Database programming falls into three categories: maintenance, data processing and programming. The programming portion is the creation of bespoke database for an application that allows for the application to interact with it. The bulk of work for a database programmer however, is the maintenance. Troubleshooting issues, recovering data and providing technical support provide a continuous employment for database professionals.

Processing the data is the importing, organizing and translating of data into the database. The programmer will write scripts to this effect, and perform daily checks on the database. This provides feedback in terms of any maintenance that is required.

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    I am looking for an expert in Python Programming

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    Database work 6 일 left

    Need a freelancer who knows about Ms excel Ms word etc. and conversion of images to pdf.

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    Instructor of MS Access required right now. I need to do the below and others and build Access system by myself so please guide me on the screen. 1. Create DB tables in MS Access and export all the data from MS Excel to MS Access. 2. Create Macro, Query, VB, relationship and build DB system as I want.. This is Project Management DB system. Version MS Access 2019. System Language is in English bu...

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    C or C++ project 6 일 left

    C or C++ Assignment to implement and design an authentication and access control library. I will send u more info giving docx file once u get ready to work on this. More Details will be shared with the chosen coder

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    Preciso de sistema para cadastro informações brutas (texto, números ) com informações tais como: Cliente, Dados do Equipamento, Nome do procedimento utilizado, Nome do equipamento utilizado, resultados , condições ambientais, Data, executante. Os valores Dos resultados devem ser enviados ao Excel onde faço são realizados cálcul...

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    I need a coder proficient in SQL to help with a small excel project involving writing queries.

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    Hello i have open source data and i need the formula for it. to build a calculator

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    Must have an er diagram as well as the script and dummy data with project report.

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    Need a Video based android application. With login, registration and video upload features.

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    I need a php expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

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    $20 - $169
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    I need the Python and Machine learning expert needed for multiple jobs. Details will be shared.

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    $20 - $169
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    I need a tutor for my database class. I need someone who are experienced with sql and postgres sql

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    Hello I need an expert in Computer Science with expertise in ERD, DBMS etc If you have expertise in the same please apply. No companies or teams please.

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    7 입찰


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    Instructor of MS Access required now. I need to do the below and others and build Access system by myself so please guide me on the screen. 1. Create DB tables in MS Access and export all the data from MS Excel to MS Access. 2. Create Form, Report, Macro, Query, VB, relationship and build DB system as I order. This is Project Management DB system. The system needs to be compatible with both of t...

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    relational database management , data analysis, star schema, database

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    I am developing a data center for which I am looking for an expert to provide expertise to set you core Data center with API integration model, which can help move data from universal software, Application and various digital machines. Some one who has worked on ANYPOINT MULES software, STITCH or any other API data integration.

    $20 - $170
    $20 - $170
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    La idea de la pagina es conectar conductores de camiones con personas que necesiten realizar trasteos dentro y fuera de la ciudad, vehiculos tipo carriers con personas que necesiten sus servicios de entregas de productos o mercancías. * Conectar empresas de transporte con conductores para llevar carga por todo el país (vehículos de carga) FUNCIONAMIENTO, los afiliados se regi...

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    1. Please create DB tables in MS Access and export all the data from MS Excel to MS Access. 2. Create Form, Report, Macro, Query, VB, relationship and build DB system as I order. This is Project Management DB system. The system needs to be compatible with both of the MS Access 365 and 2019. The original data contains Japanese language.

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    Expert in Python 5 일 left

    I am looking for an expert in Python programming Language

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    Database Expert Advice 5 일 left

    It is planned to develop a messenger that stores all information on a server (later cluster/cloud of servers). The amount of messages is significant and exceeds the amount of table rows permitted by MySQL. Apparently there is no perfect solution, but a small number of good solutions. We want to find such a good solution and prevent the building of a legacy with a bad solution. Which is why we woul...

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    Betreuung einer dBase DOS Anwendung zur Auftragsbearbeitung.

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    I was given a sports club scenario and I need to create a ERD diagram for class. I will provide you the notes of the sports scenario

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    I want to upload an excel with lot of information using a web form, most important on this is the "username" and "kills" i will upload the excel every week and the "kills" of the username should increase in each new excel. finally i want to show two views with: username, kills 3 weeks ago, kills 2 weeks ago, kills 1 week ago. group by username and order by top "k...

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    We need a Call-Center solution that will be used as a communications center that provides a single point of contact (SPOC) between a company and its customers, employees and business partners. Purpose of the solution is to ensure that customers receive appropriate help and necessary updated information in a timely manner. The system shall: • Allow agents (with different privileges) to login,...

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    I am going to create a ERD for database. I will share the text of the logic.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows.

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    I have to make one report and I am going to do it by Microsoft access form So If anybody has enough skill of Microsoft Access form and report function, please bid now. Thanks.

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    bbdd sql 2005 a 2019 4 일 left

    Tengo un servidor con sql 2005 y ya migre la bbdd a otro servidor 2019 con sql 2017, las bbdd estan migradas pero no puedo hacer conectar los clientes ni el propio servidor a la bbdd por coenxion odbc,, me ayudais.

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    Need to build a [로그인하시면, URL을 확인하실 수 있습니다.] database must contain information about person which he use in his resume/cv (curriculum vitae). Also API which "speaks" in JSON format and which provides next dynamic processes: 1. Send information to database. 2. receive information from database. 3. edit information in database.

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    Please place bid only after reading this, i dont want anyone to change price after discussion , tell me the price for only given work there no extra work 1)add two more sections of categories on fron page- = farm cart and sell product to merchant only categories will be on front page no any ads 2)conditions on listing entry page 1) item condition,2) is shop these two options will be display only...

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    We have a file that is received daily to an email, we need to capture the attached file in .csv format and move query specific fields and place detailed summaries into a Database. We only seek someone with the skills to manage an inbound email to our email server and has knowledge and skill to automate this to a database and create a report breakdown of select fields. We only seek experienced de...

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    Laravel to mongodb configuration Currently Lara yin’s using mysql of 2 databases Now required out which one databases needs to be configured to mongodb Preferably someone who can start the job immediately and to work on remote

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    Database Developer Needed - SQL, MySQL, Access and others Must know Technical writing No plagiarism.

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    7 입찰

    Necesitamos comparar diversas bases de datos para encontrar diferencias. Recientemente, realizamos una migración de base de datos y hemos descubierto que una tabla se migró sin valores en uno de los campos. We need to comparte several sql databases and find out differences. Recently, we did a migration using sqlpackage and found out that a field of a table have null values on th...

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    push mysql to sql server 3 일 left

    data is stored in mysql workbench. I would like to push all the tables and views from one db into sql server. Can use python or whatever you need.

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    15 입찰

    I have a program which is fetching products from other websites and is migrating that fetched products in my shopware database. Somehow my database doesn t allow me as a cpanel user to migrate data into the database. This needs to be solved. Here you can download the program: [로그인하시면, URL을 확인하실 수 있습니다.],39374083

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    I need the output data (see img [로그인하시면, URL을 확인하실 수 있습니다.]) for all addresses in a zip code. I have the address data already. Im looking for offers on pulling the data and compiling it in a csv file or creating an api/program that will do the same. [로그인하시면, URL을 확인하실 수 있습니다.] > Mass Address input > 3 outputs collected per input (~250k addresses)

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    I need a Database Administration, Oracle expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

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    Criar um robô que entre automaticamente em apostas ao vivo no site bet365. a estrategia já existe e hoje roda manualmente, como é um mercado que roda o dia inteiro tenho interesse em criar um robô que com base na minha estrategia ele faça as entradas pré determinadas e as saídas pré determinadas.

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    Please make document for our large-scale VM migration project. We need to communicate with many BU SPOC, application owners. We are trying to migrate about 3,000 servers. Contact List, Task Assignment Sheet, Time Chart, Server List are required. Please build database system to manage migration process. We already have server list which contains all the servers and their contents and status. So pl...

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    Hi, Required an performance tuning expert who is well versed with oracle 12c RAC DB. with 10 + years. experience. Need 10-15 hours of PT advise. Appreciate the response. Thanks

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    Potrzebuję na już (in 2 hours) pomocy w wykonaniu 2 zadań w Rstudio (bayessian network and linear regression). Więcej szczegółów przekażę w wiadomości.

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    Per realizzazione di un modulo di workflow in piattaforma J2EE, si cerca: PROFILO: Analista – Programmatore full stack Java Enterprise per progetto, autonomo con esperienza sia front-end che back-end per realizzare un componente centrale per progetto commissionato dal cliente. Attività richiesta: Realizzazione di una parte di sistema, già parzialmente progettato in dettaglio, p...

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    I have all data and folder; my target is to extract all user, courses, photos, files and exercise links from the data, and get it as Moodle backup

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    I am an entrepreneur trying to help small businesses transition from paper-based systems to digital systems. In that regard, I need a two-screen app developed in Flutter which can connect and interact with multiple databases including Airtable, Tally DB and Google Sheets. The app needs to have one master login for one client and allow the client to create multiple sub-user logins and allow managem...

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    Leok-sites 1 일 left

    Eu tenho um site que tem recebido mais acessos que o host compartilhado consegue suportar, preciso transferir ele para um vps, e também preciso otimizar porque está executando muitas requisições no Banco de Dados.

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    MySQL Phase I 1 일 left

    Phase I entails the transfer of an excel spreadsheet into a MySql database. Once completed, the database will be integrated into a third-party analytics platform either ZOHO or DataPine for ongoing dashboard development. After this initial test, an ongoing schedule of database development will be discussed a planned through JIRA.

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    NDA (비밀 유지 계약서)
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    database small work 1 일 left

    hi i need someone expert professional in database SQL query language in general all database type to do small work thank you

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    40 입찰