Photoshop is a powerful graphics editing software that allows users to make stunning image manipulations, banner designs, logos, and all sorts of artwork. Hiring talented Photoshop Designers can greatly benefit your project and help you bring your ideas to life with captivating visual designs. Our expert designers have years of experience working with various projects across different industries, ensuring high-quality deliverables that are tailored to your needs.

Here's some projects that our expert Photoshop Designers made real:

  • Revamping old logos and creating new logos for businesses
  • Designing eye-catching website layouts and user interface elements
  • Crafting professional business cards and brochures
  • Enhancing images for e-commerce product listings
  • Retouching and editing photos for professional photographers
  • Digital illustration and art creation for various purposes
  • Creating promotional materials like posters, banners, and adverts

By leveraging the skills of talented Photoshop Designers on, clients received high-quality graphic deliverables that met their requirements and exceeded their expectations. These results helped clients build brand identity, attract customers or users, and convey their message effectively.

We invite you to post your own project on and hire expert Photoshop Designers to take your visual designs to the next level. Whether it's a logo for your startup, a captivating banner for your blog, or custom illustrations for your book - you'll find the perfect designer to make your vision come alive.

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    I'm in need of a skilled logo designer to create several logos for my project. I'm aiming for a unique approach to branding, combining various design styles for a comprehensive and cohesive look. Requirements: - Design both Lettermark and Symbol logos - Incorporate colors such as Red, Blue, and Green - Combine design styles like Minimalist, Vintage, and Modern Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in creating versatile logos - Proficient in various design styles - Capable of working with specific color schemes - Able to conceptualize and deliver multiple logo options - Strong portfolio with similar work is a plus Looking forward to your creative proposals.

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    29 건의 입찰

    보다 자세한 내용을 확인하시려면, 회원 가입 또는 로그인 절차가 필요합니다.


    I would like to receive the 4 floorplans given in better quality and also a floor plan for every apartment (14 apartments). Meisurements are given and the german descriptions as well (WE stands for Wohneinheit which means apartment unit) - Descriptions should stay in german! So in total I would need 14 + 4 floorplans (Grundrisse)

    $107 (Avg Bid)
    $107 (평균 입찰가)
    49 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of a logo for my website. I'm looking for a minimalistic design and I'm open to suggestions regarding the color scheme. Key considerations: - Logo Type: Minimalistic - Usage: Primarily for Website Ideal Skills: - Proficient in minimalist design - Strong understanding of branding - Creative and open to suggestions - Previous experience with web logos is a plus Please include your portfolio and any previous experience with web-based logos.

    $2 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $2 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    24 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for a skilled designer who can create a professional and formal photoshop template to introduce new employees for our construction company. The photoshop design should be clean, formal, and align with our corporate style. It should follow our color palette and fonts. Attached you will find 4 inspiration images.

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
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    Grow Shop Logo Creation 6 일 left

    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to create a unique and engaging logo for my grow shop. bid only if you can start right away.... start your bid with "growgreen"

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 (평균 입찰가)
    105 건의 입찰
    Editor de imágenes 6 일 left

    Hola se busca persona que pueda editar en photoshop

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 (평균 입찰가)
    30 건의 입찰

    I'm currently struggling with a problem in my Photoshop 2024 version. I believe it's a cracked version and facing an issue where the generative fill is grayed out (disabled). I need assistance to make this function work. budget $30. i don't have more image attached.

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 (평균 입찰가)
    43 건의 입찰

    es un logo el cual fue creado a partir de la combinación de un total de seis letras y de un total dos números al usar en conjunto y en combinación las diversas herramientas de los programas de creación de imágenes Ilustrador, y edición de imágenes Photoshop.

    $9 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $9 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    33 건의 입찰

    I have a scanned image that requires expert photoshop correction. Specifically, this project revolves around: - Removal of scrawls and scan defects on the image, particularly in the text and illustration areas. - Clean up and enhance the overall appearance of the digital copy. The ideal freelancer for this project would be someone with significant Photoshop expertise and an eye for detail. It's important to me that the final image maintains its authenticity while reading as clarifying and professional. Experience and skills in correcting scanned images, specifically in areas of text and illustration correction, are highly recommended.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 (평균 입찰가)
    67 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for a logo for my home bake cake page, to be used on Instagram and Zomato. The logo should have a modern style, incorporating a bright and bold color palette. Key elements to include in the logo: - A cake or cupcake icon. This is crucial for my brand. I'm looking for a designer who's able to: - Produce a modern design that stands out on social media platforms. - Utilize bright and bold colors effectively. - Skillfully incorporate a cake or cupcake icon into the design. - Understand the nuances of logo design for online platforms like Instagram and Zomato. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Strong portfolio showcasing modern logo designs. - Experience with designing for social media platforms. - Proficiency in using bright and bold color palettes. -...

    $14 (Avg Bid)
    $14 (평균 입찰가)
    35 건의 입찰

    I'm on the lookout for an experienced logo designer, ideally someone who specializes in textual logo design. While creating the logo, the main intention that should ring out is brand recognition. The logo must be designed using corporate colors to maintain professionalism and cohesiveness with our company’s identity. The following skills and experiences will be ideal: - Proficiency in textual logo design - A keen eye for colors in corporate branding - A track record of creating logos that boost brand recognition. If you possess these skills, then you might just be the fit we need. I'm looking forward to finding a skilled designer who can bring our brand to life.

    $43 (Avg Bid)
    $43 (평균 입찰가)
    28 건의 입찰
    Voodoo Logo Creation -- 2 6 일 left

    Will send the details of the job when it is awarded

    $67 (Avg Bid)
    $67 (평균 입찰가)
    101 건의 입찰

    I am in need of a creative and talented graphic designer to help design a vintage style logo for a project that I am currently working on. The logo design doesn't represent any existing company or brand, but it needs to be versatile and adaptable. It's crucial that the design is professional, aesthetically pleasing, and invokes nostalgia with its vintage aesthetic. Expectations: - Ability to design a vintage style logo that doesn't incorporate any particular company or brand. Your creativity is the limit. - Expertise in the use of color is required. I do have specific colors in mind that I want to be included in the logo, which will be disclosed once the project begins. - Strong communication to ensure the project meets my expectations. I am open to discussion and revisio...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    22 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for a talented designer to create YouTube thumbnails for my channel. The key requirements are: - **Style:** I'm looking for a minimalist design - clean, simple, and not overly cluttered. - **Text:** I would like to include a catchy headline on the thumbnail, though it should be minimalistic in the design. - **Emotion/Vibe:** The main emotion I want to convey through these thumbnails is excitement. I'd like the designs to be engaging and visually appealing. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - Proficiency in graphic design, with a particular strength in creating YouTube thumbnails. - A strong portfolio that demonstrates an ability to design clean, minimalist visuals. - A knack for creating engaging and exciting designs. - Good communication, as we may ne...

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    $21 (평균 입찰가)
    33 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a talented designer for a logo that represents my charity, the Haja Posseh N'Jai Foundation. Our organisation is dedicated to supporting orphanages in need, making their lives better through care and assistance. Key Elements: - Your main focus should be on showcasing the message of 'Love, support and empowerment', as this is the core value we hold. - The ideal design will incorporate warm and welcoming imagery, reflecting the compassion and care we aim to provide. - It should be simple, yet striking, to ensure easy recognition and appeal across different audiences. - The color scheme should revolve around purple, pink, and turquoise blue, as these colors hold a special significance for us. Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing logos for chari...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
    43 건의 응모작

    I'm in need of a skilled designer who can create 20 pages for my website. These pages should be designed in a fun and vibrant style to attract and engage my visitors. Key Requirements: - Design 20 pages in a fun and vibrant style - Ensure the design is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in website design, particularly in creating fun and vibrant designs - Proficiency in using design tools to create responsive designs for both desktop and mobile - Strong communication skills to understand and deliver on the vision for the website

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 (평균 입찰가)
    35 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for a conscientious and skilled graphic designer who can create a professional, clean, and engaging YouTube thumbnail for my channel. My content appeals primarily to young adults aged 18-24, so the thumbnail should be engaging to that demographic. Key components: * Highlighting a specific image that I provide * Maintaining a professional, clean aesthetic Ideal skills for the project: * Graphic design experience, ideally with YouTube thumbnail creation * Strong understanding of minimalistic, professional design styles * Ability to market effectively to a young adult demographic.

    $11 (Avg Bid)
    $11 (평균 입찰가)
    39 건의 입찰

    I'm in search of a talented logo designer who can create a modern, minimalistic newsletter logo Key Requirements: - The logo should embody a modern and minimalistic design aesthetic, incorporating the ECHO logo & the Newsletter name "ECHO Pulse" - I value simplicity and clean lines in the design. If you're interested, please provide examples of your past work for consideration.

    $15 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
    110 건의 응모작

    Design a logo for a restaurant.

    $62 (Avg Bid)
    $62 (평균 입찰가)
    98 건의 입찰

    I am seeking a skilled graphic designer to revamp our existing corporate brochure. The main goal of this redesign is to add new companies started by the group and include and highlight the unique features and new content for each of the 6 companies under our business group. Key deliverables include: - Employing different layout styles to visually distinguish each business vertical - Updating company profiles to reflect our current operations and successes - Incorporating recent achievements to showcase our progress - Introducing new services or products in a clear and compelling manner Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proven experience in corporate brochure design, particularly for diverse business groups - A keen eye for visual differentiation through layout styles - St...

    $256 (Avg Bid)
    $256 (평균 입찰가)
    24 건의 입찰

    As an author, I am in need of a skilled designer who can create the covers for my non-fiction book in three different formats: paperback, hardback, and audiobook. Your task is simple yet crucial - you should copy the design from my existing e-book cover and adapt it for these three new formats. While the design process may not require much conceptual work, I do require technical excellence to ensure a seamless transition between formats. Required Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design, with particular experience in book cover design. - Ability to work across formats and adjust designs accordingly. - Excellent attention to detail ensuring that the Title and Author's name are predominantly featured and easily readable. - If necessary, the ability to work with specific imagery rela...

    $64 (Avg Bid)
    NDA (비밀 유지 계약서)
    $64 (평균 입찰가)
    32 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for an individual who has proficiency in data entry from physical books and is adept at creating classical graphics using Corel Draw. Here are the specific requirements: - Experience in data entry work of transposing content from physical documents into digital format. The source of information will be from books. - Excellent classical graphic designing skills. You should be proficient in Corel Draw and able to use it to create engaging designs that reflect a classical aesthetic. Ideal candidates should be detail-oriented, have a keen eye for design, and possess remarkable data entry accuracy. Past experience in similar projects is highly desirable.

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $5 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    16 건의 입찰
    Trophy icon Logo for Bakery/Pastry/Snack Bar 2 일 left

    Logo for Bakery/Pastry/Snack Bar Name that must appear on the logo: Boutique do Flora We want something elegant and that has to do with the pastry activity in Portugal.

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
    75 건의 응모작

    I'm looking for a proficient photo editor who will be able to retouch and enhance my images. This will involve moderate retouching tasks including color correction and skin smoothing. Needs: - Expertise in photo retouching and color correction. - Ability to deliver edited photos in PNG format. - Attention to detail. - Previous experience in photo editing is preferred. If you believe you're the right fit, please send me your portfolio or samples of your previous work. I am looking forward to working with you.

    $6 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $6 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    24 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for a talented designer to create YouTube thumbnails for my channel. The key requirements are: - **Style:** I'm looking for a minimalist design - clean, simple, and not overly cluttered. - **Text:** I would like to include a catchy headline on the thumbnail, though it should be minimalistic in the design. - **Emotion/Vibe:** The main emotion I want to convey through these thumbnails is excitement. I'd like the designs to be engaging and visually appealing. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - Proficiency in graphic design, with a particular strength in creating YouTube thumbnails. - A strong portfolio that demonstrates an ability to design clean, minimalist visuals. - A knack for creating engaging and exciting designs. - Good communication, as we may ne...

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    $21 (평균 입찰가)
    48 건의 입찰

    보다 자세한 내용을 확인하시려면, 회원 가입 또는 로그인 절차가 필요합니다.

    파워형 봉인형 최상위형 NDA (비밀 유지 계약서)

    I need schematic figures created for a manuscript illustrating a variety of exercise techniques that involve both strength training and flexibility exercises. Key Requirements: - Illustration Types: The figures should primarily focus on demonstrating exercises related to strength training and flexibility. - Quantity: I require 10-20 schematic figures in total, evenly split between the two types of exercises. - Level of Detail: The illustrations should be basic outlines with minimal detail - the emphasis is on clear, easy-to-understand visual representation of the exercises. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Exercise Illustrations: A background in creating visual content for exercise guides or similar material would be highly beneficial. - Proficiency in Schematic Drawing: A...

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 (평균 입찰가)
    35 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of a creative and experienced graphic designer to create a vibrant and colorful advertisement design, celebrating diversity and promoting our small accounting firm. The design will be featured in a magazine published for the Antwerp Pride, an LGBTQ+ event. Your task is to: * Create an advertising design which is 135mm wide and 195mm high (300dpi) * Incorporate our firm's logo * Incorporate multicultural items to reflect diversity * Use a vibrant and colorful color scheme to match the vibrancy of the event and attract attention Ideal Skills: * Expertise in graphic design * Experience in advertising design * Experience with vibrant color schemes * Ability to understand and incorporate specified components * Creativity and originality Please share your portfoli...

    $202 (Avg Bid)
    긴급형 상금 보장형
    33 건의 응모작

    I'm in need of a designer who can create a layout and mockup design of a packing table, which will be used in an ecommerce company. The details of the table including its size and dimensions, number and type of storage compartments, materials, and color preferences will be provided by me. Key Requirements: - Table layout and mockup design, tailored to the specifics I provide - Usage of tools that can communicate the design effectively to the maker Communication and Updates: Please note that I expect regular updates on the project. As per my preference, communication will be through instant messaging. Budget: The total budget I've set for this project is $10. If you have read the proposal fully mention your favorite car brand Ideal Applicant: Ideal applicants will be able...

    $16 (Avg Bid)
    $16 (평균 입찰가)
    19 건의 입찰
    Trophy icon Music Lessons Flyer Creation 16 일 left

    We need a flyer to appeal to Principals, Vice Principals, and Band Directors of Local Schools. DO NOT ADDRESS IT TO THE STUDENTS. ADDRESS IT TO THESE AUTHORITY FIGURES. Be creative! It must include: -The fact that we offer private lessons -The fact that we offer group lessons -The fact that we can help set up a School Jazz or Marching Band. Add a short paragraph about the importance of music. (just 2-3 sentences.) End it with 'Studies show that kids who are engaged in Music score 20% higher on their tests!' Please include our contact info: Store Number: 352-243-5868 Lesson Coordinator Number: 321-201-8038 And the included logo. We don't have it in a vector, but we'd rather you just make the background of the flyer black as well.

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    20 건의 응모작

    I'm in need of a modern and minimalist logo for my cleaning business, Happy Housekeeping Inc. The primary color I'm looking for is blue. While I have a specific style in mind, I'm open to your creative ideas and interpretations. Key Guidelines: - Primary color: Blue - Style: Minimalist - Desired elements: Bubble Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo design, particularly for businesses - Proficiency in creating minimalist style logos - A knack for incorporating specific elements into designs, in this case, a bubble - Strong communication skills to understand my vision and provide creative options Please include samples or your portfolio showcasing similar work when applying. Thank you!

    $66 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
    93 건의 응모작

    I'm an author looking for a talented designer to create a captivating and visually appealing ebook cover for my young adult urban fantasy series. Key Information: - My series primarily revolves around the theme of a coming-of-age journey. - To capture the essence of the books, the cover should be illustrative and colorful. - I'd like the design to feature the main characters in my series, as well as key magical items. You'll need to: - Have experience in creating ebook covers, especially in the young adult or fantasy genre. - Be skilled in creating illustrative and colorful designs that can bring characters and magical items to life. - Understand the nuances of the coming-of-age theme and be able to reflect that in your design. I have attached the covers for the first thr...

    $398 (Avg Bid)
    $398 (평균 입찰가)
    63 건의 입찰

    I am seeking experienced graphic designers with a solid background in text-based logo conception. The client's preference leans towards text-based logos, offering a great platform for creativity and innovation. Specifically, I'm looking for: - Demonstrated expertise in creating text-based logos - Proficiency in graphic designing tools - Ability to translate my brand's personality into the logo - Willingness to accept feedback and make revisions as necessary Please note, that the mood or personality of the logo and the deadline for completion are open-ended, offering a degree of flexibility. However, I appreciate promptness and expect you to propose realistic timelines based on your schedule. Your proposals should provide relevant samples of your previous work with t...

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    73 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of a skilled graphic designer who can create a set of professional brochures for my upcoming marketing campaign. Key Deliverables: - Design multiple brochures to be used in marketing - Ensure the designs are visually appealing, professional and align with our brand identity Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design software - Strong understanding of marketing and branding - Creative and innovative approach to design - Excellent attention to detail - Ability to understand and implement brand guidelines Experience: - Proven work experience in graphic design, ideally in a marketing context - A strong portfolio of previous work, specifically focused on brochure design - Experience working on marketing campaigns is a plus This is a great opportunity for someone who'...

    $28 (Avg Bid)
    $28 (평균 입찰가)
    64 건의 입찰

    Quisieramos una persona que nos haga el logo y la imagen de la marca

    $72 (Avg Bid)
    $72 (평균 입찰가)
    43 건의 입찰
    Trophy icon New car design - VW Crafter 6 일 left

    I need a new design with new logo for my car. New logo in the attachment. The design should attract attention, be unconventional and minimalist. I would like the project area to be limited to approximately the area of the current project. The car is white. Please don't change the color of the whole car to black. Subtitles required Fotowoltaika Pompy ciepła Klimatyzacje 668 001 111 Attached is the previous car design, current advertising materials for the design and two versions of the logo.

    $53 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
    37 건의 응모작

    I'm looking to create a modern logo that stands out and ensures brand recognition. The logo needs to represent our company in a sleek, contemporary way. I have a preference for the use of black and gold colors. Key Requirements: - Modern design: The logo should have a contemporary feel, aligning with current design trends. - Brand recognition: The design should be unique and memorable to help establish our brand identity. - Color scheme: Incorporate black and gold colors into the logo. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in logo design, particularly in creating modern, standout designs. - Familiarity with branding and the ability to translate brand values into design elements. - Proficient in using colors effectively and strategically in design. Looking forward to seeing your cre...

    $16 (Avg Bid)
    $16 (평균 입찰가)
    40 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a talented graphic artist to create a series of images for my company's Facebook and Instagram. The images will showcase our construction work and will feature a range of styles from modern and sleek, to rustic and natural, to vibrant and colorful. We want to highlight: - Before and after photos - The construction process in action - Our completed projects The ideal freelancer for this role will have experience in digital art, graphic design, and have a keen understanding of creating engaging content for social media. You should have a versatile style that can adapt to our requirements. Anticipate regular work every month, should the project be successful. This project will involve making 10-15 images initially. We are looking forward to seeing your unique creative ...

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 (평균 입찰가)
    11 건의 입찰

    I need a professional who can take our existing pool construction company logo and modify it to represent our new venture into home construction. It's important that the logo maintains the essence of the original design, but is able to fit the new business area. If you have experience in logo design and can help us with this transition, please get in touch. Prior experience with construction or real estate logos will be a definite plus.

    $75 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
    190 건의 응모작
    Trophy icon LinkedIn Banner Design 6 일 left

    I need a professional and catchy LinkedIn banner designed to enhance my branding on the platform. I'd like to work with a designer who understands how to make a banner visually appealing and aligns well with my brand's messaging. It's crucial that the design is fresh, modern, and impactful. - The banner should be suitable for LinkedIn's banner specifications and be optimized for viewing on both desktop and mobile. - As I'm seeking a quick turnaround, I'd prefer to work with someone who can deliver the designs promptly. I'm open to suggestions about the color scheme, but it should be cohesive with my existing branding (which I'll share with you once we connect).

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
    27 건의 응모작

    보다 자세한 내용을 확인하시려면, 회원 가입 또는 로그인 절차가 필요합니다.

    파워형 긴급형

    I'm in need of a skilled designer with FMCG designing experience. The main task is to create a modern and sleek catalog for our confectionery products. Key Requirements: - Experience in designing catalogs for FMCG products - Ability to create modern and sleek designs - A keen eye for detail and quality - Good understanding of target audience (All ages) The ideal candidate should be able to understand the target market and create designs that appeal to all ages. This is a crucial task for our brand and we are looking for someone who can deliver high-quality work in a timely manner.

    $201 (Avg Bid)
    $201 (평균 입찰가)
    28 건의 입찰

    I need a professional graphic designer to create a fresh and modern-style logo for my existing boxing business. I need it completed as soon as possible. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proven experience in creating modern, eye-catching logos - A strong understanding of the boxing industry - The ability to deliver high-quality work on a short timeline I am looking to revise the original "Pound 4 Pound" logo. We would like to remove the boxing gloves and replace it with the word "BOXING." The word boxing needs to be in the same font or style as "Pound." We have 2 ideas for how the new word boxing should look: 1. The word "BOXING" should match the color scheme as the number 4. The word BOXING should be black and outlined in ...

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 (평균 입찰가)
    59 건의 입찰

    US Only!!! I’m looking for a talented Photographer to join our team at my company. Your main duties will include taking photographs for various projects, including editorial content and corporate events. You will need to collaborate with our creative team, manage photography equipment, and maintain a digital photo database. Applicants should have professional photography experience and proficiency in photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop. You should be able to adapt your photography style based on project needs and feedback. This role requires someone who is creative, detail-oriented, and stays updated with photography trends. Join us to capture beautiful and impactful images that align with our brand's vision.

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    41 건의 입찰

    Hi, I am looking to start a small scale golf brand. I am therefore looking for: 1. x1 logo with text below that can be printed on a white golf ball. 2. x1 logo with text to the left that can go on a website 3. x1 logo on it's own that can be printed on a t-shirt. All the above logos would be the same but just different variations. The brand will be named after a bird so therefore I am keen to have the logo somehow combine a bird with a golf ball. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    $81 (Avg Bid)
    $81 (평균 입찰가)
    134 건의 입찰

    I am seeking a skilled graphic designer to help revive my company logo with a creative, modern twist. Key requirements are: - Ability to update the current logo's outdated look - Strong understanding and ability to execute modern design principles - A flair for creative designs that captivate and engage the audience Ideal candidates will have: - Proven experience in logo design and branding - Proficiency in modern designs - Strong portfolio showcasing creativity and diversity in style Your task will not be to simply make the logo look 'new'. It's to wholly rejuvenate and modernize it while ensuring the essence of creativity shines.

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    68 건의 응모작

    Create me a menu showing the flavors available for my product, under each flavour there should be 1 sentence description of the taste of the flavor. Should be digital, homemade design, smoke background, add our logo. No canva is allowed to be used or AI tools. Full selfmade with photoshop. they can find pictures on the internet for each flavor as i want them to display small image next to each Flavor they have to be proper designers and know how to align and center and make it look perfect and how to build a design from scratch. I do not have a menu reference in mind. However, i need it in a menu format, such as Flavor 1 .... next to it price and then picture and under it in a bit smaller the description of the flavor/ taste

    $45 (Avg Bid)
    $45 (평균 입찰가)
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    I need a set of banners designed for my website These banners will be used to announce a sale event taking place at the store. Key Requirements: - Dimensions: The banners should be 300x250 pixels in size - Style: I am looking for a minimalistic and clean design that conveys the message effectively without being overwhelming. - Purpose: The primary goal of these banners is to announce the upcoming sale event. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Graphic Design: The freelancer should have a strong background in designing digital graphics, particularly website banners. - Understanding of Branding: Familiarity with maintaining brand consistency and messaging is a plus. - Sales Promotion: Experience in creating banners for sales and events is preferred. I am looking for a freelan...

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    $73 (평균 입찰가)
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    Trophy icon Karate Uniform Photo Editing 2 일 left

    I need an experienced photo editor who can edit a picture of an individual, where I have the specific requirements to be adhered to: - Firstly, the individual on the left should be put into a plain white karate uniform with a headband and a black belt. Special attention to the detailing is a must. The other person should be removed. - The discretion on whether to place the individual in a karate studio environment or have a plain background is up to the freelancer. Make sure the background complements the overall image. - Please ensure that the color correction, background removal, and retouching aspect of the image gets the necessary attention as well. The ideal candidate would be someone with strong expertise in Photoshop or other professional photo editing tools. A portfolio of prio...

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