Smarty PHP is a powerful open-source template engine for PHP and websites. A template engine is the technology that helps developers to separate content from the design of a website, making it easier to maintain any styling of content that goes into the website. Smarty PHP was initially published in 2004 and powers hundreds of thousands of websites and applications. With the help of experienced Smarty PHP Developers, this powerful template engine language can help create innovative web applications, deliver performance oriented websites as well as highly optimized code.

Having a Smarty PHP Developer on your team can help build guidelines for your website, ensuring that all coding standards are being met and that your website displays properly on all viewing platforms - including mobile devices. Should you find yourself in need of any post-launch customizations or further development - a Smarty PHP Developer can easily accommodate challenges and make sure your website works like a charm.

Here's some projects that our expert Smarty PHP Developer made real:

  • Customize an open source Content Management System
  • Create mobile optimized pages
  • Generate PDF files and send them as email attachments
  • Set up reliable hosting options securely integrated with AWS for database connection
  • Added additional features to an existing forum software installation
  • Integrating Firebase phone verification for increased security
  • Developed directory functionality with existing scripting language
  • Upgraded third party hosting control panels
  • Built custom functionality to improve user experience with product reservation forms

Whatever challenge you currently have, our experienced Smarty PHP Developers have seen it all before. Why not post your project here on and see what brilliant solutions we can bring to your project? With an ever growing list of satisfied clients - you can count on being in professional hands with certified developers. Get in touch today to find out what our talented developers have to offer.

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