Outsourcing iPad developing projects is the best way to get your jobs done in a cost-effective and timely manner. Outsourcing your project will take you to many developers from any part of the world who will work for your company at any specified time. iPad is a multi-usage device which has blown the world in the recent past and this has become viable mostly in the corporate sector. The advent in this aspect of technology has given a wider scope for many iPad developers.

iPad developers are not ordinary developers, as they think out-of-the-box and are extremely creative and practical in their thinking. Their innovative thinking will take the company to heights of success. iPad developers offer many solutions to multiple tasks by providing splendid features and enabling users to use multiple operations. Their effort makes the life of users easy. The developers will provide multifaceted developing that will be useful to businessmen, individuals, gamers and those who depend on browsing. If you are a person with all these extraordinary talent, you have got thousands of projects waiting for you in Freelancer.com.

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    Looking for an experienced app developer to create a meditation type of app. Please include relative mobile apps you have developed that I can view, preferably in the app store.

    $1354 (Avg Bid)
    $1354 (평균 입찰가)
    39 건의 입찰
    Bubble Popper App 6 일 left

    App where users shoot to pop bubbles

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 (평균 입찰가)
    4 건의 입찰

    Looking for Taxi app developer for Android and IOS operative system

    $4498 (Avg Bid)
    $4498 (평균 입찰가)
    37 건의 입찰

    my app is about food delivery

    $2503 (Avg Bid)
    $2503 (평균 입찰가)
    68 건의 입찰
    Submit ios app 6 일 left

    Hi i have app on app store but i update its server link The issue is when i try to submitting it to store with ios certificate. I search on ios developer to update the certificate and submit it to store

    $78 (Avg Bid)
    $78 (평균 입찰가)
    15 건의 입찰

    Hello, I am looking for Mobile app developer who can prepare a project on my imagination. I am thinking to build an app which can help customers find the product to whichever store they go. They just need to surf on the app and they can get the map to the product. For ex If I want to get Pizza of company name joe, I will simply search on the application "Joe pizza" and app should reflect as map from where to get that. Thank you

    $495 (Avg Bid)
    $495 (평균 입찰가)
    47 건의 입찰

    I need to create an application for IOS which allows to have the same app several times.

    $553 (Avg Bid)
    $553 (평균 입찰가)
    28 건의 입찰

    We need to publish an app as fast as possible on ios and android. We already have the apk and the accounts of both stores

    $223 (Avg Bid)
    $223 (평균 입찰가)
    28 건의 입찰

    need to test an iPad based application for 7 continuous days the candidate should have an iPad

    $198 (Avg Bid)
    $198 (평균 입찰가)
    16 건의 입찰
    App development 6 일 left

    Would like to get grocery app developed

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    33 건의 입찰

    We are looking for an iOS native developer with 5+ years of experience. Following are the requirement or criteria for hiring a developer:-- 1. Experience on featured Chat includes video calling, and voice calling using 3rd party like Twilio. 2. Experience in Integrating Calendar day view, Week View, and Month View. Editing event on this calendar. 3. Able to work smartly on prewritten codes.

    $672 (Avg Bid)
    $672 (평균 입찰가)
    20 건의 입찰
    Mobile app 6 일 left

    Create mobile for both IOS & Android

    $1058 (Avg Bid)
    $1058 (평균 입찰가)
    80 건의 입찰

    Native Kotlin Developer. Swift/kotlin. Background Calling Implementation. Experience with VOIP, APN, and Firebase.

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    8 건의 입찰
    APK IPTV EDITABLE 2 시간 left

    APK Android phone e IOS para IPTV similar a Prime Video y Magis TV

    $778 (Avg Bid)
    $778 (평균 입찰가)
    14 건의 입찰

    We want to Build on OTT Type Platform in Swift Figma is ready More detail we discuss On chat Please place On your bid Mech-Swift

    $499 (Avg Bid)
    $499 (평균 입찰가)
    13 건의 입찰

    iOS Developer(Swift) with 2 to 3 years of experience. Preferable: India Only Companies - please don't bid as we are looking for direct developers only Please write - I have read description at your bid starting

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    41 건의 입찰

    I want app who that available on ios and android in the app store availabilty managament

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $14 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    13 건의 입찰

    List app related to cars, every car that exists

    $302 (Avg Bid)
    $302 (평균 입찰가)
    32 건의 입찰

    Hello I am looking for a seasoned expert who could help me to find info of friends

    $567 (Avg Bid)
    $567 (평균 입찰가)
    30 건의 입찰
    Pick 3 App -- 2 5 일 left

    This is an app where users match 3 of a kind

    $1581 (Avg Bid)
    $1581 (평균 입찰가)
    22 건의 입찰

    Hello. We are looking for an expert mobile developer in android and iOS, to code 15 slides of a layout of an app and connect them to our APIs. Must be very experienced, and have great understanding of both UX and UI logic. Designs will be provided. Thank you.

    $1370 (Avg Bid)
    $1370 (평균 입찰가)
    103 건의 입찰
    Crossword Puzzle App 5 일 left

    Need development for an app that is a crossword puzzle app

    $823 (Avg Bid)
    $823 (평균 입찰가)
    31 건의 입찰

    Currently I have a lot of the project done, We are looking for an APP Developer (Android and iOS) in order to continue the developing for a taxi and delivery application. The same application has the 2 interfaces (user and driver), with a switch button the person using the application can switch between the user or driver interface. The application allows to the user to request a taxi by specifying the pick-up point by entering the address or by selecting the pick-up point from the map. Depending on the city the app will allow the driver to request payment based on a fixed price, for other cities the payment will be based on an offer or price offered by the user. So, to explain a bit better, there will be cities where drivers/taxis already have the fixed cost to take you from one point to...

    $1107 (Avg Bid)
    $1107 (평균 입찰가)
    78 건의 입찰

    code to open 8 websites at same time in iphone + video of how to change sites

    $551 (Avg Bid)
    $551 (평균 입찰가)
    36 건의 입찰
    App for happiness 5 일 left

    Hello I have app idea to make every person happy

    $463 (Avg Bid)
    $463 (평균 입찰가)
    20 건의 입찰
    Mobile Developer 5 일 left

    Hello, I need some one to develop Mobile App, the App should be compatible with Android and IOS. Thanks

    $33 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $33 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    58 건의 입찰
    Pharmacy AAP(IOs/Andriod) 5 일 left

    We are looking for a developer or team who can develop the app for our pharmacy , 1. Basic Account Function ( front end) -Create - Order History -repeate order 2. Prescription upload 3. Payment gateway support 4. Sms Integration 5. Regular Updates

    $1954 (Avg Bid)
    $1954 (평균 입찰가)
    72 건의 입찰

    I would like to build mobile app for Students similar to IELTS Practice Band 9- but for different purpose The application will be suitable for students in United Arab Emirates for exam called EMSAT - Local Standard Exam. the application also will include some parts IELTS similar to IELTS Practice Band 9-app

    $516 (Avg Bid)
    $516 (평균 입찰가)
    42 건의 입찰

    Hello, I need to update my IOS app make sure all functionalities are working and add apple Sign in also want to change the name for the app. Regards

    $201 (Avg Bid)
    $201 (평균 입찰가)
    49 건의 입찰
    iOS Project Help 5 일 left

    We are looking for someone who can help with the final stages of our iOS app. We need to get it fully functional and working. From what I understand there are a couple of bugs with it that we need to resolve.

    $17 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $17 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    70 건의 입찰

    Looking for a developer to create a mobile application for our e-commerce business.

    $485 (Avg Bid)
    $485 (평균 입찰가)
    35 건의 입찰

    Necesito crear una aplicacion nativa para Android e IOS (y que puedan estar disponibles en las stores), con un front end para publico registrado via redes sociales, panel de control (backend, tanto para administración), y perfiles para usuarios registrados via redes sociales (perfil para guardar favoritos, etc). Mi proyecto (ya en funcionamiento por pagina web) ofrece acceso a web cams online. Necesito una aplicación para que estas webcam estén disponibles en aplicacion. Las webcam estan hosteadas en un servicio que ofrece streaming, y las entrega a través de iframe. También necesito opcion para subir galerias de fotos y videos (o si puede capturar automaticamente los albumes desde pagina de Facebook, sería ideal). También algunos espacio...

    $263 (Avg Bid)
    $263 (평균 입찰가)
    14 건의 입찰

    Hi gurus, We need mobile apps designer and full stack developer to develop an easy (based on requirements, not technical complexity) native mobile app for both iOS and Android. App is expected to go live ASAP. We have a budget of around 2000€ including everything till publishing on Apple Store or Google play. Please share your best offers. Kr

    $2392 (Avg Bid)
    $2392 (평균 입찰가)
    121 건의 입찰
    Pick 3 App 4 일 left

    To develop a pick 3 style app.

    $873 (Avg Bid)
    $873 (평균 입찰가)
    19 건의 입찰
    Need an ios app like MUSI 4 일 left

    This is youtube video player app for ios

    $264 (Avg Bid)
    $264 (평균 입찰가)
    10 건의 입찰
    Word - Search App 4 일 left

    Hi, I need a simple app that is of word search puzzles. It needs to be compatible on both Apple and Android devices (think Flutter).

    $871 (Avg Bid)
    $871 (평균 입찰가)
    23 건의 입찰
    Mobile App development 4 일 left

    Some one needs to analyze and come with Estimation for the Mobile App development. This particular project is not for development it is for analyzing and estimation and once satisfied we can go for development. A person who has knowledge on both Android and IOS would be +.

    $135 (Avg Bid)
    $135 (평균 입찰가)
    18 건의 입찰

    We are looking for a professional mobile app developer who can copy an example app for training. 4 sections; Explore; Calendar; profile; upgrade. Please see example app in the pictures attached below

    $1065 (Avg Bid)
    $1065 (평균 입찰가)
    54 건의 입찰
    A Novel app 4 일 left

    A app that novel can be upload from the admin panel and the user can read

    $210 (Avg Bid)
    $210 (평균 입찰가)
    19 건의 입찰

    The project is ready and an ongoing app. I need one developer who can spend 20 hr a week. to complete application 1. Must have knowledge of machine learning 2. experience of google play store host and apple store host 3. Minimum 1 year of experience in a flutter Our weekly budget is INR 4000.

    $294 (Avg Bid)
    $294 (평균 입찰가)
    8 건의 입찰
    iOS app internal test 4 일 left

    It is necessary to have a certain understanding of the APP launch of the ios system, be able to test and provide corresponding reports

    $1171 (Avg Bid)
    $1171 (평균 입찰가)
    14 건의 입찰

    I have an iOS app called Tradeeze on the app store which I want to be reskinned to have a different Name, logo and colour palette in excel terms this would be the equivalent of 'finding and replacing' any reference in the app to any of the above in the code

    $346 (Avg Bid)
    $346 (평균 입찰가)
    31 건의 입찰

    build an ios app for washing car

    $1020 (Avg Bid)
    $1020 (평균 입찰가)
    46 건의 입찰

    Greeting for all, i would like to ask you regarding mobile application development, i going to develop an application in health and fitness, i would like to take your advices to avoid lengthy and problems usually the facing in this projects, appreciate all of your advise.

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    파워형 상금 보장형 최상위형
    2 건의 응모작

    We would like to develop a simple mobile app for both IOS and Android with collecting background data about users. Please contact us for more details.

    $702 (Avg Bid)
    $702 (평균 입찰가)
    65 건의 입찰


    $90 (Avg Bid)
    $90 (평균 입찰가)
    3 건의 입찰

    Hi, I am attaching few screenshots of UI, which will help to explain what exactly we are looking for. App will be using SMS login system so every time to login customer will get OTP so we can verify his mobile number. My budget is $250 Please don't make an offer if you don't fit my budget.

    $272 (Avg Bid)
    $272 (평균 입찰가)
    30 건의 입찰

    Please discuss in person or telephonically.

    $1292 (Avg Bid)
    $1292 (평균 입찰가)
    11 건의 입찰

    The audit allow the quality manager to drive an audit and to create action, annouce, report, based on audit results , the application must be build in power application in model driven apps by Microsoft solution

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    36 건의 입찰