.g, Login, signup, forget password etc.

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    I’m very new to this domain. I’m in search of learning this Aws. Every single detail should be accounted for me. Need live project to explain in detail for better understanding. I should be able to crack AWS ASSOCIATE LEVEL EXAM.

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    BUbble Developer Wanted 20 시간 left

    ATTENTION Developers! We are looking for a developer to join our team as a member or tech resource and work with our technical lead. We are building quite a complex double sided marketplace and are using an external agency to do so. Once the agency completes the build we need a dedicated resource to help us on iterations and changes and bugs. Please reach out for further discussion on this

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    I want to create a won dashboard to control my aws account. There will be two dashboards one will be admin dashboard other will be user dashboard. It will be fully business purpose. In admin dashboard. a) Create user account b) user validity 31 days C) Create new ec2 instance d) Delete EC2 instance. e) When create aws EC2 instance Google chrome will be install automatically. Windows defender will be off permanently time zone will be India. Asia/Mumbai reason. f) In admin dashbord I want to add multi aws account linking. g) User can user this service 180 minit in a days. after use 180 mint in a days insatance will be auto shurtdown. after reach the uper limit start option will be disable. h) user can start and stop ec2 instance. i) All instance will be auto stop every 30 minint accpt 7:30-...

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    Desarrollar una funcion aws-lambda que permita la creacion de un archivo pdf a partir de un layout rdlc. se debe poder pasar un data set y parametros al rdlc, para genear el pdf. Se requiere documentación necesaria para compilar el proyecto y subir la funcion a AWS-lambda. Ejemplo de un proyecto similar para Azure:

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