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Photo Editing is a powerful and versatile skill set that can produce visually stunning and captivating results. With the aid of talented Photo Editors, clients can enhance their images, create realistic photo manipulations, and showcase their products in the best light. Photo Editors use their expertise in various software tools and techniques to adjust colors, layers, tones, and textures of an image, providing unique and engaging visual content for your brand.

Here're some projects that our expert Photo Editors made real:

  • Transforming product images with color adjustments for e-commerce stores
  • Professional retouching of portraits and event photography
  • Realistic photo manipulation and digital art creation
  • Edit illustrations for marketing materials
  • Improve the overall visual appeal of website images
  • Create visually compelling video commercials and reels

With the expertise of Freelancer.com's diverse pool of Photo Editors, every project is tailored to meet your specific needs. Clients have successfully hired freelancers from our platform to work on a wide range of projects - from commercial retouching to artistic compositions. The skilled professionals on our site have a deep understanding of the latest trends in image editing as well as proficiency in software like Photoshop, Lightroom, and other industry-standard tools.

Whether you have a set vision in mind or are open to exploring the creative possibilities, hiring a Photo Editor on Freelancer.com will ensure that your images stand out from the competition. Don't wait any longer - post your project today and let our talented freelancers bring your vision to life!

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    I'm in need of an E-commerce Image Retouching Specialist to assist with the retouching of a large volume of product images. The key tasks include cleaning the background, cropping images, and retouching the skin. Your expertise with Adobe Photoshop is a critical requirement for this role. Key responsibilities: - Retouching of 51-100 product images per batch - Cleaning the background of the images - Cropping the images when needed - Retouching skin blemishes to achieve a flawless look The most important areas of focus will be maintaining the cleanliness of the background and ensuring that the skin is retouched to a high standard. Your attention to detail and experience in e-commerce image retouching will be essential to the success of this project. Ideal skills and experience: - P...

    $215 (Avg Bid)
    $215 (평균 입찰가)
    44 건의 입찰

    I'm searching for an experienced photo editor who specializes in manipulating specific areas of an image, specifically numerals. The task involves altering a part of my image where a double digit numeral appears. The objective is to have it convincingly read '21'. Key requirements are: - Strong proficiency in digital photo editing tools. - Experience in detailed and precise image alteration involving digits or similar elements. - Possess an eye for maintaining consistency and preserving the original feel of the image. If the project is executed well, there is a possibility of repeat work in similar digit modifications in future. this is for my birthday these pictures would mean so much to me so thank you in advance

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    $33 (평균 입찰가)
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    I have two photos that need some professional touch-ups for a high-quality print. - The first photo requires the addition of fingertips to a hand. The damage to the fingers is minor, so it shouldn't be too challenging for an experienced photo editor. - The second photo needs repair to ensure it can print well at a higher resolution. Specifically, I'm looking to print this image clearly at 300dpi at 5" high. Color and lighting correction as well. have already done the cutout. File is in .psd format I need this done within 12 hours. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in Adobe Photoshop or equivalent - Experience with photo restoration and enhancement - Ability to meet a tight deadline

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 (평균 입찰가)
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    I have 20-30 photographs of a bride and some couple/small group photos taken at an Indian wedding. The photo quality is good but I am not happy with the editing done by the photographer. I need to get these edited to have a more wedding-y/dreamy look. Not just light retouchs but proper editing including background alterations, light adjustments, etc. Before you apply, please read the following and apply only if you agree with these: 1. I will provide the raw photos. And a few images that shows the kind of thing I want. Rest is up to your creative freedom. 2. I want two sample edits (YOU WILL BE PAID FOR THESE TWO PHOTOGRAPHS AS WELL if you are hired according to the agreed upon rate). 3. Attach your portfolio in your bid or before after samples of your edits. Bonus points if they are w...

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 (평균 입찰가)
    10 건의 입찰

    I need an expert in photo restoration and digitization to revive an old picture. Specific tasks required for this project include: - Color correction - Addressing scratches and tears - Reducing blur and fuzziness Aside from restoring the image, the final product should be converted into a high-resolution, print-ready black and white format, in A4 size (210mm x 297mm). The restored and optimized image will be used for editorial purposes. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience with photo restoration and digitization - Proficiency in software like Photoshop or Lightroom - An understanding of print-ready formats - A keen eye for details and color - A portfolio of similar projects If this project aligns with your skills, please bid. Be sure to share relevant examples from yo...

    $54 (Avg Bid)
    $54 (평균 입찰가)
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    Seeking a photo editing expert to perform several sophisticated edits on multiple images. Deliverable within a tight 72-hour turnaround. I am needing multiple photos edited and hoping to build a working relationship for the future. 72 hours is appreciated but I would also like to talk to someone about the project. Your Responsabilities: - Apply color correction - Perform retouching - Execute background removal Deliver all final edited photos in PNG format to maintain quality clarity. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Advanced proficiency in photo editing software, preferably Adobe Photoshop - Professional experience in color correction, retouching, and background removal - Ability to deliver high-quality results within stringent time constraints

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 (평균 입찰가)
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    I need a professional who can create immersive virtual walkthrough tours using 360-degree photos for both residential and commercial properties. The objectives are: - Expertise in 360-degree technology and editing software - Experience in creating virtual tours and including navigational features such as hotspot connections - Capacity to handle more than 10 different property projects The ideal freelancer should have experience in virtual tour creation, user-friendly navigation, and clean design aesthetics. Please share your portfolio showcasing similar projects. I look forward to seeing your creative approaches to making these properties come alive digitally.

    $431 (Avg Bid)
    $431 (평균 입찰가)
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    I'm looking for an experienced and creative photographer to orchestrate a bohemian-themed pre-wedding outdoor shoot at a beach location. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in wedding and engagement photography - Past work in bohemian and beach themed shoots - Mastery in outdoor lighting Responsibilities: - Provide guidance on props and outfits fitting the bohemian beach theme - Capture candid and posed shots - Retouch and digitally enhance photos My partner and I appreciate the bohemian ambiance, so we want this reflected in our pre-wedding photos. We are expecting a blend of creativity, fun, and romance.

    $179 (Avg Bid)
    $179 (평균 입찰가)
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    I'm searching for a talented photo editor with significant skills in Photoshop. Specifically, I need help with: - Photo retouching - Color correction - Image manipulation These photos are intended for personal use but I still desire high-quality editing. Therefore, I'm particularly interested in freelancers who have a proven track record in delivering high-quality amateur Photoshop work. Having a keen eye for detail would be beneficial for this project. Furthermore, the ability to complete the work within a stipulated deadline, without compromising on the project goals, is a coveted trait. Examples of your past work in this area will greatly support your application. With your impressive editing capabilities, let's turn my personal photos into stunning visuals! Wh...

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 (평균 입찰가)
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    Trophy icon Passport Photo Extraction 6 일 left

    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can extract and enhance the photo from my passport. Key Requirements: - Create a digital copy of the photo - Save the extracted photo in JPEG format - Ensure the image quality is high Ideal Skills: - Image Editing - Photoshop - Graphic Design - Data Extraction

    $19 (Avg Bid)
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    I urgently need a talented individual who can swiftly and expertly tweak the lighting and color of a variety of photos. While the type of photos remains unspecified, versatility in dealing with different subjects is appreciated. Key responsibilities and requirements include: - Accurately adjusting photo lighting and colors to create a desired effect. - Experience in widely used software such as Adobe Photoshop. - Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. - General knowledge of cropping and blemish removal is a plus, but the main focus is on lighting and color adaptation. All in all, I require someone who has a knack for enhancing photos through skilled lighting and color modifications. Your prompt attention to this project would be greatly appreciated.

    $7 (Avg Bid)
    $7 (평균 입찰가)
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    I'm searching for a skilled photographer capable of capturing the beautiful moments of a small engagement ceremony. The event will occur in the afternoon, and my preference leans towards a traditional style of photography to bring forth the timeless feel of this occasion. Apart from photography, I'll also require assistance with album creation to preserve these precious memories. Ideal candidates should have: - Experience in traditional style photography. - Proven portfolio of event photography, preferably engagements. - Expertise in album creation. - Adaptive to lighting changes, as the event is in the afternoon. - Ability to work closely with clients to understand their vision and requirements.

    $164 (Avg Bid)
    $164 (평균 입찰가)
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    I am looking for a graphic design that is good at making photo realistic images that involve retouching and manipulating photos of people, furniture, homes, exteriors, and products. This will involve adding to photos or changing what is in the photo. Stock images will be provided. No actual photography is involved.

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    41 건의 입찰

    As the owner of a travel website focused on Sicily, I'm seeking a skilled photographer to capture engaging lifestyle photos set in Giardini Naxos. Key Requirements: - A creative eye capable of reflecting both a sense of adventure and a taste of curated vacation lifestyle. - Prior experience capturing lifestyle photos with a focus on travel is a major asset. - Familiarity with Giardini Naxos and understanding of it as a travel destination would be desirable. Objectives: - Capture the vibrant spirit of Sicilian lifestyle reflecting the adventure and unique vacation experience. - Photos should be high-quality, suitable for online use, and effective in attracting website visitors. This role suits a photographer with travel and lifestyle experience who can deliver vibrant and adventu...

    $273 - $820
    지역별 파워형 긴급형
    $273 - $820
    0 건의 입찰

    Need a deepfake image of 2 indians sitting in Honda amaze or brv car And need it right now, only bid if you can create a sample for me before awarding you

    $81 (Avg Bid)
    $81 (평균 입찰가)
    18 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a talented individual to develop and create engaging content for my brand across Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and specifically for WhatsApp statuses. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in content creation for Youtube - Experience with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter - Excellent understanding of creating engaging and visually appealing content - Ability to develop and write inspirational quotes suitable for WhatsApp statuses This project is perfect for someone who is creative and understands how to produce content that is suitable for various social media platforms. The goal is to increase brand awareness on these platforms and have the content go viral on WhatsApp statuses.

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    40 건의 입찰

    I need to remove the existing background and replace it with a solid white background for 1 image. Please let me know your relevant experience and provide a sample of your previous work in this domain.

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    126 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of a professional who can proficiently follow Grid System Guidelines and execute top-notch photo editing for marketing purposes. Key Responsibilities: - Adherence to Grid System Guidelines, ensuring design consistency and cohesion. - Cutting out backgrounds and editing images for clinical photos. This includes cropping, editing, and color correction. - Ensuring all edited photos align with the project's marketing objectives and are optimized for web usage. - Producing high-quality, engaging images that maintain the integrity of the original content. Ideal candidate: - Proven expertise in both graphic design and image editing, with a strong portfolio showcasing your capabilities in both areas. - Familiarity with Grid System Guidelines and a meticulous attention to d...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    27 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for an expert in photo editing, particularly in the field of portrait photography. Your primary tasks will revolve around editing photos for publication. Key Responsibilities: - Edit portrait photos for publication - Make editorial decisions through the images you select - Ensure the highest quality and consistency of edited photos Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience as a photo editor, particularly within the portrait photography field - Expertise in photo editing software - Strong attention to detail and creative flair - Ability to make editorial decisions based on the context of the images - Excellent communication and time management skills - Strong understanding of digital photography and the latest trends in the industry Please only apply if you have ...

    $11 (Avg Bid)
    $11 (평균 입찰가)
    16 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of a professional photographer who specializes in minimalist and clean product photography. The project entails capturing high-quality images of over 50 unique jewellery items. - Essential Skills: - Demonstrable experience in product photography, particularly jewellery - Proficient in creating a clean, minimalist aesthetic - Ability to work efficiently and deliver high-quality images on a large scale Preferably, you should have a portfolio showcasing previous work in a similar style, highlighting your expertise in capturing product intricacies with a minimalist and clean aesthetic. Your bid should include the total cost of the project, including any necessary equipment or editing time.

    $129 (Avg Bid)
    $129 (평균 입찰가)
    3 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for a skilled Black and White photo retoucher for converting wildlife images into high contrast black and white for printing. The ideal candidate should have: - Strong experience in black and white conversions - Proficiency with high contrast style - Background in editing wildlife photography Your responsibilities will include: - Conversion of various wildlife images into high contrast black and white - Ensuring clear, stark contrasts within images to enhance their impact - Preparing images for high quality printing Please, provide examples of similar works in your bid. I'm excited to see the creativity and flair you can bring to this project.

    $86 (Avg Bid)
    $86 (평균 입찰가)
    41 건의 입찰

    I have a large batch of 400 product images that require editing and resizing for web use. Key Responsibilities: - Edit images professionally, including background removal, color correction, and image retouching as necessary. - Save all edited images in JPEG format. - Resize images to specific dimensions suitable for web use. Ideal Skills for this job: - Proficient in photo editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. - Experience in editing product images is preferred. - Familiarity with web image optimization and resizing guidelines. - Attention to detail and ability to maintain consistency across a large number of images. 1200 x 1200 Pixel 300 Pixel Resolution 80% Area should be fill with product. Removal of props from product. White Crystal Clear Background Bla...

    $89 (Avg Bid)
    $89 (평균 입찰가)
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    I'm looking for an expert event photographer to be at my birthday party for a 3-4 hour duration. Your focus will be: - Capturing guest interactions: I want my friends and family's joyful moments to be immortalized. - Photographing the dance performances: Exciting moments like these shouldn’t be missed. - Taking stylish photos of the entrance: The décor is quite special to me. The ideal freelancer would have good experience in event photography, a keen eye for candid moments, and the ability to capture the energy of dance performances. Skills in creative composition for the entrance shots are a huge plus. My budget is $300 for 3 hours.

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    I'm looking for a professional with experience in improving handwriting to help me enhance my penmanship. Key Expectations: - Transforming my current handwriting into a more legible and aesthetically pleasing style. - Providing me with techniques and exercises that can be easily practiced. - Encouraging consistent practice to see improvements within a month. Ideal Freelancer: - Prior experience in teaching or assisting individuals with handwriting improvements. - Proficiency in providing practical, effective and personalized advice based on individual handwriting styles. - Strong communication skills, as regular feedback and guidance will be necessary. HAND WRITING Imrovement in 30 days

    $105 (Avg Bid)
    $105 (평균 입찰가)
    8 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for a talented designer who can help me with the following: Provide Quote in Message. Messages without quote will be ignored. - Modern Logo & Packaging Design: The primary deliverable will be a modern logo and packaging design for multiple product types. The design should have a modern aesthetic to appeal to a wide audience. - Photo Editing for 50+ Products: I also need assistance with photo editing for my products. This will include background removal, color correction, as well as retouching and enhancement. Project Brief: Logo Design with Stationery: Business Card, Envelope and Letterhead Product label designing: 50+ products Product Imaging: white background plain, colour background plain, colour background with model(model image will be provided), colour bac...

    $71 (Avg Bid)
    $71 (평균 입찰가)
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    As an online retailer, I am in need of a Photo Editing Specialist who can breathe life into our product images. Tasks: - Color correction - Image Retouching - Upholding Brand Consistency These tasks are crucial to improve the presentation of our products on our eCommerce site. Since the style of editing was not specified, the editor should align with our existing aesthetic and ensure the uniformity of our images. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop is a must, and applicants should be able to handle tight deadlines effectively and collaboratively work with our team. We are looking for someone who has a keen eye for detail. Your creativity, technical skills, and understanding of the ecommerce landscape will make you a perfect fit for this project. Please include samples of your past work i...

    $14 (Avg Bid)
    $14 (평균 입찰가)
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    Objective The primary goal of the industrial product photo shoot is to capture high-quality, visually appealing images that accurately represent the manufacturing products. These images will be used for various purposes, including marketing materials, websites, catalogs, presentations, and promotional content. Scope The photo shoot will cover the following: Individual product shots Group product shots Detailed close-ups highlighting features and textures Contextual shots showing products in use or within their operational environment Key Deliverables High-resolution images suitable for print and digital use Edited and retouched images to enhance visual appeal Different angles and perspectives of each product Images in various formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF) as required Pre-Shoot Preparation Pr...

    $490 (Avg Bid)
    $490 (평균 입찰가)
    2 건의 입찰

    I am seeking a skilled professional for a photo editing project involving approximately 25 to 30 photographs. The collection spans from vintage black and white scanned images to mobile phone captures. Our primary requirements are as follows: 1. Resolution Enhancement: All photos require upscaling to improve their low resolution. 2. Quality Improvement: Particularly for older images, we need increased sharpness and overall quality enhancement. 3. Colorization: If feasible, we'd like to explore colorizing the black and white photographs. 4. Object Removal: Some images require the removal of unwanted elements. 5. Cropping Although It is not absolutely necessary, we encourage the use of AI-powered tools to achieve optimal results efficiently. The ideal candidate should have ex...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
    49 건의 응모작

    I am seeking a professional and creative photographer for a family photoshoot in the scenic surroundings of Lake Como. It's a small family gathering, with 1-5 members participating. Ideal Candidate: - Skilled in candid photography - Experience with outdoor and family photography - Familiar with Lake Como area Shoot Details: - Candid style photography - Family members will be doing various activities - Excellent natural photo-touch up skills required - Deliverables: High-res images, editing, possible prints If this sounds like the perfect project for you, I'll be excited to discuss it further.

    $256 - $769
    $256 - $769
    0 건의 입찰

    I am in need of a skilled retoucher to take on the task of transforming the background of my clothing product images. While maintaining the quality and clarity of the products, I'm hoping for a professional who can seamlessly introduce a themed background. Key requirements include: - Expertise in basic retouching: Minor blemish correction and color correction are essential for this project. Your skills ought to maintain the natural look of the product whilst enhancing the overall product visual. - Background alteration: I envision a thematic background that aligns with the style and essence of the clothing. This could involve anything from softer, pastel colors to richer, more vibrant schemes. The ability to create a seamless blend between the product and this new backdrop is cruci...

    $44 (Avg Bid)
    $44 (평균 입찰가)
    24 건의 입찰

    More details: Is this project for business or personal use? Personal What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Past work How soon do you need your project completed? ASAP

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    $12 (평균 입찰가)
    2 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for a creative, detail-oriented photo editor to enhance my child's model portfolio photos. The selected individual will be responsible for some key adjustments: 1. **Wrinkle removal:** The editing should help to remove most of the noticeable wrinkles from my child's shirt. Please note that the editing should be moderate, not too extensive so as to retain a natural look. 2. **Background Extension:** I would prefer the background to be extended to white. However, the user did not specify how this extension should blend with the original photos, leaving you the freedom to decide the best approach. Ideal candidates should have extensive experience in photo editing, preferably within the fashion or modeling industry. A keen eye for detail and the ability to enhanc...

    $73 (Avg Bid)
    $73 (평균 입찰가)
    62 건의 입찰

    I'm excited to launch a digital photo retouching agency in Bali, focusing primarily on the fashion and beauty industry. In order to make this venture a success, I'm looking for a talented and experienced digital photo retoucher to join our team. It's a full time job and we are based in Bali and the salary will be attractive and confortable. Our client can be : - Chanel - Hermes - Givenchy - Dior - Louis Vuitton - Sandro Key Requirements: - You should have expertise in color correction, skin retouching, and background removal. These skills are essential for producing high-quality images for the fashion and beauty sector. - We anticipate a large volume of work, with hundreds of photos requiring retouching each month. This means you should be comfortable wor...

    $741 (Avg Bid)
    $741 (평균 입찰가)
    80 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a skilled photo editor to digitally remove large tattoos (each more than 6 inches) from numerous photos. Your task would involve: - Removing three or more large tattoos - Color correction - Retouching to eliminate the tattoo visibility completely - Adding filters and effects post tattoo removal Ideally, the freelancer would have extensive photo retouching experience, particularly with complicated tasks such as tattoo removal. Please ensure you maintain the natural look of the skin even after the tattoo removal. Attention to detail and the ability to deliver realistic, high quality edits are paramount.

    $56 (Avg Bid)
    $56 (평균 입찰가)
    78 건의 입찰

    As part of my project, I need a proficient PDF editor skillful in working with image properties, specifically saturation. The primary requirement involves tackling some page yellowing in a scanned PDF document. Needs: - Add and remove text on specific sections - Improve the saturation to remove the yellow hue effect Ideal skills: - Proficient in advanced PDF editing - A strong understanding of image editing, specifically saturation adjustment. Experience in working with scanned document images will be a bonus. Your role is not just limited to adding or removing text but extends to improving the visual quality of the scanned PDF. The final output should be a cleaner, less yellowed document.

    $313 (Avg Bid)
    $313 (평균 입찰가)
    75 건의 입찰

    Bonjour Je voudrais créer une image en récupérant sur plusieurs photos des images d’hamburger

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 (평균 입찰가)
    20 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a skilled photo editor to enhance some personal photos for use on social media and in photo albums. Here's what I need: - Essential photo retouching: You'll be removing imperfections such as blemishes and wrinkles. - Color correction expertise: I'd like adjustments made to brightness, contrast, and similar aspects. - The ability to perform background removal and object manipulation. I'm aiming for neutral and realistic tones in these photos. Prior experience in photo editing for personal use and a knack for producing realistic effects are ideal.

    $67 (Avg Bid)
    $67 (평균 입찰가)
    80 건의 입찰

    I'm searching for a skilled photo and video editor. For this task, you will need to be experienced in: - Retouching and enhancing photos and videos - Color correction - Background removal Your main task will be to replace English text in numerous photos and videos with Romanian language. Proficiency in Romanian language is therefore crucial. Please include relevant samples of your work with your bid.

    $87 (Avg Bid)
    $87 (평균 입찰가)
    72 건의 입찰

    I need a skilled photo editor to enhance a handful of my wedding photos. Specifically: - I want a double chin to be tackled in 1-5 photos. - I'm not sure if I want it completely removed or just minimized. I'm open to your professional judgment on what would look more natural. Ideal Freelancer: The ideal freelancer for this job will have extensive experience in photo retouching, specifically skin retouching. They should be proficient in using editing software for color correction and background removal. Previous work in editing wedding photos is a bonus. Lastly, strong communication skills and an understanding eye for detail is helpful, as they will help guide me on what would make the photos look their best.

    $305 (Avg Bid)
    $305 (평균 입찰가)
    88 건의 입찰
    Photoshop Extension crack 5 일 left

    I have a Photoshop extension that's designed specifically for photo editing hobbyists. It aims to improve the quality of their photos by providing a range of image editing tools. Key Requirements: - Support for Adobe Photoshop 2021 or 2023 - Primarily focused on improving photo quality - Marketed towards photo editing hobbyists Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of Adobe Photoshop - Experience in developing extensions for Adobe products - Prior experience or interest in enhancing photo quality - Familiarity with the needs and preferences of photo editing hobbyists Note: Please provide details on your relevant experience in developing Photoshop extensions and any past projects that are similar to this one.

    $56 (Avg Bid)
    $56 (평균 입찰가)
    11 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a professional and creative photographer for an outdoor photo session for my small family. Here's what I need: - A candid style of photography that captures my family's natural expressions and interactions. We don't want to pose; we want real and authentic memories. - The photoshoot will take place outdoors, so experience in natural lighting and environmental photography will be an advantage. - My family consists 4 people, two adults and two kids (8 and 5 years old) - I'm looking for someone with a keen eye for detail, who can guide us on what to wear and the best locations for the shoot. Dates: 19, 20 or 21 of July We're looking for an maximum of one hour shoot and a maximum of 25-50 photos.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    0 건의 입찰

    I'm in search of a skilled photo editor who can help me enhance a set of photos, ensuring they look natural and realistic. Key Tasks: - Comprehensive color correction for a uniform look - Precise background removal without losing the original context - Careful retouching to refine and improve the image quality Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Adobe Photoshop or similar photo editing software - Experienced in color correction, background removal, and retouching - Has a keen eye for detail and can maintain a natural and realistic style throughout the editing process Looking forward to reviewing your portfolios and discussing further details.

    $1 - $5 / hr
    $1 - $5 / hr
    19 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of a professional corporate photographer in Booval, Queensland to capture candid shots of patient and doctor consults. I need a number of shots for example, patient being greeted at reception counter, patient talking to their doctor. Patient getting an examination. We anticipate the job will only need 1 hour onsite. The images will specifically be used for printed materials and social media. As such, I'm looking for someone experienced in this type of photography, who can guarantee the creation of high-quality, engaging photos. Ideal skills and experience include: - Extensive experience in corporate photography, especially capturing candid moments - Proficient in basic editing, particularly color correction, to ensure the images are publication-ready - Must have a p...

    $169 - $506
    $169 - $506
    0 건의 입찰

    Looking for a professional photographer who can shoot our outdoor furniture catalogue in Penrith. - The ideal job candidate should have previous outdoor furniture photography experience - Products will all be shot outdoors on a rented property (some shots with lifestyle models and props). - There will be 10-15 styled looks set up and prepared by the furniture styling team from the client side The shoot takes the full day on the 26th of July. Reference images are attached.

    $1749 (Avg Bid)
    $1749 (평균 입찰가)
    3 건의 입찰

    I have 3 photos to retouch, i have example in attachment, I need it for tommorow thank you

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 (평균 입찰가)
    65 건의 입찰

    A freelancer photographer required in Agra for a photoshoot at Taj Mahal on 20th July for 1-2 hours.

    $43 (Avg Bid)
    $43 (평균 입찰가)
    2 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for an experienced photo editor to work on a personal collection of images. - The task mainly involves color correction. - The editing style should lean towards a natural look. Ideal skills: - Proficiency in photo editing software - Strong background in color correction - Experience with personal photo editing - Understanding of natural editing style - Ability to maintain image quality Please let me know your experience, and provide some examples of your work.

    $17 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $17 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    52 건의 입찰

    Hola soy un caballero que busca apoyo de una mujer profesional que hable el idioma español que me ayude a mejorar mi perfil en Bumble y Facebook Parejas, con el objetivo de mostrar más quien soy, demostrar mis cualidades, atractivo y potencialmente obtener más matches para conocer a una potencial pareja a través de estas apps. Las características principales del proyecto son: -Videollamada para entrevistarme y conocerme para identificar qué información valiosa. -Redacción de la descripción para Bumble y Facebook Parejas de acuerdo con el número máximo de caracteres que permita cada plataforma. -Redición ilimitada de las descripciones en caso de que no quepan en el espacio de cada perfil. -Redactar las resp...

    $40 (Avg Bid)
    4 건의 응모작

    Job Description: I'm seeking a talented and experienced freelance photo editor to bring my travel photos to life. The project involves editing approximately 60 photos of the breathtaking scenery and wild nature of France. These images will be featured in my upcoming book, so they need to be polished to perfection and vibrant enough to captivate readers. Responsibilities: Enhance the colors and overall quality of around 60 photos. Ensure the photos are print-ready and suitable for high-quality publishing. Edit images to maintain natural beauty while making them visually appealing. Pay attention to detail to preserve the authenticity of the scenes. Requirements: Proven experience in photo editing, especially for print media. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or similar photo...

    $17 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $17 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    62 건의 입찰

    I am in need of a skillful photo editor who specializes in color correction. The objectives of this project include: - Fine tuning colors in a variety of photos to reflect a warm and vibrant tone. The chosen freelancer should have a keen eye for color and be able to transform current images in a way that brings about a visually appealing, consistent mood across all edited photos. - The final outputs will be used for a printed catalog. Therefore, an understanding of print media and the importance of visual consistency across a print medium is crucial. Ideal skills for this project include experience with photo editing, color correction, and a clear understanding of how color plays into the overall theme and tone of a brand. Knowledge of print media is a plus. Looking for someone who can ...

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    56 건의 입찰

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