Need a graphic Overlay to change the look and feel of image



We have an image for which we need to change the look and feel. Right now the image has a statue of liberty behind the actor/model which gives it a feel of belonging to the US. We need to overlay graphical elements that can make the image look like it belongs to UK instead of the US. You can use elements of the plane, logo and graphical elements representing UK.

Please note that cropping (only using fixed shape) and overlaying is an option BUT cutting out the actor from the background and totally replacing the background is not an option.

This is because the image is actually a video and cutting the actor from a long video is impossible or very time consuming.

You can use slant crops OR shape crops OR Corner crops to crop out the statue of liberty without cropping out the actor of course. And/OR overlay graphical elements and photos and vectors and icons of the UK.

We will use your crops and overlays in our video editing program too to get the same look. You just need to work on this one image and we will reproduce that effect on the entire video. the actor moves his hands in the video but is mostly in the same position overall.

기술: 그래픽 디자인, 포토샵

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