Windows CE, or Windows Embedded Compact, is an operating system developed by Microsoft in 1996 for small devices and embedded systems, such as point-of-sale (POS) terminals, digital signage displays, and factory controllers. To effectively and efficiently use this operating system, a client may need to hire a Windows CE Developer who can create applications and/or customize features of the OS. With their knowledge in creating software components to interact with the OS’s kernel, writing drivers to interact with new types of hardware, or developing custom nodes come configuration tools that enable users to make changes to the OS’s settings, a Windows CE developer has the skills to make machines run smoother and more effectively.

Here's some projects that our expert Windows CE Developer made real:

  • Solving complex constraints to install software on PC
  • Configuring software for optimum performance
  • Setting up authentication access for data security
  • Handling hardware functions per customer requirements
  • Creating effective communication between devices
  • Developing machine learning components for smart technology
  • Producing user interface that can be used easily by end users

With this impressive list of accomplishments from our Windows CE developer team, it's no wonder our clients are happy with the results. There are countless applications that can be created with this software and hardware combination. A great way to find out more is to post your project of hiring a Windows CE Developer on today and take advantage of the expertise of our talented professionals.

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