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Clickstream Analysis using Hadoop and Kafka or AWS I want to create a sample project for assignment to analyze clickstream data from a website using hadoop and Kafka or on AWS using Kinesis and EMR. I don't have the website and neither the data. Sample data can be used. 9 Python, NoSQL 카우치 및 몽고, 아마존 웹 Services, 하둡, Elasticsearch Oct 24, 2017 오늘6일 21시간 $135
Voting project (attached requirementd doc) - open to bidding Please let me know if you can or might have already done this project for a fixed bid. Please confirm before you start and/or provide the solution 8 자바 스크립트, 리눅스, J2EE, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, Elasticsearch Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 20175일 19시간 $188
Online exam and question bank Software Component [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] Exam Engine [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] question bank portal Students. ------------------------------- Give exam. Flag any doubt full question during taking the exam. Faculty --------------------------- Faculty registration. Unique id : NAME College Subjects he is interested to add questions. Add questions in the system – Re... 18 SQL, 아마존 웹 Services, Angular.js, Elasticsearch Oct 22, 2017 Oct 22, 20175일 19시간 $872
Back End Developer -- 2 - 21/10/2017 18:55 EDT Video Site Project - understand the cron and the project overall and what we try to achieve. - Fix thumbnails - Server edit ( hosting ) - Elastic search : Script bd to elastic - Checker if video offline - CRON that recheck if new video - index de sitemap - Backend for manage video : edit title , edit content , delete , search - memcache , cache request for 30 seconds sql - do the sear... 16 PHP, 자바 스크립트, MySQL, 웹 호스팅, Elasticsearch Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20174일 15시간 $482
Hire an Android Developer Looking for a full stack android developer who can design UI/UX, develop and host the app. The app has to search other users and lit results based on preference of both (a dating app). Also need to list the distance (between the searched users) in ascending order and options to watch their short profile and option to show interest by clicking on 'Interested'. The other person must be a... 11 안드로이드, 지리적 위치, Elasticsearch, Full Stack Development Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20173일 3시간 $494
Mongo DB Expert Its a data scientist role + Manage the data model + build reports. Must have long proven experience in Mongo DB - The more experience /certifications you have the more attractive! Convert SQL server DB model to MongoDB. Build reports on Mongo DB model using Slamdata This is full time position for 1~3 months according to quality of working. 15 NoSQL 카우치 및 몽고, MySQL, node.js, Elasticsearch Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20172일 9시간 $1344
I would like to hire a Spark Developer Skills Required: Spark, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, AWS while posting the project. 4 자바, 아마존 웹 Services, 하둡, Elasticsearch Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 20171일 18시간 $49
A web application needs to be modified in node.js I need an expert developer who can help me modify an existing web application developed in [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] The tech stack is : [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] m-charts mongo-db python 15 자바 스크립트, Python, NoSQL 카우치 및 몽고, node.js, Elasticsearch Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 20171일 10시간 $492
Basic MongoDB project- Urgent Need an MongoDB expert Budget- 35$ 8 NoSQL 카우치 및 몽고, MySQL, node.js, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 20177시간 32분 $25
Build a blockchain search engine I am looking to build a search engine built on the blockchain. At this point I am looking for someone to architect the structure with the bitcoin ideas. Later we might integrate with Elasticsearch. What I need now is: I am looking for a written description of the plan. 4 Bitcoin, Elasticsearch, Blockchain, Ethereum Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 20177시간 2분 $55
Creating MONGODB OPS MANAGER DASHBOARD FOR MONGO CLUSTER Need help with setting up MongoDB OPS Manager DashBoard for MongoDB Cluster. I want someone who has previously setup MongoDB OPS Manager in an Amazon Enterprise Environment 2 리눅스, NoSQL 카우치 및 몽고, MySQL, 아마존 웹 Services, Elasticsearch Oct 15, 2017 Oct 15, 2017종료 $192
I need a web developer. Our business is developing a platform with REST front-end that communicates with elasticsearch and also a backend. We want to use gentelella for our layout. For profiling and managing users we will maintain a sqlite that communicates with backend. 59 자바 스크립트, Python, HTML, Elasticsearch Oct 11, 2017 Oct 11, 2017종료 $7020
ideas for blockchain search engine I am building a search engine using open source utilizing lucene and elasticsearch and others. I am looking to add blockchain technology wherever I can. I am looking for someone inventive to explain to me in writing how we can use blockchain, from tracking members to using our own email system, to using memory for blockchain, accepting payments or using blockchain in accounting practice. You a... 8 인터넷 마케팅, SEO, 잠재 고객 정보, Bitcoin, Elasticsearch Oct 8, 2017 Oct 8, 2017종료 $12
Python with Django Developers required for Bangalore onsite location Looking for Python developers with an experience from 4 to 8 yrs having below skills for full time for our Bangalore facility. Degree in Information Systems or Computer Science or similar 4 to 8 years working experience Exceptional attention to detail Strong understanding of software design and development principles OO Design SDLC SOA / Micro Services Proficient in the following languag... 8 Python, 루비 온 레일즈, 장고, 소프트웨어 개발, Elasticsearch Oct 8, 2017 Oct 8, 2017종료 $10
elastic search writer Looking for blogger-developers with lots of experience writing about Elastic Search. You will be invited as a guest blogger and paid for your contributions. Our content director will work with you on topic outlines, and put your submissions through a funnel where it will be edited for English narrative and technical competency. When your piece is published, you get paid. We pay well. If you have... 16 블로그, Article Writing, NoSQL 카우치 및 몽고, Elasticsearch Oct 3, 2017 Oct 3, 2017종료 $284
Build a db driver for Metabase to access elastic search 5.X Looking for a developer familiar with Clojure, ElasticSearch and Metabase to create a DB driver for metabase to allow access to Elastic Search queries. Take a look at this for more info: [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] An example driver for MongoDB is located here: [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] : 4 데이터베이스 개발, Elasticsearch Oct 1, 2017 Oct 1, 2017종료 $2250
Ecommerce implementation Send to Messenger button We need to put the checkbox "Send to Messenger" [1] feature in a product page of an e-commerce via Google Tag Manager under the "Buy" button identifying the "#buy-button" div. When user clicks on the “Add to Cart” button of the e-commerce with the checkbox of "Send to Messenger" selected, and automatically through a Facebook Page we send the p... 10 PHP, 자바 스크립트, Elasticsearch, Facebook API Sep 27, 2017 Sep 27, 2017종료 $66
FullStack needed - React, Redux, Node.js, Elasticsearch, MongoDB Looking for experienced fullstack javascript developers for long term full time employment (at least 6 months). Join an existing team of 4 elite developers, building the next generation of marketing automation technology. This contract requires you to be a javascript master with wide experience in React - Redux, and Node.js. The basic architecture for the app: React + Redux Web Applica... 19 자바 스크립트, node.js, Redis, Elasticsearch, React.js Sep 24, 2017 Sep 24, 2017종료 $2636
Hire a Mobile App Developer I would like to establish an app to search and show relative results according to the keyword relevance. It is basically to input symptoms (keywords from a lookup table - search field) and show diagnosis according to the relevance (exact match, best match, possible two-three different diagnosis with same relevance with the keywords, etc.) 54 Mobile App Development, Elasticsearch, Keyword Research Sep 23, 2017 오늘종료 $1358
Research search for search engines Need someone with the skills to find information I am looking for. I am building a search engine to compete against Google. The normal way to do this is to collect all of the websites on the internet. The problem is the cost of storing the data is to expensive. I need to apply the 80/20 principle. 80% of the visitors will be served by 20% of the data. 80% of the data will be needed for only ... 18 연구, 과학 연구, 인터넷 조사, Elasticsearch Sep 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017종료 $4
Build a website where users can search data! Looking for website programmers for a new site that allows users to search data! Data is uploaded from a share drive directly, and users can rate the data, comment, share and recommend! 79 PHP, 웹사이트 디자인, 그래픽 디자인, HTML, Elasticsearch Sep 12, 2017 Sep 12, 2017종료 $255
NativeScript app with nodejs back-end NativeScript app (Android and iOS) connecting to nodejs APIs that use data in a Postgres db. 30 자바 스크립트, node.js, 익스프레스 JS, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch Sep 4, 2017 Sep 4, 2017종료 $14395
Docker - Dajngo developing/production environment setup I need a Docker environment setup for a web portal in Django. We need to integrate: nginx - web server Redis - cashing server gunicorn - app server PostgreSQL - database django python3.x - Elasticsearch git - for the code on [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] - GULP and sass for frontend development jQuery. We need the development setup as well as production. 12 장고, Elasticsearch, Git, Docker Aug 31, 2017 Aug 31, 2017종료 $471
I would like to hire a PHP Developer Short brief about project: 1. Crawlers: to crawl content from 10 k websites and FB profiles and pages 2. Analyser on elasticsearch: analyse crawled content and prioritise in dashboard 3. Collaboration: user acc, rights, comments, fact checking. 68 PHP, 웹 스크랩핑, MySQL, 심포니 PHP, Elasticsearch Aug 30, 2017 Aug 30, 2017종료 $33164
search engine algorithm we are looking to build our own search engine like Google, Bing or Yandex. We are looking for an expert who has a method that could be employed to do this. One of the problems we would need to overcome is the volume of searches that need to be done in a day, let's say over 10 million. Elasticsearch is not fast enough or able to handle the volume of searches we need to be prepared for. 22 알고리즘, Apache Solr, C++ 프로그래밍, Elasticsearch Aug 24, 2017 Aug 24, 2017종료 $1463
Logstash Project 1) Analyse the application logs. 2) Send to ElasticSearch via Logstash. 3) Build meaningful graphs on Kibana. 3 Elasticsearch Aug 24, 2017 Aug 24, 2017종료 $18
Big Data Architect I have a request for a Big Data Architect with relocation to Netherland till 31st December, with possible extension. Flights and Accommodation are paid. Tasks · Define and evangelize the short-term and long-term vision on information architecture and data · Identify the right balance in the way data governance and information architecture is conducted for small- and large-scale... 12 빅 데이터, 하둡, Elasticsearch, 스파크 Aug 23, 2017 오늘종료 $43
Project for Everlytics Data Science Hi winnow1, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 4 통계, 기계 학습, , 빅 데이터, 하둡, Elasticsearch Aug 19, 2017 Aug 19, 2017종료 $30
Full Stack developer required to build a Social network ground up - Ruby on Rails preferred Looking for a rails developer for 2 month project to reach MVP. Track record of architecting and developing Rails based web app serving a 100,000 + users. We will provide HTML pages. Developers responsibility will be to build the app and take it to production. We expect proficiency in Ruby, MongoDB, SQL, AWS, Elastic Search and working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS. About the Product - We wa... 19 루비 온 레일즈, NoSQL 카우치 및 몽고, MySQL, Elasticsearch Aug 16, 2017 Aug 16, 2017종료 $1812
Elasticsearch Index Definition We need an Index Definition that will allow users to look up addresses similar to the one on the UK Royal Mail website 16 .NET, Elasticsearch Aug 11, 2017 Aug 11, 2017종료 $711
AWS architecture setup- API gateway, Token based Authentication, etc. Setup ElasicSearch, API gateway, token based authentication on AWS. 12 클라우드 컴퓨팅, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, 아마존 웹 Services, Elasticsearch Aug 7, 2017 Aug 7, 2017종료 $3230
setup elasticsearch with index on docker Hello I want somebody to setup a docker file or docker compose file for the following: elasticsearch version 5.4.3 include x-pack and setup a user and password mount data and log folders to the host (data and logs should persist on restart) create index (fields will be given) the index should achieve google like search (search will include miss typed words in results) I will do the... 2 Elasticsearch, Docker Aug 2, 2017 Aug 2, 2017종료 $17
Build a Website I would like create a Solar photovoltaics dashboard system for industry-scale solar energy owners and operators. That system would have a dashboard to monitor solar energy production levels and alarms in real time. Analyze and compare operational and financial data across the inverters. The system should consolidate and supports solar PV equipment of all leading brands like: Solar-Log Fron... 87 PHP, 자바, 자바 스크립트, 웹사이트 디자인, Elasticsearch Aug 1, 2017 Aug 1, 2017종료 $2368
Create Elasticsearch Index with Tokenizers, Analyzers and mappings with optimized query. BUDGET: £100 or 132$ START: IMMEDIATE START I need a someone who is highly experienced with elasticsearch and fully understands the way elasticsearch tokenizes, analyzes and indexes documents, You should also be very comfortable with the elasticsearch query dsl. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... 7 빅 데이터, Elasticsearch Jul 31, 2017 Jul 31, 2017종료 $265
Build a Website -- 2 Java and Scala developers wanted to create an Ecommerce website 14 자바, 전자 상거래, 스칼라, Elasticsearch, 카산드라 Jul 30, 2017 Jul 30, 2017종료 $3240
Build a Website Java and Scala developers wanted to create an Ecommerce website 37 자바, 전자 상거래, 스칼라, Elasticsearch, 카산드라 Jul 30, 2017 Jul 30, 2017종료 $53327
Elasticsearch Task: Migrate data from Elastic Search version 0.90 to version 5.3. Problem: We have installed Elasticsearch - 0.90 with some indexes and are trying to migrate to Elasticsearch-5.3. However we are losing some index data in the process. 7 자바, Elasticsearch Jul 25, 2017 Jul 25, 2017종료 $134
Elasticsearch Task: Migrate data from Elastic Search version 0.90 to version 5.3. Problem: We have installed Elasticsearch - 0.90 with some indexes and are trying to migrate to Elasticsearch-5.3. However we are losing some index data in the process. 10 자바, Elasticsearch Jul 25, 2017 Jul 25, 2017종료 $152
Fetch data from ElasticSearch server and do some analytics on it Create APIs and endpoints to handle data requests. Also create MYSQL table structure fro storing customer data. Based on the API hit, do the following steps: 1. Fetch data from a known MySQL server 2. Parse in ElasticSearch 3. Prepare JSON 4. Respond to endpoint Sample Request-Response format will be shared later. To create a MySQL table structure, entries for the table will be shared ... 13 Python, 빅 데이터, 웹 로그 분석, Elasticsearch, 제이손(JSON) Jul 18, 2017 Jul 18, 2017종료 $353
Write code to send a POST request to ElasticSearch server On every event trigger that you receive via an API or via an interrupt, send a POST request to a known ElasticSearch server. The request should be in JSON format containing the following data: { "timestamp":"<UTC Format>" "transducer_id":"ARE01" "transducer_state":"1" "location":"bedroom" } All the pa... 13 Python, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, RESTful, Elasticsearch Jul 18, 2017 Jul 18, 2017종료 $88
Elasticsearch optimization - red to green We are looking for a eliastcsearch developer / server manager to manage and optimize our ES installation as we migrated to a new server and our ES is currently showing red and not working. Task is to get it back to green and ensure working for our site. 9 소프트웨어 아키텍처, Elasticsearch Jul 17, 2017 Jul 17, 2017종료 $174
Open Loyalty Solution Uploading & Changes I need professional Developer to Install Open Loyalty System and make some changes. I have only 2 days for this job so if you are able to complete this job within 2 days please Bid. URGENT HIRING. 1 심포니 PHP, Elasticsearch Jul 11, 2017 Jul 11, 2017종료 $333
Create a new cryptocurrency based on Eth or NXT. We are looking for an enthusiastic person or team to help us develop our cryptocurrency from an idea into function. We are looking to either use NXT or Eth as the base platform, unless you have an alternate preference. Payment for the project will come from the ICO once it is in a state to be announced so do not place a bid unless you understand this aspect of the Crypto. 14 자바 스크립트, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, 소프트웨어 테스팅, C++ 프로그래밍, Elasticsearch Jul 9, 2017 Jul 9, 2017종료 $36
Setup an Elasticsearch server I need to setup an ELK server, it will: 1. Crawl the web, where, (a) I should be able to define the URLs to start the crawling from, and limit the crawl space (e.g., search just the configured site, search configured site and linked webpages), and (b) Index all metatags in the document head section. 2. Index Twitter streams, where, (a) I should be able to configure the source (@user or #hash... 4 node.js, Elasticsearch Jul 8, 2017 Jul 8, 2017종료 $218
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