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Concept design is the process of designing to express an idea, concept or mood for use in movies, video games or in periodicals. It is closely related to graphic design and visual communication. If your business needs help with concept design then you can seek the help of freelancers who are well versed with concept design. Start connecting with them simply by posting a job today.
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The More Money Movement (Book Cover & logo) MAKE SURE THAT YOU READ THAT WE WANT THE LOGO AND THE BOOK COVER. We need a logo and a book cover for our book and our movement Our Logo Should be Using the M letter. We like green. I have provided Examples M3 is where we want to go with it for a key concept The Cover Our company is called “The More Money Movement”. We help people make and keep more of their money Prima... 69 배너 디자인, 컨셉트 디자인, 그래픽 디자인, 로고 디자인, 마케팅 Feb 24, 2018 오늘10시간 40분 $250
브레인 스토밍, 브랜딩, 컨셉트 디자인, 그래픽 디자인, 로고 디자인 Feb 23, 2018 Feb 23, 20185일 16시간
Logo for VisitCard/Website Looking for a logo to be used on visit-card & website. " YA Regnskap " <-- these are the words/alphabets to be used and that is the company name also... come up with good logos which look proffessional and not copy/paste sort of stuff from other designers!!! 12 컨셉트 디자인, 그래픽 디자인, 로고 디자인, 포토샵, 포토샵 디자인 Feb 23, 2018 Feb 23, 20188일 13시간 $20
Multi Purpose Gym/Lifestyle Facility :: This is a Qualification Contest ONLY. Simply share past samples of your work with me to be considered for this project. Once we get to selection we can discuss scope and Price for the job :: I'm looking for someone who can design for me - in 3D Floor plan style - a concept 'Lifestyle Facility' which is essentially a single, large form building housing 1. Gym 2. Creche 3. ... 6 3D 디자인, 건물 건축, 컨셉트 디자인 Feb 23, 2018 Feb 23, 201812일 11시간 $12
컨셉트 디자인, Drawing, 공학 도면, 일러스트, 일러스트레이터 Feb 22, 2018 Feb 22, 20182일 23시간
Create branding for new Print on Demand Jewellery website. We are looking for an exceptional brand designer to help us build out our brand of jewellery. Pura Vida Bracelets are an example of an amazing brand story that we'd love to emulate but not copy. Our message is "Little Stories for Love & Life" which can be refined. We create messages for couples along the lines of... - you will always be the queen of my heart - (queen of he... 9 브랜딩, 컨셉트 디자인, 기업의 정체성 Feb 22, 2018 Feb 22, 20184일 20시간 $1632
Design adventure/travel/lifestyle logos for enamel mug I need someone to design logos to be screen printed onto an enamel mug. I would like the logos to be in the style of the mugs in the below hyperlinks (although I'd be willing to consider any other creative option). Designs can be sent through as high definition JPEG files (or similar). The mugs will be sold in connection with an outdoor lifestyle/adventure brand, "microadventuresNYC&... 6 컨셉트 디자인, 그래픽 디자인, 로고 디자인, 포토샵 디자인, 제품 디자인 Feb 22, 2018 Feb 22, 20184일 12시간 $20
External Design for Smart, Self Heating, Floating Mug for a Company named Zesteno We are looking for the External Design of our product new unique mug business. INTRODUCTION: Mug description and features: - Automated Self heating (keeping perfect temperature for your tea or coffee) - Floating (to create it's own coaster, please refer to pictures) - Finest materials, high quality - Modern and Unique design - Target group(high end market, affluent people, high b... 18 3D 디자인, 컨셉트 디자인, 창작적인 디자인, 패션 디자인, 그래픽 디자인 Feb 22, 2018 Feb 22, 201811시간 23분 $100
3D animator & Concept artist for VideoGames ESP/ENG We are looking for 3D animators to work full with Rigging to work in a small full-time video game development studio. Professional and dedicated in his work. The highly polished animations. Send portfolio to evaluate * Conceptual artist is also sought ***********************************Spanish****************************** Estamos buscando animadores 3D para trabajo completo con Ri... 28 에니메이션, 마야, 컨셉트 디자인, 3D 애니메이션, 컨셉 아트 Feb 17, 2018 Feb 17, 2018종료 $497
Go Crazy with your creativity - iOS app prototype All the crazy, stupid, not so cool or superb cool ideas, concepts, all are welcome. Please refer to the attached PDF. Objectives ------------------ This contest is to show off your creativity without worrying about technical feasibilities. You will be creating or designing an iOS app prototype using tools of your choices. Requirements ---------------------- Design an iOS app to help tar... 2 앱 설계, 컨셉트 디자인, 창작적인 디자인, 사용자 경험 디자인, 사용자 인터페이스 디자인 Feb 14, 2018 Feb 14, 20186일 $75
Header/Banner/Image/Logo type Contest Hi all, I am designing a new blog (personal blog) about various life decisions and experiences and emotions. It is titled StrandedReflections - (tag line will go here possibly afterwards). Basically its about life and the choices we make to get out of the ruts in life, to take back lost passion and desire for life, find this misplaced passion, and succeed become a better person. But it also h... 3 컨셉트 디자인, 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이터, 포토샵, 워드프레스 Feb 14, 2018 Feb 14, 201810일 16시간 $40
Redesign ave render a tiny home. I'm starting a tiny home project and I need professional design help. Someone who wouldn't mind working until the project is completed. There will be more to come. 49 건물 건축, 홈 디자인, 컨셉트 디자인, AutoCAD, 조경 설계 Feb 12, 2018 Feb 12, 2018종료 $147
Design a Commuter Style Electric Bicycle We are a small start up that is working on bringing a commuter style electric bike to the marketplace. Our company has experience in mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering however we need a product designer / concept artist to help create the visual appearance of the bicycle. We would like to work alongside a concept artist / product designer to help bring our product to life. We have... 21 산업 디자인, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인, 제품 디자인, 컨셉 아트 Feb 10, 2018 Feb 10, 2018종료 $1214
pencil sketches of Indian epic - Mahabharata (around 1000) I would need more than thousand pencil sketches Indian epic - Mahabharatha. It would be a long term engagement if it works out between us. While writing me back, please mention your rate for per picture. This will make our work easy. Negotiation should be in Indian Rupees. 20 일러스트레이터, 예술 및 공예품, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인, 풍자만화 & 만화 Feb 10, 2018 Feb 10, 2018종료 $94
Concept Artist/ Digital Matte Paint Artist Looking for concept artist to work for a 3D Animation Short Film up to 10 concepts, Digital Matte Paint Budget 15-20k inr at the max 17 그래픽 디자인, 컨셉트 디자인, 디지털 디자인, 컨셉 아트, Sketching Feb 9, 2018 Feb 9, 2018종료 $496
Animal drawings We are a company that produces art packages for all ages. We need an artist who will draw qualitative paintings of animals i.e. dogs, cats, horses etc. in order to establish puzzles. 44 일러스트레이터, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인, 풍자만화 & 만화, 비주얼 아트 Feb 8, 2018 Feb 8, 2018종료 $36
Creative designer wanted to design abstract quiz questions for students Creative designer wanted to design abstract quiz questions for students 30 그래픽 디자인, 포토샵, 일러스트레이터, 컨셉트 디자인, 포토샵 디자인 Feb 7, 2018 Feb 7, 2018종료 $128
Help Design a Commuter Electric Bicycle We are a small start up that is working on bringing a commuter style electric bike to the marketplace. Our company has experience in mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering however we need a product designer to help create the visual appearance of the bicycle. We would like someone to help design the bike frame starting from sketches to a 3D model. The design process will include creat... 50 솔리드 웍스, 기계 공학, 메카트로닉스, 컨셉트 디자인, 3D 모델링 Feb 7, 2018 Feb 7, 2018종료 $1070
Develop a marketing concept/script for my product video so i can create a successful promotional video I am a start-up floor tile and grout color renewing unique services in UAE. We need a video to present the type of problem our customer had in their floor tiles and direct them to us as the best and only solution provider for their floor tile problems. We need something professional that really captures our target audience. This video we are hoping to share on our social channels to help with vira... 16 마케팅, 후 효과, 컨셉트 디자인, 문예 창작, 비디오 제작 Feb 6, 2018 Feb 6, 2018종료 $247
브랜딩, 컨셉트 디자인, 기업의 정체성, 그래픽 디자인, 로고 디자인 Feb 2, 2018 Feb 2, 20187일 16시간
Redesign iOud box and packaging Full solution (box, bage, base, burners...ets) [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] 36 컨셉트 디자인, 제품 디자인, 창작적인 디자인, 패키지 디자인 Jan 31, 2018 Jan 31, 2018종료 $892
I need a powerpoint designer My company, Ayoslide is a lock screen advertising application to help brands target android phone users with more in-depth user engagement. 61 그래픽 디자인, 파워포인트, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인, 컨셉 아트 Jan 30, 2018 Jan 30, 2018종료 $92
Fantasy Art Contest: Brans Entertainment: Hydra My name is Cristiaan Brans. Brans Entertainment is my non-profit, one-man company with which I try to stimulate art and creativity around the globe. Each month Brans Entertainment ([url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.]) is giving artists all over the world a chance to show off their creativity, talent and craftsmanship. The winner of the contest will win EUR 150,- in exchange for their piece of art. I hope t... 38 풍자만화 & 만화, 컨셉 아트, 컨셉트 디자인, 일러스트, 일러스트레이터 Jan 29, 2018 Jan 29, 20183일 12시간 $184
Furniture Design Need to conceive, develop and deliver a furniture design solution to your own brief demonstrating a high level of completeness, professionalism and design resolution. Will need to ensure you demonstrate how the design will improve future homes More information to be discussed along the project. 45 홈 디자인, 컨셉트 디자인, 실내 디자인, 가구 디자인, 가구 조립 Jan 29, 2018 Jan 29, 2018종료 $135
Design project I need a 3D model of something. Am a security expert and consultant. My organisation is looking to design special highway security toll gate system . 42 산업 디자인, 3D 랜더링, 컨셉트 디자인, 제조 디자인, 회로 설계 Jan 28, 2018 Jan 28, 2018종료 $423
Corporate Identity for Recruitment Platform Company Job Badge requires the service of a qualified graphic designer to support the development of a corporate visual identity for Job Badge mainly the logo and other corporate identity visuals which should captures the values and mission of Job Badge and should be a distinctive and memorable. Kindly check attached RFP 27 그래픽 디자인, 로고 디자인, 포토샵, 일러스트레이터, 컨셉트 디자인 Jan 28, 2018 Jan 28, 2018종료 $138
Banner Design We need a creative Design for a standing banner to be placed outside the restuarant. A graphic design that promotes students discounts as the restuarant is located infront of schools 48 배너 디자인, 컨셉트 디자인, 광고 디자인, 간판 디자인, Sales Promotion Jan 28, 2018 Jan 28, 2018종료 $25
Story Board painter I need to hire a freelance Storyboard painter It has a beautiful look for colors He has a previous business at reasonable prices 19 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이터, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인, 풍자만화 & 만화 Jan 27, 2018 Jan 27, 2018종료 $87
Concept Drawing for Electric Motorcycle I need some concept drawings for an electric motorcycle idea, some basic drawing ideas will be provided. 15 컨셉트 디자인 Jan 27, 2018 Jan 27, 2018종료 $121
3D 랜더링, 컨셉트 디자인, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 디자인 Jan 26, 2018 Jan 26, 2018종료
Health app Design and create a health app that has user friendly interface and backend infographics of engagement, happiness/stress/ overal wellbeing survey results, productivity and health. User inferface must contain 6 diferent cathegories: food diary, exercise log and videos/pdfs, relaxation techniques (mindful bell), guided breathing exercises, emotional release, guided meditations / 3d nature environme... 7 컨셉트 디자인, 스페인어, 앱 설계, 앱 개발자, 소프트웨어 개발 Jan 25, 2018 Jan 25, 2018종료 $198
Storyboard frame from screenplay for a film Looking for an artist illustrator to draw up some frames for a storyboard from a screenplay for a film. Basic black and white illustration drawings for the storyboard. draw storyboard artist 28 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이터, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인, 풍자만화 & 만화 Jan 25, 2018 Jan 25, 2018종료 $137
Design my company´s façade and windows/doors We are an IT company called "Infomach", and provide cybersecurity for other companies (Antivirus, firewall, backup in Cloud, etc). We recently moved to a new place (the company here before was 'Mares Construtora'), with 2 big mirrored windows façades, a small billboard, a glass front door and some other glasses doors (pictures attached). I need someone to make the design... 21 3D 디자인, Adobe Illustrator, 컨셉트 디자인, 기업의 정체성, 그래픽 디자인 Jan 24, 2018 오늘2일 12시간 $120
The Grum Reapur Hi my name is Brad and I have just started my own business within the growing designer toy market looking to expand my team. We will be selling products based around our character 'The Grum Reapur' a cute little version of the grim reaper. We are currently building a team of people to work alongside and this includes comic illustrators. The sort of imagery I'm looking for is a bi... 30 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이터, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인, 풍자만화 & 만화 Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 2018종료 $198
branding fo a award Hello i need help with research for Mock Ups and make a full plan 22 연구, 포토샵, 일러스트레이터, 컨셉트 디자인, 디자인 Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 2018종료 $34
Make a proposal for a client You have to make a proposal for potential brands for marketing purposes specifically in-movie advertising. NOTE: Maximum budget is $50-$100 Will share more details to the selected freelancer. Please show any past work that you may have done related to this. 12 포토샵, 컨셉트 디자인, 제안/입찰 쓰기, 콘텐츠 작성, Content Marketing Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 2018종료 $83
Drawing - Artist Impression required for a new event We are launching a new event on the Auckland Waterfront and need someone to sketch up an artist impression based on our brief. Prefer someone in the Auckland area (NZ) so we can meet face to face and discuss which are the important elements. Need this to happen this week ideally. 12 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이터, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인, 풍자만화 & 만화 Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 2018종료 $98
User manuals and product documentation InDesign user documentation, user manuals, user guides, technical specifications, sales-sheets, engineering, engineering support, mechanical design, new product development, technical documentation, technical writing, technical illustration, page layout, Adobe InDesign, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. 27 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이터, 어도비 인디자인, 컨셉트 디자인, 안내책자 디자인 Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 2018종료 $2250
sketches for a game need sketches done for my game 37 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이터, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인, 풍자만화 & 만화 Jan 19, 2018 Jan 19, 2018종료 $33
Car Drawings I am looking for the top illustrators in the US that would like consistent work driven by a unique marketing concept. Attached are three versions of drawings I am looking for. Each will be different and details will be given using detailed photography. Categories will include Cars, Boats and Motorcycles primarily. At this point, I am trying to secure illustrators who have the skills and would... 16 컨셉트 디자인, 3D 모델링 Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 2018종료 $235
Architecture Design of heritage village ( hospitality ) منتجع سياحي: يتي يأخذ الطابع الإسلامي / التقليدي التراثي يوحي للزائر انه داخل قرية تراثية مبنية على الطراز القديم العُماني ويغلب على التصميم البساطة وخلق بيئة بدوية يوحي للزائر بانه في مكان بعيد عن الترف واضوضاء يشبه بيئة الصحراء المواصفات المشروع؛ الارض ١٨٠٠٠ الف متر مربع نرى ان تسقطع في وسط الارض مساحة لا يقل عن ٢٠٠٠ متر لعمل حديقة حيوانات كمزار لساكنين مع انشاء عن لا يقل ١٠ بيو... 32 3D 디자인, 3D 랜더링, AutoCAD, 건물 건축, 컨셉트 디자인 Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20181일 10시간 $330
I need a graphics designer I need a graphics designer (expertise in environmental designs will be preferred)...Able to conceptualise based on scope-of-work and brief provided. 23 그래픽 디자인, 컨셉트 디자인, 디자인, Adobe Illustrator Jan 16, 2018 Jan 16, 2018종료 $100
One Battle Royale Project Name: One Battle Royale One Battle Royale is a player versus player (PvP) action game that fight in a battle royale, a type of large-scale last man standing deathmatch where players fight to remain the last alive. Description: The game will start with 50 people and will come across the sky in helicopters, can jump at any point on the map, and fly by map etc. The game will be mobile a... 5 C 프로그래밍, Mobile App Development, 3D 랜더링, 컨셉트 디자인, 3D 모델링 Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 2018종료 $6800
Storyboard Artist for a feature film Flickbag INC is looking for a talented freelance sketch artist to support storyboard development for our new feature project. The goal will be to quickly develop sketches that adequately describe the scene based on the script which shall be provided at the time of hire. 28 일러스트레이터, 에니메이션, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인, 풍자만화 & 만화 Jan 13, 2018 Jan 13, 2018종료 $2062
Presentation PPT file for Company profile With Content We are Technology solution provider and we need a Company corporate Profile and description for product for end client with content should be unique and easy to understand below point covers. 1.) Company Intro 2.) Network Solutions 3.) CCTV - Surveillance Solutions 4.) Communication (IP-PBX) Solutions 5.) Access Control 6.) Software - our in house develop software details share later 37 포토샵, 파워포인트, 컨셉트 디자인, 콘텐츠 작성, Content Strategy Jan 8, 2018 Jan 8, 2018종료 $147
Artist Sketch of new House builder Hi, I need a sketch of a new homes development, I have an image of the house style and need a sketch (grey scale) of the house with tree's and the writing Hampton Gardens This must be hand drawn I do not want the image converting as it only to show an example of the house style 30 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이터, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인, 풍자만화 & 만화 Jan 8, 2018 Jan 8, 2018종료 $51
creative Product design required Needs nice pencil scribbles for a nice product design. You can go wild with your creativity. Need good ideas for now.. 13 컨셉트 디자인, 풍자만화 & 만화, 제조 디자인, 제품 디자인, 창작적인 디자인 Jan 7, 2018 Jan 7, 2018종료 $22
Need product packaging/label designer Hi, I need someone who's good at label designer for product bottles and face cream bottles. Pl share your portfolio to be considered. Urgent. 31 그래픽 디자인, 컨셉트 디자인, 제조 디자인, 제품 디자인, 라벨 디자인 Jan 2, 2018 Jan 2, 2018종료 $103
Concept Art & illustration for Game We are looking for a concept artist/illustrator to create many artworks based on text descriptions given to them. This could be a long-term project depending on how things workout based on your initial screening process. We are looking for artists who can design Character Designs, Environments, and props and other accessories based on given description. We will have an initial screening p... 38 포토샵, 일러스트레이터, 일러스트, 컨셉트 디자인 Dec 30, 2017 Dec 30, 2017종료 $18
Design my two bedroom spaces I am looking for someone who has a keen eye on interior design and can help me express my interests in my house. My bedrooms is about 15 x 20ft with 8ft ceilings. I am a world traveler and my style preference would be described as mid-century modern meets east-Asian eclectic. I love fun textures, color and art. The rooms need to have a finished look. Use some existing furniture but you can be ... 57 컨셉트 디자인, 실내 디자인 Dec 27, 2017 Dec 27, 2017종료 $172
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