T-Shirts are one of the most simple yet powerful ways to express yourself and make a personal statement. T-shirt designs allow clients to make a bold statement, address a current issue, or show their support for an organization. In order for an effective visual representation of these personal views, clients need to be able to have access to an experienced, competent t-shirt designer.

Freelancer.com offers clients a perfect platform to post their project and find expert t-shirt designers that can bring their T-shirt vision to the real world. Our experienced team of designers are able to create custom illustrations and typefaces, generate mockups and samples and increase visual cohesion across product lines and branding.

Here’s some projects that our expert designers made real:

  • Mockups for apparel prints in multiple styles such as illustration work and customization in various clothing types
  • Generated high quality print designs for an active apparel brand
  • Innovative design work for creating unique color patterns for hats, hoodies and other apparel
  • Created high resolution designs for shirts ready for production and sale
  • Designed Creative visuals for restaurant menu & t-shirts with illustrations or images
  • On going projects developing sophisticated embroidery designs tailored to fit the desired style of a hat company

These are just some of the creative aspects that our experienced t-shirt designers can bring to your project. With our talented experts, clients can rapidly increase product lines, create new designs that stand out significantly from competitors, whilst also staying consistent with the organization’s overall visual narrative.

If you’re looking to up your t-shirt game, then look no further. With the help of our experienced designers on Freelancer.com your shirt visions can become reality! Post your project now and watch as it evolves with the help of our creative t-shirt designers!

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    I'm in need of a talented tattoo designer who specializes in traditional style tattoos. The project consists of a full sleeve design which will incorporate a variety of themes and symbols. Key Themes and Symbols: - Nautical - Floral - Animal - Skeleton - Swords - Khanda Sahib The design should be: - Colorful - Intricate - Cohesive I have no strict deadlines for this project, so the priority is on quality and creativity. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - A strong portfolio of traditional style tattoo designs - Experience in creating full sleeve tattoos - Ability to incorporate multiple themes and symbols harmoniously - Strong understanding of color theory - Excellent communication skills to ensure the design meets my vision. Looking forward to working with a passion...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    $30 (평균 입찰가)
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    I'm looking for a skilled designer who can create dark and edgy anime designs to be embroidered onto both t-shirts and hoodies. The designs should be inspired by the anime series 'Jujutsu Kaisen', but remain distinct. Key Responsibilities: - Creating unique and visually captivating designs - Ensuring the design can be embroidered onto fabric Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in graphic design - Previous experience in designing clothes, particularly t-shirts and hoodies - Familiarity with 'Jujutsu Kaisen' and its artistic style - Ability to translate artistic concepts into embroidery-friendly designs ———— Something very similar to the photos in files. (Manga panels)

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    $75 (평균 입찰가)
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    Trophy icon Cancer Awareness T-Shirt Design 6 일 left

    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create a full color t-shirt design centered around cancer awareness. The design will need to incorporate key elements and symbols related to cancer awareness - specifically the ribbon, hope, and support. Requirements: - A full color t-shirt design - Incorporation of the cancer ribbon, hope, and support symbols - Attention to detail and a clean, professional finish Ideal Skills: - Graphic Design - T-Shirt Design - Awareness and Sensitivity to Cancer Issues - Strong Communication Skills Was working with another designer but after sending payment they have left me high and dry. I am in need of this asap if possible.

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    I'm looking to collaborate with a skilled and creative designer to bring my vision to life. I'm seeking a range of custom rugby-inspired clothing that incorporates both the Autobots and Decepticons logos. Key Details: - Clothing Type: I'm interested in producing Rugby-and Or Formula 1/Auto Bots inspired clothing, including T-shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatpants. It’s for a Greek Organization. - Design Elements: I want the design to capture elements from both Rugby and Formula 1 themes. This includes incorporating elements such as team colors, racing stripes, and player numbers. - Color Scheme: The primary color scheme that I envision for this project is crimson and cream. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong graphic design skills with a keen eye for detail. ...

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    $86 (평균 입찰가)
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    I need a simple but effective design for a T-shirt. The only requirement is that it should say "My Parents Hate Me" in a straight line across the chest. That's it! This project is pretty straightforward, and I'm not looking for anything too fancy or extravagant. Your creativity in executing this simple task is highly appreciated, so feel free to suggest any additional design tweaks or improvements that might make it look even better. Please provide some details on your approach and any relevant experience you have with similar projects. I appreciate your understanding and look forward to receiving your proposal. Thank you.

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    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to create a souvenir t-shirt for a dance recital, themed "Dancing through the Decades". The design needs to be based on this theme, capturing the essence and vibrancy of various dance periods. Key Characteristics: - The design should include the Text "Dancing Through The Decades" and "Studio J Dance Center Recital 2024" -The design should be illustrative, predominantly capturing the theme. - 2 to 3 color design that will print on a lighter blue, aqua, or mint green shirt - Creativity and originality are crucial - remember, these t-shirts are souvenirs and thus should spark joy and good memories. --Shirt design should be geared for children ages 3-18. - Previous experience in creating similar souvenir t-sh...

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    $80 (평균 입찰가)
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    Seeking a skilled graphic designer with a flair for wildlife and western aesthetics. To successfully bring my vision to life, you need to: - Create a captivating design for a western-themed t-shirt intended as a souvenir. - Highlight bears and horses in the design, embracing the natural beauty and wild spirit of these animals. - Ensure that the design reflects the essence and charm of western wildlife, making the t-shirt a memorable takeaway. Ideal qualifications will include a strong portfolio of graphic design, especially with an emphasis on wildlife and outdoor themes. Your creativity and passion for original, impactful designs will be key to success.

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    $25 (평균 입찰가)
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    I'm seeking a skilled graphic designer to create an abstract style t-shirt design. The design must incorporate our company logo and should be reminiscent of a graphic design, using a highly specific color scheme. UPDATE: MUST INCLUDE the words GAME ON and DANCERS EDGE - Design Style: I am looking for a design that is abstract in style. This will require a creative mind and excellent attention to details. - Design Elements: The design should prominently feature our company logo, or similarly can use the words DANCERS EDGE if the design would look better that way. It's crucial that the logo is seamlessly integrated into the design. I have also attached a GAME ON graphic we like and would prefer something similar. - Color Scheme: The design must make use of cyan, magenta, and yel...

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    As an expert in clothing design with a keen sense for detail and creativity, I need you to create a unique, fashionable t-shirt design with an emphasis on British sterling pounds, specifically the 50£ note. Features: On top of T-shirt the lettering font with the word BXNDZ Under the £50 stack All of this on back of tshirt On front of tshirt On left chest area just the font shown In the image with the word BXNDZ - Imprint of the 50£ sterling pound note in stacks - Uses a modern, trendy style to attract customers Skills and Experience: - Graphic Design - Tshirt Design - Previous work with UK cultural or economic themes is a bonus - Attention to detail and creativity - Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator or similar software - Ability to work within a tight timeline Let...

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    $28 (평균 입찰가)
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    As an expert in clothing design with a keen sense for detail and creativity, I need you to create a unique, fashionable t-shirt design with an emphasis on British sterling pounds, specifically the 50£ note. Features: On top of T-shirt the lettering font with the word BXNDZ Under the £50 stack All of this on back of tshirt On front of tshirt On left chest area just the font shown In the image with the word BXNDZ - Imprint of the 50£ sterling pound note in stacks - Uses a modern, trendy style to attract customers Skills and Experience: - Graphic Design - Tshirt Design - Previous work with UK cultural or economic themes is a bonus - Attention to detail and creativity - Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator or similar software - Ability to work within a tight timeline Let...

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    Logo Designer 6 일 left

    I am in need of a graphic designer proficient in AI or PNG formatting, with experience in transferring concepts to wearable art. My project details include: - Working with my existing designs: I already have some designs ready in JPEG or PNG format. Your creative input in refreshing them will be appreciated. Minor alterations will be required to ensure creative freshness. - Creating new designs: You will also be tasked with creating new designs entirely from concepts I have. This will require strong creativity and design principles. - Final product: By the end, we will have a collection of attractive, unique designs ready to be transferred onto t-shirts. I look forward to your imaginative interpretations of my ideas and existing material. WE ARE REOCCURING. You will be partnering with u...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 (평균 입찰가)
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    This project is for a United States army medical unit mobilized to Honduras. Our mission if to care for US army soldiers as well as providing education, medical and surgical care, and resources to the people of Honduras It is a Honduran base Soto Cano Air Base. We would like to have the base and date 2024 on the shirt. I am supply some picture to assist with thoughts the task force bravo patch maybe on the front. or the South America patch picture we have a mascot who is a tabby cat I would like to put him on the shirt but in a really tiny place-- he is called dirty mike. I included a cat cartoon. feel free to ask questions and I will try to guide as able keep in mind that I am not the final decision on this ... the unit is so it will be a unit decision but I will be awarding the p...

    $120 (Avg Bid)
    파워형 상금 보장형
    197 건의 응모작

    I'm looking for a creative and spirited graphic designer to help bring my festive "Kiss Me I'm Irish" t-shirt to life. This apparel is planned to be a hit for our St Patrick’s Day events. Below are the project specifications: - The design should incorporate shamrocks and kisses. - Color scheme should embody the shades of the Irish flag, namely; green, white and orange. - I would love to have the message "Kiss Me I'm Irish" boldly and creatively centered on the front of the shirt. With your keen eye for blending art and marketing, let's collaborate to make this t-shirt design an Irish charm. Ideal candidates should have: - Deep knowledge of current design trends. - Prior expertise in designing for apparel, particularly t-shirts. - Excellent co...

    $19 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a professional designer to create a unique sublimation print of polo t-shirts for both male and female employees. Key Points: - I require a dark purple color theme for polo t-shirts - The design should incorporate our company logo on the front - The t-shirts could be made of either cotton or polyester fabric - t-shirt design to slightly vary for male vs female staff Ideal Candidate: - Experience in sublimation print designs of t-shirts - Previous work in creating or designing corporate apparel - Proficient in creating designs that are both appealing and suitable for different genders - Ability to create mature looking corporate designs - deliver the project within 1 week or less Please provide a portfolio showcasing your previous work in corporate apparel design an...

    $56 (Avg Bid)
    $56 (평균 입찰가)
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    I am in need of a skilled clothing designer to create a range of men's athletic wear for my upcoming brand. The type of clothing I'm looking for includes t-shirts, sweatpants, and shorts. These items should be designed with a bold and graphic aesthetic in mind. I'm particularly interested in a unique interpretation of this style. Additionally, the ideal candidate should be familiar with and able to implement the following features into the designs: - Moisture-wicking fabric - Reflective elements for night visibility - Built-in compression The successful applicant will have a keen eye for detail, a creative approach to design, and a strong understanding of the athletic wear market and trends. Experience in designing for athletic wear, especially for men, is preferred.

    $45 (Avg Bid)
    $45 (평균 입찰가)
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    I am looking for a skilled fashion designer who can create a new, youthful line of clothing. Drawing from vintage style influences, your role would be to not just handle the creation of clothing designs, but also the pattern making. Woodblock printing and patchwork will be a vital part of the design process. Key Responsibilities: • Develop a cohesive clothing line for young adults • Merge elements of vintage fashion into modern clothing designs • Use woodblock printing and patchwork techniques Ideal Skills and Experience: • Previous experience in clothing design, particularly vintage style designs • Proficiency in pattern making • Know-how of woodblock printing and patchwork techniques If vintage designs in a youthful, modern context speak to your creative ...

    $119 (Avg Bid)
    $119 (평균 입찰가)
    7 건의 입찰

    I'm on the hunt for a talented fashion designer who can bring a unique blend of traditional woodblock printing designs and bold, colorful patchworks to my luxury brand. Key responsibilities: - Create traditional woodblock printing designs. - Design bold and colorful patchworks. Ideal skills: - Proficient in woodblock printing design. - Strong sense of fashion aesthetics. - A knack for bold and vibrant color play. - Expertise in patchwork design. Experience with luxury fashion branding is a plus, especially with a focus on both woodblock printing designs and patchworks. Note:- please try to make good designs and i dont have proper knowledge about fashion designing but i want woodblockprinting as well as patchworks bcz brand is to represent india’s rich heritage and luxur...

    $89 (Avg Bid)
    $89 (평균 입찰가)
    6 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a talented designer to create a unique and poignant t-shirt design with a Japanese contemporary flair. - The design should revolve around a memorial theme, incorporating a Jizo Statue, Carnations and a Japanese Script. Would like this cartoonised. I have attached some photos for inspiration. - Looking at creating these shirts as a momento for families who have lost a child. - The color scheme will be black and white for a dramatic effect and simplicity. - Experience or knowledge with Japanese culture and symbols would be a huge plus. - Creativity and an eye for meaningful symbolism are important for this project. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful design ideas presented.

    $48 (Avg Bid)
    $48 (평균 입찰가)
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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to craft 10-50 soccer team uniforms. The jerseys should serve as effective team uniforms and should boast high production quality. Key Job Requirements: - Design and production of soccer jerseys. - Incorporation of each player's name and number. - Team logo must be conspicuously featured on every jersey. Knowledge and skill in sportswear design and manufacturing will prove critical for this role. The ideal freelancer will demonstrate previous experience producing similar uniform merchandise, with strong attention to detail to guarantee the uniformity and accuracy of all the player details and logos across the jerseys. This project is integral to fostering team identity, so I require a professional who can deliver high-quality uniforms that o...

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    $77 (평균 입찰가)
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    I'm on the lookout for a talented graphic designer to create a minimalist style logo. Key Requirements: - Proficient in logo design - Skilled in minimalist design principles - Able to work with a pre-defined color scheme Your role will involve translating my vision into a simple, clean and impactful logo. I'm open to your creative input and suggestions, but it's important that the final product aligns with my vision for a minimalist design. Please provide a portfolio of your previous logo design work, particularly any minimalist pieces you've created. The ideal candidate for this project would have experience in creating logos that are both visually appealing and conceptually meaningful.

    $27 (Avg Bid)
    $27 (평균 입찰가)
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    I'm looking for a fashion-forward designer who can create trendy and eye-catching clothing designs for men and women. The attachment I added is the first logo I made for this future clothing line. I am also open to any ideas you have to suggest. What You'll Do: - Design casual clothing pieces with an edge of appeal to teenagers and adults - Create engaging graphic tee designs that will stand out Ideal Skills: - Expertise in fashion design with a focus on casual wear - Strong understanding of trends targeting adult and teenage demographics - Creativity and a flair for designing attention-catching pieces is a must. Throughout this project, the chosen person will conceptualize and design a range of apparel aiming to impress and engage. Let's create incredible clothing desig...

    $71 (Avg Bid)
    $71 (평균 입찰가)
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    Trophy icon Davis Family Reunion Logo Design 1 일 left

    I need a versatile logo for our family reunion. It will grace t-shirts, banners, and invitations, so scalability and readability are key. This is our 20th reunion. The reunion will take place in Georgetown, South Carolina. Here are my requirements: - Dominant colors: Black or white - Include the family name: Davis - 20th Reunion - Georgetown, South Carolina - Do not use trees or praying hands Skills & Experience: Top-rated designer with a knack for creating eye-catching, adaptable logo designs. Experience working with family iconography would be advantageous. The logo needs to feel personal and meaningful, but also tick all the practicality boxes. Show me your portfolio of logos used across different mediums.

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
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    I need a talented graphic designer to create a fun and appealing custom cartoon for our driving school's t-shirts. The design will be showcased on the back of the shirts and should include the following elements: - A cartoon drawing of our training vehicle - Charlotte cityscape - A student and instructor The style requested is 'cartoonish,' aiming for a playful and engaging look. The color scheme should match our school colors, which will be shared with you upon agreement to take on the project. In addition to the imagery, the design should incorporate our school's name and slogan. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proven experience in designing custom cartoons - Strong skills in using color effectively - A good understanding of branding and the a...

    $326 (Avg Bid)
    $326 (평균 입찰가)
    96 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of a talented clothing designer who can help bring my vision to life. Here are the specifics: - Design items: I want designs for shirts, T-shirts, and trousers. Your creativity is welcome, but the focus should be on these items. - Design Style: I want the designs to be casual. This is a key aspect and I'd like you to infuse the designs with a relaxed, easy-going vibe. - Color Scheme: I would like the designs to be in neutral colors like beige, brown, and white. I believe these colors emanate calm and sophistication, which aligns with my brand. Ideal candidates should have: - Prior experience in clothing design, particularly in casual wear. - Knowledge of current fashion trends. - The ability to work with neutral color palettes. - Excellent communication skil...

    $71 (Avg Bid)
    $71 (평균 입찰가)
    13 건의 입찰

    I am in need of a menswear designer to turn my ideas into casual but trendy designs. You should have a solid understanding and experience in designing comfortable men's streetwear targeted at young adults between the ages of 20-34. Required Skills: - Strong focus on creating comfortable wear - Understanding of what appeals to young adults in terms of style - Expertise in textile choice - Experience in garment construction Your design should show comfortability without sacrificing style and hipness. Proven experience in menswear design is essential, especially in the casual/urban streetwear segment. Furthermore, a portfolio of previous designs would be beneficial.

    $250 (Avg Bid)
    $250 (평균 입찰가)
    9 건의 입찰

    I am in need of an experienced and creative designer to create an array of summer clothing items. The designs should be modern and minimalist, with a unisex appeal. The primary items for design will be t-shirts, shorts, and hats. Key Requirements: - Design experience: I am looking for a designer with a strong portfolio of modern, minimalist design work, particularly in the fashion field. - Understanding of Unisex Fashion: It's important that the designs cater to a unisex audience, so an understanding of what appeals to both men and women is crucial. - Summer Aesthetic: The designs should be suitable for summer, with a light and airy feel that will suit the warmer months. - Attention to Detail: Precise, detailed work is essential. If you have experience in these areas, please subm...

    $17 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $17 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    31 건의 입찰

    As an entrepreneur in the apparel industry, I am in need of a graphic designer who is well versed in creating dynamic, engaging designs. The selected individual will be responsible for: - Creating captivating logo designs suitable for my brand. - Crafting unique T-shirt designs that fit our brand ethos. - Piecing together a coherent brand design that tastefully weaves together various elements. Ideal Experience: - Proficiency in logo design, T-shirt design, and branding design. - Ability to create vintage and abstract designs that weave seamlessly into our brand. Color Preferences: - Flexibility to work with a rich palette including pastel colors, bold and vibrant colors, and black and white. This project offers a unique opportunity for designers to demonstrate their creative flair an...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 (평균 입찰가)
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    Trophy icon NO OTHER GOD 12 일 left

    I'm looking for a talented, original & professional designer who can create an engaging, Christian-themed t-shirt design. The design should incorporate the provided Bible Verse. Key Requirements: *PLEASE PROVIDE ALL AWARDED designs in High Resolution, PNG, Jpeg, Ai, PDF, Transparent Background, Designed for White, Black and all Colors of T-shirts upon purchasing your design this is Expected and Required. - Christian Theme: The design must reflect Christian values and beliefs. - Bible Verse: It should include a specific Bible verse, which I will provide. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Graphic Design: A strong background in designing visually appealing artwork. - Knowledge of Christianity: Understanding of Christian values and symbols. The perfect candidate will have a keen...

    $75 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
    223 건의 응모작
    Trophy icon APART FROM THE LORD 12 일 left

    I'm looking for a creative designer who can create a captivating Christian-themed t-shirt design focusing on a Bible Verse. Key Requirements: *PLEASE PROVIDE ALL AWARDED designs in High Resolution, PNG, Jpeg, Ai, PDF, Transparent Background, Designed for White, Black and all Colors of T-shirts upon purchasing your design this is Expected and Required. - The t-shirt design must be centered around actual provided text. Your design should be able to inspire and spark conversations regarding the scripture. - Due to the nature of the project, I am looking for someone with a good understanding of Christian themes and values. Previous experience working on religious or spiritual designs will be a big plus. Looking forward to seeing your proposals.

    $65 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
    235 건의 응모작

    I'm looking for someone skilled in T-shirt designing, preferably with a flair for integrating traditional elements with a modern appeal. The design should have: - Shamrocks as the primary symbol - Unique, visually appealing layout - Flexibility with possible color schemes as we haven't finalized it yet. Provide designs that can be adapted to different color sets. Ideally, the candidate will have experience in graphic design with excellent knowledge of latest design trends. Please provide your portfolio with similar designs. The project needs to be completed within 14 days. Use i want to make irish tshirts. MUST be never given to another person. use your creativity and aesthetics in this design journey to create a memorable Irish T-shirt for 2025 2 designs : 1st: Kiss me im...

    $15 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a proficient fashion designer with a flair for emo aesthetics to create a summer clothing line composed of t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, and shorts. Key Requirements: - Expertise in sewing and pattern-making is crucial. - Familiarity with emo aesthetics and the ability to incorporate graphic prints into designs is required. - You should have an understanding of adult fashion trends and be able to design for the adult age group. - Experience in designing summer clothes will be advantageous. Main Roles: - Create original graphic prints for clothing. - Design and produce emo-inspired t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, and shorts suitable for summer weather and targeted towards adults. This project requires a keen eye for fashion, creativity, and expert sewing skills are a must....

    $78 (Avg Bid)
    $78 (평균 입찰가)
    46 건의 입찰

    I need a graphic designed for a t-shirt, communicated in a satirical way. The design should be modern to fit with current styles. I want the design to be unique, yet resonate with people by boldly stating "EMBARRASSED TO BE CANADIAN". Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design - Experience with modern, trending designs - Able to understand and translate satirical concepts into engaging visuals - Experience in t-shirt design would be a plus. In your proposal, please include your understanding of the project and how you plan to execute it. Also, share some examples of relevant work you’ve done.

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 (평균 입찰가)
    57 건의 입찰

    I'm looking for a graphic designer to create a unique and captivating design for a t-shirt. The design should be based on the theme of emotions and be suitable for printing on apparel. Key requirements: - Proficient in creating graphic designs for t-shirts - Capable of understanding and translating emotional themes into visual design - Ability to create original and engaging designs that stand out Ideal skills and experience: - Prior experience in t-shirt graphic design - Strong portfolio of work that showcases creativity and ability to work with themes - Proficiency in design software (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop) - Understanding of printing requirements for apparel Looking forward to seeing your proposals!

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    $12 (평균 입찰가)
    20 건의 입찰

    I'm looking to hire a skilled graphic designer to create a theme-based design for a t-shirt. Key Requirements: - The design should be theme-based and meaningful. This is a crucial aspect of the project. - I'm open to suggestions for the specific theme, so feel free to propose ideas if you have a strong vision. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in graphic design, particularly for apparel. - Strong understanding of typography and/or illustrative design. - Ability to create unique and meaningful concepts. I'm looking for a designer who can think outside the box and deliver a design that speaks to the theme in a powerful and creative way. If you think you're up for the challenge, please reach out and share your portfolio.

    $41 (Avg Bid)
    $41 (평균 입찰가)
    25 건의 입찰

    I'm searching for a creative individual who can deliver a series of 15-20 unique T-shirt designs. Each design is budgeted at $10-15. The designs should be: - In a new and fresh style Please note that the specific theme or subject is not predefined. This is a wonderful opportunity for a designer to showcase their creativity and expertise. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience with T-shirt design - Ability to create engaging, unique visuals - Strong communication skills to understand and interpret requirements If you're passionate about creating innovative T-shirt designs, this project is for you. Please apply with examples of your previous work in this domain.

    $98 (Avg Bid)
    $98 (평균 입찰가)
    76 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a talented designer to create a modern and trendy wedding card for me. This will need to incorporate bold and vibrant colors to truly encapsulate the feeling of the occasion. Key design elements should include: - Couple's photo: This will serve as the main focal point of the design. - Artistic illustrations: These can be integrated around the photo to further enhance the vibrant aesthetic we're striving for. - I also want a soft copy of coral file so that i can edit if any changes is required Ideal freelancers for this job are those who have experience in graphic design, specifically with wedding and event invitations. A keen eye for a futuristic and trendy design aesthetics is paramount. Successfully integrating the couple's photo with whimsical artistic ...

    $52 (Avg Bid)
    $52 (평균 입찰가)
    30 건의 입찰

    I am looking for a skilled graphic designer who can create a modern logo in cool colors. ( Photos are for references only not my products! ) I am a owner of a car wrapping business and are looking to get a design made for our shirts/stickers made. Looking for modern JDM/ Japanese style/ anime looking design and company name included ! Things that need to be in image -squeegee -Stanley knife -blades -Rolls of vinyl -car Key Tasks & Responsibilities: - Develop a modern, professional logo - use modern Japanese style design - car design - sticker /shirt design for car wrapping company - to be used as brand design Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in logo design - Ability to implement modern design principles - Strong sense of color theory, specifically wit...

    $51 (Avg Bid)
    $51 (평균 입찰가)
    152 건의 입찰

    I'm in urgent need of a talented T-shirt designer who can create both graphic and typography designs. The theme or concept for the designs is completely open, so your creativity is welcome. However, I'm looking for top-quality, stylish designs that can resonate with a broad audience. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in graphic design and typography - Ability to create original, eye-catching designs - Quick turnaround time - I need this project completed ASAP - Experience in designing for the fashion industry would be a plus I look forward to seeing your portfolio and hearing more about how you can help!

    $11 (Avg Bid)
    $11 (평균 입찰가)
    24 건의 입찰

    I'm Rishabh, the owner of the Laris brand (). I'm in urgent need of 6 unique t-shirt designs that embody a mixture of motorsports and racer aesthetics similar to Rhude. I'm looking for designs that specifically incorporate not only racecars, but also elements related to horse racing, yachts, jetskis and other motorsports. - We're leaning towards a high-end streetwear vibe, so the designs should be both stylish and edgy, appealing to a younger audience. - The designs should be original and not merely replicas of existing Rhude pieces. - While I haven't specified colors, I'm open to suggestions that blend well with the theme. Ideal candidates for this project will have: - A strong portfolio of fashion design, especially in streetwear and motorsports-inspired...

    $36 (Avg Bid)
    $36 (평균 입찰가)
    17 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a skilled professional to assist me with the production and shipping of a range of custom cotton t-shirts. I aim to deliver high-quality, customizable, and dynamic designs to a broad demographic ranging from children to adults. Key Responsibilities: - Production: You'll be responsible for the manufacturing of these t-shirts using premium quality cotton material. - Printing: Utilize direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method, ensuring that the designs are accurately transferred onto the t-shirt. - Quality Control: Implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure the shirts are of the finest quality. - Shipping: Coordinate the efficient and timely shipping of the t-shirts to customers worldwide. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in cotton t-shirt producti...

    $67 (Avg Bid)
    $67 (평균 입찰가)
    37 건의 입찰

    I'm currently searching for an experienced product designer specialized in creating high quality, aesthetically pleasing designs for customizable gifts. I require an exceptional level of design and color customization, so creativity, a keen eye for detail and color sensitivity are crucial. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in giftware design - Expertise in color theory and color customization. Key Responsibilities: - Create unique and appealing designs for customizable gifts - Work closely with me to understand specific design requirements - Provide color customization options for all designed gifts.

    $381 (Avg Bid)
    $381 (평균 입찰가)
    42 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of a skilled t-shirt designer to create a classy and memorable design for my high school's 50th year reunion. The design will be printed on shirts for all attendees and should reflect the essence of our reunion. Some IDEAS 1974-2024 Kentwood high school Class of 1974 50 year Reunion Our colors are orange and blue Do make the kangaroo so big. Make the number 50th bigger Key requirements: - Theme: The theme for the design is our high school reunion. - Style: The style I'm looking for is classy, to ensure the design is timeless and elegant. - Elements: The design should incorporate our school's graduation year 1974, our mascot, kangaroo as well as the text "Kentwood High School" to make it unique and personal. Experience: - Proficiency in graphic...

    $90 (Avg Bid)
    상금 보장형
    1266 건의 응모작

    I am looking for a talented designer to create a series of vintage-inspired t-shirt designs for my t-shirt business. The designs should predominantly incorporate retro fonts. Key Requirements: - Style: Vintage - Target Audience: Adults Deliverables: - Several unique and appealing t-shirt designs - Designs should be suitable for adult audience Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design and creation of vintage aesthetics - Experience in designing for the apparel industry, particularly t-shirts - Ability to create attractive, retro-style fonts - Understanding of adult market preferences and trends Please note that while I have specified the use of retro fonts, I am open to other design elements as long as they align with the vintage theme.

    $13 (Avg Bid)
    $13 (평균 입찰가)
    22 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of a modern shirt design for my excavating company. - Key Requirement: The design should prominently feature the company name. - Style: Modern, with a focus on minimalistic and clean aesthetics. I'm open to other ideas, the shirt doesn't have to be that specific style. - Deadline: I require this project to be completed ASAP. I'm looking for a freelancer with a strong portfolio showcasing modern and minimalistic designs. Experience in creating corporate or industrial-themed designs would be a definite plus. The ideal candidate should be able to deliver a high-quality design in a short timeframe. I want this to be a high quality design with lots of thought. I want it to look like a well known brand. Not just another contractor with excavators on the shirt...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    116 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of a skilled digital print designer for a clothing line. The prints I need include abstract, floral, and geometric designs. These will be used for dresses. Key Responsibilities: - Create high-quality digital prints design - Design prints that are suitable for clothing, particularly dresses,crop-tops,co-rds,t-shirts, - Ensure the prints are original and in line with current trends - Deliver designs on time and to brief Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator - Strong portfolio of previous digital print designs, particularly for clothing - Understanding of fashion trends and willingness to adapt designs accordingly - Excellent communication skills to understand and fulfill design briefs If you have a passion for fash...

    $11 (Avg Bid)
    $11 (평균 입찰가)
    16 건의 입찰
    T-Shirt Design Needed 3 일 left

    I'm in need of a creative t-shirt design for my upcoming project. The design should be visually appealing and on-trend, suitable for a diverse audience. Key Points: - The design should be original and unique, tailored to the t-shirt medium. - I'm open to different design types, but high-quality and innovative concepts are preferred. - Please showcase your previous t-shirt design work, particularly anything that demonstrates your ability to create marketable designs. - A deep understanding of current design trends and the ability to create trendy, eye-catching designs is a huge plus. - Experience with typography, illustration, and graphic design are all welcome. Please submit your application with a brief overview of your design approach, relevant past work, and any specific ide...

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr (평균 입찰가)
    107 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of talented and experienced designers to help create unique and stylish activewear for women. The project involves designing both tops and bottoms, with a preference for pieces that feature graphic prints and colorful patterns. Key points to consider: - Design for both tops and bottoms: The project involves creating both top and bottom pieces. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing for both garments. - Style preference: The activewear should be chic, trendy and vibrant. The design should be visually appealing with a mix of graphic prints and colorful patterns. - Target audience: The activewear is primarily targeted towards women. Understanding of women's fashion and preferences in activewear is a plus. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experien...

    $985 (Avg Bid)
    $985 (평균 입찰가)
    16 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a talented designer who can create fun, eye-catching slogans for my t-shirt, hoodies, and sweatshirts. While I'll provide the content, I'd appreciate your creative input and expertise on the following matters: - **Language:** The primary language for these slogans will be Marathi, so proficiency in this language is essential. - **Style:** I'm looking for a funky, modern design. The slogans should be vibrant and appealing to a young and trendy audience. - **Color Scheme:** I'd also need some assistance with choosing the color scheme for each product type. This means you should be able to suggest different color combinations for t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts that will best complement the design and appeal to the target market. Ideal candidates for...

    $34 (Avg Bid)
    $34 (평균 입찰가)
    13 건의 입찰

    I'm in need of a talented and creative logo designer who can create an illustrative, sports-themed logo for my t-shirt brand. The logo will be primarily utilized for printing on t-shirts. Key Requirements: - Illustrative Design: I'm seeking a design that embodies the energy, dynamism, and passion of sports. The logo should be visually appealing and capable of catching the attention of sports enthusiasts. - Understanding of Print Design: The logo will be primarily used for printing on t-shirts, so the design should be adaptable to this medium. Experience in designing for print will be highly regarded. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo design - Proficiency in illustration - Previous work in sports-related design is a plus - Understanding of print design a...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 (평균 입찰가)
    115 건의 입찰

    I'm seeking a capable and proactive digital designer and clothing supplier. Design Responsibilities: - Logo design: I need a sleek, modern logo that reflects the unique identity of a retail brand. - Graphic Design: Original print designs are needed for T-shirts, hoodies, and hats. Clothing Supply: - I'm intending to supply T-shirts, hoodies, and hats. I'm keen to work with an up-to-date clothing supplier knowledge about the current market and industry standards. Sales Platforms: - I plan to sell on various platforms including an ecommerce website, through social media, and in physical retail stores. Experience with design for multi-channel retail would be invaluable. Prospective freelancers should have proven experience in digital design, specifically graphic and log...

    $82 (Avg Bid)
    $82 (평균 입찰가)
    53 건의 입찰

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