Rebirth (A Game type 3d/RPG)

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Hello to all intrested in makeing a Game !!!

Well the game\\\'s story is after a nuclear strike around the world similer to the on in Fallout, exept that i whant to make a RPG with 3D graphics and stuff !!! all how are intrested in helping in the makeing of the game are free to send ther models, textures, sound etc.

But what i realy need is programers to make the engien !!!

If and only if the project of the Game \\\"Rebirth\\\" A post nuclear life will come to a finish all how helped will get paid if and only if what you send for the project is made by you and not stolen !!!

Thank !!!

기술: C 프로그래밍, 그래픽 디자인, 비쥬얼 베이직

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I\'m an experienced Visual Basic Developer. Also familiar with C++. If you are interested please e-mail me at

$150 USD (120일 이내)
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Sir,If u r looking for a quality game then mail me at can discuss in detail.I have got 3 games to my credit.

$2000 USD (45일 이내)
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I would like to develop engine for good game in openGL for both windows and linux. Money on the end isn't problem, more important is feeling that it's great game.

$1000 USD (100일 이내)
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Hi, we are a taem of Visual Basic, C++ and Graphcs designers.Duration of project depending of yours story,so that price of projects depends of it.Please contact me at for more information.

$10 USD (150일 이내)
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I can design the rpg using C-Script using 3D Game Studio. Shouldn\'t take anymore than a few months. Contact me at if you\'re interested.

$50 USD (200일 이내)
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respected sir, i have been designing websites for about 4 years my few sites are site) in progress mon 더 보기

$45 USD (4일 이내)
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I am a multimedia professional having more than 3 years of exp. in this field.

$100 USD (150일 이내)
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