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Gamification is becoming a popular thing in the job market today and professionals in it are simply making a kill particularly because it is a relatively new thing. Luckily, experts in the profession can now choose from a variety of online jobs on

Gamification is ideally the use of game design techniques to engage users more and encourage them to adopt certain behaviors. The methodologie applied in Gamification makes use of human psychological predispositions to engage in a particular game. Typically, this technique is also applied to certain non-gaming applications, especially mobile and consumer oriented sites in an attempt to encourage wide usage.

If you are a Gamification expert seeking to work online and make some extra money doing what you do best, then you have something to smile about, courtesy of This is typically a job posting website where freelancers can evaluate and bid on a variety of available jobs to get one that they enjoy doing. has la variety of Gamification jobs and with new contractors and employers joining the site everyday, freelancers can get a suitable job. With an effective hiring process, Gamification freelancers can seal the deal and get working immediately.

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Need multi-player mobile AR games to drive traffic to my ladies garments, shoes and accessories stores We need 5-7 games to drive traffic to our stores that sell garments, shoes, bags and accessories for ladies. Our target segment is female (aged 25-40 years) - non technical. You can quote your cost per game. Please include a basic idea of your game along with the cost so that we know what we are buying. If the idea is interesting to us we will buy upto 7 games from same or different vendors/fr... 16 게임 디자인, 유니티 3D, Gamification, 게임 개발, 증강 현실 Jun 22, 2018 오늘6일 11시간 $1218
Game Expert long term Game expert to set up a team for long term. Many years of experience you must have in 3d games. Games like shooter. But also candy crush and clash royale 23 게임 디자인, 유니티 3D, Gamification, 게임 콘솔, 게임 개발 Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20184일 12시간 $733
Toy blast game Make a similar game as TOY BLAST 3 in row game with over many levels and special features. Check TOY BLAST app. Before you bid 30 게임 디자인, C# 프로그래밍, 유니티 3D, Gamification, 게임 개발 Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20182일 13시간 $1278
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