Social Networking in Rails

I need a generic social networking site built in Rails. User login, profiles (with ajax status bar), pictures, networks (a la facebook), and "walls" to post on. Also, groups and a news feed.

Clean code, primitive frontend, no design needed. Just very simple output and input, where users can upload photos and other users can browse those pictures if they're "friends."

Basically I need a rails-built app with the most primitive concepts central to facebook.

## Deliverables

Make sure the code is well commented, this will serve as a product alpha / demo but we'll build on it. User settings (privacy) and inter-user relationships (friends, networks) are the most important. When in doubt, imitate facebook.

I don't care how it looks as long as templating isn't difficult to change (which it shouldn't be with Rails' MVC model -- I should be able to change the views to add functionality) -- use ajax when possible for things like wall and status updates however.

기술: 자바 스크립트, PHP

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