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I have a flash file that is using the xml connector to load xml data into a dataset and then to a datagrid. For 100 entries its fine. But for 300 entries, it shows an error that the script is taking too long. I researched on this and thought if I can make a loading bar show while the xml is binding to the dataset or if i can loop through the xml and insert into the dataset while showing the progress, hopefully that will resolve my problem. I need an expert at this to start working on this now and deliver in 15 hours.


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Please look at [url removed, login to view] at his * FlashMX 2004 Pro : XML Object 2 DataSet w/Progress Bar - BIG UPDATE! * tutorial for an example of this.

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I would be glad to help you. I lead a team of three designer/programmers who are capable of everything from the smallest banner add to an integrated database project with flash and javascript.

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