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C# is a well-known programming language from Microsoft Corporation, built within the .NET initiative. There are many commercial projects these days that are built with the C# programming environment. Your business might be developed using C#, in which case it would do well to hire expert freelancer\'s help for coding in C#. An expertC# freelance programmer can help your business quite skillfully and cost effectively.

If you can work under pressure, are an expert at working on C# projects, Freelancer.com supplies freelancers with thousands of projects and clients from all over the world looking to use your expertise to have their jobs done professionally and settling for nothing but the best.

If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on C# projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

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Looking for c++, c# expert i need desktop application to get printer status using c#, c++ i want to get printer's ink, and paper state. 14 윈도우 데스크탑, C# 프로그래밍, 인쇄, C++ 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 개발 Oct 20, 2017 오늘6일 23시간 $117
PHP, C 프로그래밍, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, Metatrader Oct 20, 2017 오늘23시간 11분
CryptoCurrency Development (Ethereum Clone - Fork) I want to clone / fork Ethereum blockchain with everything inside it by rebranding it with our own brand. your job is to rebrand ethereum and replace the brand name where ever it says ethereum or ether or any of the other things in it. The algorithm will not be changed at all. 1) blockchain (ethereum) 2) cryptocurrency (ether) 3) block explorer ([url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.]) 4) ethereum stat... 3 C# 프로그래밍, C++ 프로그래밍, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum Oct 20, 2017 오늘22시간 13분 $59027
Get data out of windows app and put it on Android/iOS devices The purpose of this project is to automate the interaction of a windows application, process the output, and deliver it to the end users on their mobile devices. It can be split into four stages: Stage 1 the Windows macro: You'll need to write a macro that automatically clicks, waits for events to happen on the screen, and enters keystrokes depending on what is showing on the screen, th... 13 Mobile App Development, 아이폰, 안드로이드, C# 프로그래밍, 윈도우 폰 Oct 20, 2017 오늘6일 22시간 $572
Sharepoint Need a sharepoint developer to create workflows and some piece of custom code for me. 13 자바 스크립트, .NET, C# 프로그래밍, Sharepoint, 마이크로소프트 Oct 20, 2017 오늘6일 21시간 $290
Simple Cryptonight C++/C# Monero XMR miner I am looking for a small, lightweight C++/C# Cryptonight GPU and CPU (Monero) miner. An example implementation of a Monero miner in c++ that could be used as base-template for a c# recode: [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] For a basis it is possible to take souce codes from github. The app should Work in windows 7- windows 10 (64bit) Additional functionale at personal dialogue DON'... 8 C 프로그래밍, 윈도우 데스크탑, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, C++ 프로그래밍 Oct 20, 2017 오늘6일 21시간 $349
Move .exe program online Hello, I have an application that is currently used on computers - has SQL server - however I need it put online so that it can be accessed anywhere and can be logged into anywhere. I would like it to be the same design as what I currently have just online - would need to be secure - I have a website I need it added onto - its a wordpress website. I can go into details with whoever I deem... 17 PHP, 워드프레스, C# 프로그래밍, MySQL, HTML Oct 20, 2017 오늘6일 21시간 $328
Need asp.net and c# expert to create web application Have small php application that needs to be converted to c# within visual studio and implemented on [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] site. 37 PHP, .NET, C# 프로그래밍, ASP.NET, 마이크로소프트 SQL 서버 Oct 20, 2017 오늘6일 21시간 $431
ASP .NET MVC Core web Applications(.net frame work-web API) I need a simple demo for dml statements on said project and that needs to hosted and show it live working using google postman. The project is for demonstration purpose for learning process as i am stuck some where. My budget is below than 15 USD 5 .NET, C# 프로그래밍, MVC, ASP.NET, 마이크로소프트 SQL 서버 Oct 20, 2017 오늘6일 20시간 $16
Truecaller Number Obtainer I need a tool that obtains truecaller numbers and bypasses the 100 numbers per day limit. If your solution doesn't pass the limit it's not good enough. It also has to be in c#. It's very simple and i guess it could be done in an hour. 3 웹 스크랩핑, C# 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 19시간 $80
Android & IoS light Access the Light sensor on the Android and IoS and be able to record number of times i switched on my own room light as; on = true and off = false and text log saved for this with the total number of times + date / time and serial order with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.... in a string. The app should have basics for testing the same, a text log to save the record of this with time and in a serial order. T... 2 자바, Mobile App Development, 아이폰, 안드로이드, C# 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 19시간 $154
Unity RPG Buff System UI Need someone to help me add a simple buff UI system to my buff / debuff system in place. All the buff code exists already I just need to know how to display it to the UI effectively. Thanks 16 Mobile App Development, 아이폰, 안드로이드, C# 프로그래밍, 유니티 3D Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 18시간 $523
Hire a .NET Developer Please refer the attachment. 22 PHP, .NET, C# 프로그래밍, HTML Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 16시간 $8158
C++ Project Single c++ file and no use of STL (standard library functions)simple code 21 C 프로그래밍, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, C++ 프로그래밍, 오픈GL Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 16시간 $30
software developer to complete project There´s a software of voice recognition that needs to be completed. The task has already been started, but needs some tweaks and reaching the desired destination. 13 PHP, 자바, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 14시간 $468
Hire a C# Programmer -- 2 Private Mail Server For Account Creation Purposes Auto Email Verifier for account verification 1 C# 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 14시간 $33
Software to Use Face Recognition Kits/Lib to manage Lockers The Visitor can use a touch display to select empty locker, then the software guide the visitor to look at the Camera and then Saves His/Her Face Code, and Guide him to lock it after putting his items inside the locker, then when the same Visitor get back to the Locker, the Software Guide him to look at the camera and then then use the Face Code to open the related Locker to let him/Her to take hi... 12 C 프로그래밍, 자바, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, C++ 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘13시간 56분 $488
Import/Recompile Visual Studio 5 CPP Project I have a CPP application that was designed in Visual Studio 5 on a WINNT SP4 machine. The project is less about 210MB in size. I need the project imported into VS2008 or newer and recompiled in that new environment... I can provide an ISO of VS2008 if you do not have it. I once had someone perform this task for me, so i know it is feasible but since lost the source code and contact with that par... 6 C 프로그래밍, 델피, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, C++ 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 13시간 $166
Android get current location I need to create small app to get current location the app must have seperated class for location and check & change permeation if user need 11 자바, Mobile App Development, 안드로이드, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 12시간 $24
Hire a C# Programmer Mail Server For Account Creation Auto Email Verifier for account verification 5 C# 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 12시간 $31
android app -- 2 need decent designed apps [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] C# 17 .NET, Mobile App Development, 안드로이드, 워드프레스, C# 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 11시간 $534
Hire a unity 3d developer i have a work needs to be done as soon as possible. you need to make a 3d endless game with the unity 3d game engine based on information i m going to send by mail if you are interested. 6 Mobile App Development, 안드로이드, C# 프로그래밍, 유니티 3D Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 10시간 $22
c++ program to implement date class implement a valid date using classes 31 C 프로그래밍, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, C++ 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 10시간 $26
Telerik Fiddler Expert I am needing to use Fiddler to connect to our software which uses an emebeded browser. I am already able to capture the traffic but I was told from Fiddler support that you can setup Fiddler to interact as a web browser. Until our software is updated we're having an issue on a website login screen that has been changed and our software does not recognize this new layout, therefore I need t... 7 자바 스크립트, .NET, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, ASP.NET Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 10시간 $134
Graphics Mill C# SDK Expert Needed I would like to consult with a developer who has expert skills and experience in C# .NET in creating bug-free, robust Windows desktop applications, and in particular, experience with image editing using the Graphics Mill SDK. Please bid for just consult time for now as this is a very important project in which I will be selective about who is chosen to move forward with a project to build the ap... 13 .NET, 윈도우 데스크탑, C# 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 10시간 $22
Fix my code and ad a print feature for a label printer I hired a programmer and his code is so bad it needs to be cleaned up and I need a print feature added for a DYMO Label Writer printers, I have the API and docs. The print feature will be automated from a web hook / API that will send it data from my website. The software works with a US Robotics 5637 USB Modem, it takes the call id phone number and sends it to my website then the website send ... 15 .NET, C# 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘9시간 7분 $166
Make Google Music API working under C# There's no official Google MUSIC API, there're some working and non working libraries, which I was trying. This task is to make it working(need to authentificate, get playlists, create playlists). It need to be working as desktop C# app(or console app). One that works is [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] but it is in NodeJS. So there're some links found so far: 1) [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면... 5 C# 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 8시간 $208
i need a bulk sms sender software i need a bulk sms sender software to marketing it most be able to change senders id 12 C 프로그래밍, 벌크 마케팅, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 개발, Digital Marketing Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 8시간 $155
C++ Expert needed Dear Developer, I need a C+++ developer with good programming skills. The content will not be unbelievable specific, if you are good in c++... it will be totally feasable for you! Working conditions: 1. You will get payed per hour. So you need to use the Software provided from freelancer. Secure for you, secure for me! 2. You need to work using Teamviewer I'm not sharing my Code... 16 C 프로그래밍, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, C++ 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 8시간 $11
Email Managment Yahoo accounts management program must be developed in Dot Net C# Winform based application. 12 .NET, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, C++ 프로그래밍, ASP.NET Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 8시간 $459
XML FILE CONVERSION I WANT TO GET THE CODING OF THIS XML FILE ... AND AFTER THIS I WANT TO MAP THIS XML FILE IN TO EXCEL .. Any one Do this Work with 100% Accuracy.. Thank you 9 PHP, 자바 스크립트, XML, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 8시간 $42
C# en-cryp Algorithm in javascript I need en-cryp only from c# to be ported to javascript and for the javascript output to be able to be properly read by the unmodified c# code. npm modules are fine to use. I gave it a go but can't get it to work. so one function which takes a string and outputs a base64 result. I can plug that into the c# code and get the original string back. 9 자바 스크립트, C# 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 8시간 $124
URGENT: Developer to finish asp.net mvc 5.23 web app I need a develoepr available to work NOW to finish a web app we have. Minimum 3-4 hours required of work today, immediately. After that, we will discuss regular work. Thanks! 28 .NET, C# 프로그래밍, MVC, ASP.NET, 마이크로소프트 SQL 서버 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 8시간 $13
php downlodaer I need a program when it is clicked it make the following : - 1- it Download in rooming file and send post to php page with :- a) computer name and windows model. b)the ip c)the antivirus and firewall. d) .net versions . e) time of first appearance and Last off line time . 2- The program installs itself in Task Scheduler and in Registry 3- The program copies itself in any USB connect in computer a... 4 PHP, C 프로그래밍, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, C++ 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 8시간 $234
SD Card Duplication Duplicate an SD Card for me. SD card holds a Licence ID and I need a backup of this for resiliency. I have tried several pieces of software including partition manager and others but did not work. Can you find me software, write me software or duplicate the card for me. Thanks 6 PHP, C 프로그래밍, 윈도우 데스크탑, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 7시간 $80
Amadeus web api integration after search for booking process - 19/10/2017 11:34 EDT I need to integrate amadeus soap api after search for booking.. Till search it is completed but we need to work on booking flow. Need amadeus developer who can work on [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] mvc 4 C# 프로그래밍, HTML, MVC, ASP.NET, 마이크로소프트 SQL 서버 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 6시간 $625
Excel add on for sending and receiving the spreadsheet to a webservice We have a webservice that can receive an Excel file, parse it, and send it back after the canges made by the parsing. I need to hire someone that creates the Excel add to have a tab on the ribbon with my "process my document" command The "process my document" command sends the actual Spreadsheet to the WS, waits for the reply and update the actual document with the one he... 23 비쥬얼 베이직, .NET, 엑셀, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 6시간 $455
.NET developer needed urgently !! that can work with me dedicately I have the website ready in .NET MVC platform , need to integrate the API and no work needed !! Please bid only if you can deliver it two days 27 .NET, C# 프로그래밍, MVC, ASP.NET, 마이크로소프트 SQL 서버 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 6시간 $157
Development of an API for TWS Adjust a csv with trading orders to be executable on TWS from Interactive Brokers. 8 PHP, C 프로그래밍, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, C++ 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 6시간 $132
C#, WPF and Python programmer I'm looking for a programmer skilled in C# WPF development for a 2-hour-per-day ongoing job. Monday to friday, with free weekends and up to 30 days of paid vacation per year. The company is set in Brazil. Payments are delivered weekly. Please attach proof of your skills in WPF and C#. Python knowledge is a plus. English skills is a must. Do not bid if you can't communicate effec... 21 Python, .NET, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, C++ 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 6시간 $23
mobile polling for Android & IOS and server application of windows server It must to be three applications. First, student application for client. Second, tracking application for teacher. Third, windows server application for mobile control and cominication. They have mobile applications for students at university or high school. There is wifi point in classrooms. for exm: wifi SSID name is "ClassRoom1". When any student is connected to ClassRoom1 point, t... 15 .NET, Mobile App Development, 안드로이드, C# 프로그래밍, 윈도우 모바일 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 6시간 $604
Build a sample MEAN stack web app using Angular and the SPA approach I'm an experienced developer with [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] but I need someone to get me started with building a sample beautiful Angular web app (using the MEAN stack). I need sample code for fully functional Web app built using MEAN with just Authentication and Role-based authorization and just one table to manage. Then help me add stuff to it. That's it. 11 자바 스크립트, C# 프로그래밍, HTML, ASP.NET, Angular.js Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 6시간 $184
Hire a C# Programmer Scanner Adwords account who know 9 C# 프로그래밍 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 5시간 $184
Load/save tif/pdf and annotation file Looking for expert Javascript and [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] developer to create a simple webpage in [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] to show an image and its annotations using Leadtools api. Requirements: 1. On page load show a tif/pdf image from server-side 2. Show annotations from annotation file on page load 3. Save/update annotations in a annotation file from server-side Development tools:... 9 자바 스크립트, C# 프로그래밍, ASP.NET Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 5시간 $150
Apple TV client library conversion from Python to C# and demo I need three things: (1) conversion of the pyatv open source library (Python Client Library for the Apple TV) into C# as a .Net Framework 4.7 library. I do not need the entire library converted. I only need these features: pairing, playback controls (play/pause/prev/next/etc), and navigation controls (left/up/select/etc) (2) a separate C# console app to demonstrate the library (3) YouTube vid... 5 Python, C# 프로그래밍, 소프트웨어 아키텍처 Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 4시간 $138
er diagram and data dictionary ER DIAGRAM AND DATA DICTIONARY FOR THE AIRLINE, CASE STUDY PROVIDED BELOW. 4 워드프레스, C# 프로그래밍, 사용자 인터페이스 / IA, 사용자 인터페이스 디자인, Geographical Information System (GIS) Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 4시간 $28
Website to change colors and add texture effect to image i want winforms application or website change color of image and give it texture and shadow like this website : [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] 18 ASP, 자바 스크립트, .NET, C# 프로그래밍, ASP.NET Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 4시간 $22
Expert BIM Software Developer maniac wanted We are a civil engineering company with the aim of developing software products for the construction domain. We looking for an experienced BIM Software Developer to be part of our team. You will be responsible for writing algorithms for design and analyze wood structures and making sure that the algorithms produce the correct design results. We are not interested in any agencies, or manage... 7 .NET, C# 프로그래밍, 도시 공학, 구조 공학, 오픈GL Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 3시간 $521
web application good knowledge about about .net framework , C#,javascript 6 자바 스크립트, .NET, C# 프로그래밍, jQuery / 프로토 타입, ASP.NET Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 3시간 $31
Xamarin.Forms Mobile App and API Complete Delivery Client requires a mobile app designed and developed in Xamarin Forms (for client end) and Loopback (nodejs) in server end; with web admin. SCOPE Develop, design UI and test using Xamarin Forms a mobile application (Android and iOS) which allows the users to create poll/survey like games in which the user's can win virtual coins from participation. You will be required to assist in devel... 19 Mobile App Development, C# 프로그래밍, Xamarin, XAML, iOS Development Oct 19, 2017 오늘6일 3시간 $2638
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