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Creativity in 3D forms the sphere of game art and this is a limitless solution as the needs are more demanding and endless. For this type of job, employers will get maximum advantage only if they can outsource this job project with a perfect partner. This revolutionizing gaming sphere brings the virtual gaming to life. This job is given to expert freelancers from all over the globe. These people have versatile knowledge handling many projects and hence will be useful and productive for your company's requirements in 3D modeling.

3D modeling constantly needs a unique service provider, as there is a constant demand and there are constant appends to the gaming world. New technology arises in a day, hence there is a necessity for constant updating and modifications to suit the gamers' or clients' growing needs. 3D modelers will have the latest tools needed for 3D animations. If you are looking for an entertaining and innovative job, get the perfect one from the many employers available on Freelancer.com.

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I need help designing fishing kayaks on CAD (Rhino) I am founder, president, of the largest maker of fishing and whitewater kayaks in the USA. I am working on projects for 2019 season and need help to design a kayak hull, component. The kayak will be rotomolded, so the design will need to be compatible with rotomolding. Boat and rotomolding experience is very helpful for this job. 12 CAD/CAM, 기계 공학, 3D 모델링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 23시간 $6944
3d modeling of sketch for a wooden relief I need a good ArtCam, or similar software modeler for 3d modeling of a hand drawn sketch. In the process of modeling, there needs to be made some little corrections on characters. Minimal quality as on this site: [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] 5 3D 디자인, 3D 모델링, 예술 및 공예품, CAD/CAM Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 22시간 $187
3D modelling and animation We are making custom shaped USB flash drives. Looking for a freelancer for 3D modelling of new USB flash drives and company promotion materials. Beste Regards Tereza / [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] 19 3D 랜더링, 에니메이션, 후 효과, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 22시간 $1190
Design photoshop images floating island with 3d text Hi there, I'd like you to create images of float island with 3D object, with 3D depth in PSD file in 2 steps. 1. Use following key points for 3D Object: floating island, forest, tree, waterfall, grass, birds, w/wo creature, and tennis equipment; but no background is needed. 2. Place 3d text (in Japanese) on or above that 3D object, tell you later let me see your 1 image work befor... 7 그래픽 디자인, 포토샵, 3D 랜더링, 포토샵 디자인, 3D 모델링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 22시간 $2023
Board game miniatures design for 3D printing This project is simple. According to attached image I will send you some reference images for 5 types of models then you make a 3D model and finally I will 3D print your models for my board game. 26 그래픽 디자인, 3D 랜더링, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션, 3D 디자인 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 21시간 $222
APALECO project The prize is for 10 selected design At that stage, we are only asking for the design and the reward will be paid for the design. 3D drawings are acceptable at first. Finalization can take place after validation. We will pay seperately for the execution plan. Activities for elderly people suffering from Alzheimer Design Concept We intend to help elderly people suffering from severe cogniti... 1 3D 모델링, 3D 랜더링, 무슨 일이든 상관없음, 예술 및 공예품, 그래픽 디자인 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 21시간 $587
Make 3D assembly pieces Use prt format file to prepare 2 documents 9 CAD/CAM, 솔리드 웍스, 기계 공학, AutoCAD, 3D 모델링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 21시간 $21
LOD Ocean Rendering Challenge Looking for someone who has experience with DirectX 11 and C++ and knows advanced programming, rendering and shading techniques to design and create an LOD Ocean Rendering system that spans from the camera and appears to be infinite. You are free to use any methods but it must be in DirectX 11, C++ and use HLSL for the shaders. Only bid on this if you are serious as this is a very challenging and ... 9 3D 랜더링, C++ 프로그래밍, 3D 모델링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 20시간 $1127
Interior Design Coffee Shop Mall We are looking after a young talented Interior Designer for our new Project. Guidelines for the overall Design as well DWG files will be provided. Scope of work required from your side: COMPLETE DESIGN LAYOUTS as followings (in PDF as well DWG file): - Flooring layout. - Reflected ceiling layout. - Furniture layout. - Shopfront 3D view. - Render Images - All wall elevation layout. - Se... 10 3D 랜더링, 홈 디자인, AutoCAD, 실내 디자인, 3D 모델링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 20시간 $2049
Modification of Existing Architecture Drawings for Building ( Offices and Warehouse) Including High Quality Rendering for Exterior Existing Architecture Drawings for Building ( Offices and Warehouse).... I need modification of the Office Building Design... The Whole Project is Workshop and Office Building, WE required Modification of Office Building Only: WE need to change Location of Offices and Stair, we need to modify the Elevation. The building Roof heights Must be All same... dimension of One of the Office needs to... 26 CAD/CAM, 건물 건축, 3D 랜더링, AutoCAD, 3D 모델링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 19시간 $163
Modify Sketchup Model - For 3D Printing and Injection Moulding I designed a bumper for use on 40 mm x 40 mm Box steel profile. The purpose of this bumper is to overlap the corner of the profile and spread the weight over a larger surface area, The design is basic and all of the alterations are outlined in the attached file. This is a prototype and will be 3D printed until final design is approved, Thereafter we intend to have this part injection mould... 27 3D 랜더링, 구글 스케치업, 3D 모델링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 19시간 $124
3D Animated Video required Hi ! I need a 4-7 minutes 3D animated video. I will provide voice for 4-5 characters. Characters must show emotions according to the voice. (happy sad, angry, joy etc) Please check attachment for the character's look. Regards 7 동영상 서비스, 에니메이션, 후 효과, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 18시간 $178
Need Creative 3D modelling of Travel Adapter Hi, We're looking for someone who has experience in 3D printing, to make a few creative designs for a travel adapter. We are using gears, to move the electrical prongs in, and out, attached are photos of the one side of the electrical adapter that you will make. The rest, the body, color, etc, is up to you to decide, and design. The prongs will move using gears, here is the STL file fo... 1 3D 애니메이션, 3D 모델링, 3D 랜더링, 솔리드 웍스 Dec 13, 2017 오늘12일 18시간 $303
Build a 3d model from a autocad plan with realistic interior and light baking in unity. - 13/12/2017 11:14 EST Output is a 3d model in unity with most realistic interiors,Light baking from a given autocad plan. 15 3D 랜더링, 3D 모델링, 유니티 3D Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 17시간 $132
Animation depicting a consumer electronic product with still shots I have an idea for a consumer electronic product that I want to create an animation depicting the use of the product...a virtual prototype. I suspect this is an easy task for anyone who knows what they are doing. The animation should be brief, showing three uses of the product, with a mechanical rendering of how it works as well. Still shots will also be required. Signing an Non-disclosure agreeme... 3 에니메이션, 후 효과, 제품 디자인, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 17시간 $998
Create Unity3D Characters We need two Avatar faces, male and a female, based on the images in this drop box folder. [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] We just need the faces, with partial headwear. The animation of the two mascots will go onto our robots. Please see sample video that's in the same DropBox folder. We need the two animations to do what this avatar is doing. The head tilts left and right slightly, robot... 14 에니메이션, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션, 유니티 3D Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 17시간 $1162
Interior Design I need interior design of newly constructed living room and Drawing/dining room. I would need detailed drawings and 3D rendering pictures. All other details can be discussed. 59 건물 건축, 3D 랜더링, 홈 디자인, 실내 디자인, 3D 모델링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 16시간 $177
Graphic Design - food truck Hi - I would like to have a URGENT concept drawing done for a food truck Very Simple layout - but require at least 6 different views of 3 different designs, based on information supplied by me - in 2d & 3d. I have the standard box drawings for the truck - and will just need the graphics and finishing touches done for the external. Internal - would like 2d & 3d - best layout and desig... 19 그래픽 디자인, 3D 랜더링, 일러스트, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 13시간 $373
Design a 3d render of photobooth Im looking for someone to design a rendered image of a photo booth like the picture attached. This is the model i will be purchasing and then having graphics printed to suit. The curtains will be swapped to red velvet and the booth color scheme will be black and gold glitter. At the top of the box it should read 'Papp'd' Rather than snapshot. I will be having hidden strobe lights... 0 3D 애니메이션, 3D 모델링, 3D 랜더링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 12시간 $60
Project for Nadezhda Alekseyevna D. Hi Nadezhda Alekseyevna D., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 6 CAD/CAM, 도시 공학, 유한 요소 해석, AutoCAD, 3D 모델링, Dec 13, 2017 오늘9일 12시간 $285
3D modeling of steering console (boat piece) I need assistance of modeling a steering console (steering pulpit) for a motor boat. Unfortunately no drawings (yet at least) so it needs to be modelled and estimated from images. I need someone that can model this in Rhino so that I can 3D print or mill it later. Images are attached. 60 3D 모델링, 3D 디자인, 3D 인쇄 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 12시간 $393
I would like to hire a 3D Modeller I have a paramectric park to make. Basically, I need an organic shape that matches my layout to serve as benches and tables throughout the park. I already have a sketchup layout, good pictures as examples.. I do not need any textures, no need for renders, I really just need the model. I plan on making it using a CNC. I can provide you the sketchup file once you've taken the job. 52 3D 모델링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 12시간 $104
fish design i want to design a fish in 3D it is very simple just any style of fish deadline is 5 hours 55 그래픽 디자인, 로고 디자인, 3D 랜더링, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 10시간 $31
Design plastic parts for 3D printing and molding I have half-completed project of building a robot. Apart from electronics and motors, its body parts have to be built from plastic. The project is done in OpenScad. CAD design skills required, preferably experience with molding. I have detailed explanation available here [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] so I wouldn't repeat myself. Read carefully. You bid for Stage 2 only. Other stages will be p... 34 CAD/CAM, 기계 공학, 3D 모델링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 10시간 $812
3d Kitchen Model. This is a 3D project. The final deliverable will be multiple images from different perspectives to present to the client. I will provide a floorplan diagram and several photographs of the desired design. The client has chosen several looks that include kitchen cabinet designs, kitchen island, cabinet tops, etc. Portfolio images must be provided. Vendor must be reliable and responsive. This ... 88 3D 랜더링, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 10시간 $395
Lightwave 3D morph - Wrap 1 object around another I have 2 odd shaped objects (grips) that I need wrapped around 2 PS4 controller handles. It has to be in Lightwave 3D. I need these to be morphed in Modeler so I can animate in Layout. Each object will have a base morph and a curved morph. I will supply the .lwo file with the objects already textured and on 3 layers. See enclosed JPEGS. 1 3D 랜더링, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션, 3D 디자인 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 10시간 $24
Realistic 3d Car Modelling We need a realistic car model with PBR materials. One car will have 3 variants - high end, low end and mid end. All 3 variants will have the same base mesh with minor modifications. 22 3D 랜더링, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션, 3D 디자인 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 10시간 $278
3d Modelling Modell and texture props and assets for our games. Over 5 games are there and over thousands assets and props in total 42 3D 랜더링, 마야, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 디자인 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 10시간 $1102
VR 360 - Haunted Street 3min including Intro - open to bidding HI, I need a VR 360 video that will work on PICO NEO with controller. The video must start off with a scary street but in the day time and have an intro video explaining what happened to this ghost street (15secs), then the lights go dark and as the user walks through the street, 3 very scary ghosts (Exorcism girl, and two others come and scream and scare the guest). After you pass each Ghost, it ... 5 3D 랜더링, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션, 3D 디자인 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 9시간 $358
Need a 3D Rendering I need a 3D rendering image of a four storied apartment. I will be providing the AutoCAD drawings. 46 3D 랜더링, AutoCAD, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 9시간 $124
3D VR app for VR Headset I need the following: I want to feel like: A) I am standing in the middle of a 4 sided pyramid. Each side of the pyramid have different colour. I need the picture in front of me to shifts as I look up, down and side to side or angle my head. (movements will be forward and backwards, side to side and shoulder to shoulder, otherwise known as pitch, yaw and roll.) I should be able to rotate mysel... 24 3D 랜더링, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션, 유니티 3D, 3D 디자인 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 9시간 $171
add hair and fur to my model i need hair and fur to my model and make rigging. i will provide my model. 25 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 9시간 $157
Editing a 3d human model that will be used in a video game. Specifically, I need a few adjustments to be made to an existing model so that it matches another one in some aspects. More details if you have experience in editing models to be used in video games. 13 3D 랜더링, 후 효과, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 8시간 $39
Diva , ice cream advertisement I need some one make rigging for my character and make fur in Maya or 3dsmax 2013 29 3D 랜더링, 마야, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 7시간 $441
3d modeling rendering Interior I've office interior space for which I want 3d renders, The office requires 2 directors cabins, 4 manager cabins a big workstation area pantry reception and waiting area. Please quote your best price along with your portfolio. Thanks 53 3D 랜더링, 실내 디자인, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 7시간 $309
solidworks project the dimension is not available, you have to figure it out by the threads. solidworks module 2016-17 55 CAD/CAM, 솔리드 웍스, 기계 공학, 제품 디자인, 3D 모델링 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 7시간 $16
3D Modelling/Rigging/Controllers for existing model We have female model having rigging and Modelling already done, Only Spinal cord and expression Blenshapes are missing, We are looking for Rigger/Modeller, who has to add facial Expression using Blenshapes and Spinal Cord Controllers to our model. Once Freelancer is finalised I will share a model with freelancer. 6 3D 랜더링, 마야, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 7시간 $53
3D Designs or Illustrations Custom Semi Trucks Tesla Motors just unveiled their semi trucks. I'm looking for some custom designs using the Tesla Semi with different types of trailers. I would like high resolutions images. I will have 3 different design ideas, each design type can be submitted as a different entry. I may select multiple entries if they fit the requirements. The cab (front) of the truck should be made based on the Tes... 0 3D 애니메이션, 3D 모델링, 3D 랜더링, Adobe Illustrator, 포토샵 Dec 13, 2017 오늘24일 7시간 $30
brand identity Brand logo animation and advertisement I've done for the corporate whiskey brand THE DALMORE ....the typical brand was been choose from among 63 international brands.... Advertisement and logo animation was done with the help of blender software.. [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] 14 로고 디자인, 에니메이션, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 6시간 $247
iclone animation - open to bidding Hi hanjia need some work from you. i have daz3d elephant model or i can provide OBJ,FBX Format with poses daz3d. need transfer to iclone and compatible with iclone elephant animation preset. Thank you. 2 3D 랜더링, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션, 3D 디자인 Dec 13, 2017 오늘6일 6시간 $42
Project for Sasikumar R. Hi Sasikumar R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 3 엑셀, 3D 랜더링, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션, 건축 디자이너 Dec 12, 2017 오늘6일 6시간 $149
Setup Cloud Render Farm using Deadline 10 & AWS Render Collective is an Architectural 3D Vuisualisation Company producing high end photorealistic 3D photorealistic stills, animations and virtual reality experiences. The main tools for staff are 3DS Max and wither VRay or Corona as a rendering engine. To scale the studio, rather than expanding a local hardware renderfarm we have decided to setup a flexible system using a new product by Thinkb... 6 3D 랜더링, 아마존 웹 Services, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 12, 2017 오늘6일 5시간 $2060
Do some modelling i need interior designer for my project,please send me your portfolio. 13 3D 랜더링, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링 Dec 12, 2017 오늘6일 4시간 $41
3D Illusion Art Event Brief: Create a painted or digitally generated backdrop that incorporates the use of 3D illusion to be displayed at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The backdrop will be used to create a photo opportunity for Easter Show attendees. Role: For the 3D painter, they will be required to either paint the 3m x 8m image on or off site prior to the event date. Regarding a 3D Digital Artist, the... 13 포토샵, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션, 건설 일용직, 벽화 작업 Dec 12, 2017 오늘6일 4시간 $2035
Create a realistic 3D Model I need a 3d model created. I need to be a woman bent over. See attachment "Posture" for how she should be standing. This is going to be going to be a bobble butt, instead of a bobblehead. We already have the male created, now we just need a female. This model should look realistic It should be ethnically ambiguous (Not look like any race in particular) Have a spring connected to t... 1 3D 애니메이션, 3D 모델링, 3D 랜더링, 3ds 맥스 Dec 12, 2017 오늘13일 2시간 $213
3D Character Design and Rig I'm looking for someone that can create my character in 3D. The character must be rigged, highpoly characters only. I am using iClone 7 so if you know anything about iClone 7 please note that my character must be able to import into iClone 7 successfully and I must be able to animate it within iClone 7. That means I must be able to get the character body to move, facial impressions and mo... 38 3D 랜더링, 마야, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션, 지브러시(Zbrush) Dec 12, 2017 오늘6일 2시간 $1035
Create 3D Models - Ready for animate (with bones) We need to create 6 models with bones ready for animate. here are the 2D reference images: [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] The delivery have to include the source files. 13 3D 랜더링, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 12, 2017 오늘6일 2시간 $669
3D rendering of a draft Trophy Cupboard Drawing - $100 We are making a trophy cabinet and want to have a 3D representation of the plans mocked up into the photo provided. $100. 7 3D 랜더링, 실내 디자인, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션 Dec 12, 2017 오늘6일 1시간 $92
Morrocan style interior 3D design I require a high quality 3D render of a morrocan style 3D Interior. Must be of high render quality 45 3D 랜더링, 실내 디자인, 3ds 맥스, 3D 모델링 Dec 12, 2017 오늘6일 1시간 $190
Create 3d animation video for product demonstration Hello dear freelancers. Please read following text carefully to avoid any misunderstanding. I'd like to get a quote for demonstration video about 3 minutes long with same (or better) quality as in given samples: [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] [url 제거 완료, 확인하려면 로그인하세요.] Input information for you - images and dimensions for main parts. You should do all necessary 3d modelling, animation, ren... 41 3D 랜더링, 에니메이션, 3D 모델링, 3D 애니메이션, 비디오 제작 Dec 12, 2017 오늘6일 $955
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